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80251 Crewe13th Aug 2011 08:18:59 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
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I can't believe that actually worked!

-walks slowly towards the Zoroark lying in a heap on the floor, making whimpering sounds. Hermes looks up from the now-unconscious Chatot and takes a step towards me, but I motion for him to stay where he is-

Hecate... You made a promise Hecate, and joined my team. Remember?

-she lifts herself onto her front paws and knees and glares up at me. I stare back for a few moments, and she drops her head, squeezing her eyes shut-

Hecate: <Yes. I remember.
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-wonders whether I should catch the Chatot, or let Crewe have her, too.-
80253 Crewe13th Aug 2011 08:25:37 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
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-fumbles around in my bag for a Pokeball, silently cursing Helen's lack of need to carry them around. I finally pull out a somewhat battered one, wipe it on my sleeve, and touch it to the top of Hecate's head. She's sucked into it and it shakes three times before clicking. I smile a little as I pick it up, then look at the unconscious Chatot and starts looking through my bag again-

Wolf, do you have a spare Pokeball?

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80254 TracerBullet13th Aug 2011 09:10:54 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
And I'm finally back enough to post...

-Six Days Ago-

-At the space tunnel leading to Route 45-

-After leaving a small cave-

<Iron Marrow: "What are we doing here?">

<Vlad: "Wait... This is where I met you... Or at least it's near it...">

<Kammy: "This is also near where you found Buster...">

"Sure brings back a lot of memories, doesn't it..."

<Nathan: "We ran into a Gligar here. Buster thought that you might want to meet him...">

<Nadia: "It's totally another Vlad, isn't it?">

<Shaun: "Well... I found myself in the Dream World... So it could be...">

<Kyle: "... How on earth are we even supposed to go about finding a Gligar in this place?">

<Guy: "Walk around, I guess... I mean, if he's still alive he should recognize me and Nathan...">

<Kammy: "I guess that we should start looking then...">

-Group begins to walk along the route-


-Five Days Ago-

-At the space tunnel leading to the Rock Tunnel-

"... Where is this place?"

<Nathan: "Um... Well... We ran into some Pokemon earlier...">

<Kammy: "Oh? What sort?">

<Mike: "You know, this really reminds me of that place where Tracer was studying those Machop and Machoke...">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Wait. Why did the lizard paint those funny shapes onto herself last night?">

<Vlad: "She's going back to see her friends and family, it's a practice of theirs.">

-A Cubone patrol can be heard in the distance, the glow of torches faintly visible-

<Random!Cubone #1: "Ah! Something's there!">

<Random!Cubone #2: "(*gulp*) I-It s-sounds huge!">

<Nadia: "Oh no, this again...">

<Kyle: "I just hope that this turns out better than the time that I visited Kit's tribe after evolving...">

"... I think this IS the Rock Tunnel, Mike..."

-Calling out to the patrol-

<Kit: "Calm down, you guys. We won't hurt you!">

<Random!Cubone #3: "... Is that a Marowak's voice?">

<Random!Cubone #1: "Who are you? And who are the others with you?">

<Random!Cubone #2: "Y-Yeah! Th-They sound fiendish!">

<Iron Marrow: "... Your savage brethren's bravery is an inspiration to us all, rube.">

<Kit: "I'm Chain of Diamonds, of the Ecru Tribe.">

<Random!Cubone #3: "... OH! Wait... Why are you HERE?">

<Random!Cubone #2: "Yeah, we're from the Sable Tribe!">

<Random!Cubone #1: "And who was the other one that made that 'savage' comment?">

<Iron Marrow: "They heard that?">

<Kit: "The members of the Sable Tribe are a bit more adept at perceiving things in the dark than most of their kind. It helps them to evade fiends. I needed to meet with one of my clan's other lorekeepers. I just happened to return through these caves... Along with a visitor from afar.">

<Random!Cubone #2: "Wh-Who is it?">

<Guy: "Oh boy, here we go...">


-Earlier today, at Dragonspiral Tower-

-A group of a few dozen Pokemon are preparing to leave the tower-

<Rescuer!Golurk #1: "Alright, you all know why we're here. One of our scouts felt the presence of the bird faintly towards the site of that wretched prison staffed by traitors from our ranks.">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #1: "Technically, most of those guards aren't related to this place at all. Most of our kind there are those rubes from the caves.">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #2: "Whatever, those traitors are still there!">

<Rescuer!Dragonite: "So what's the plan for getting into that place?">

<Rescuer!Golurk #1: "The aerial battalion will damage the walls on one side and keep those guards distracted on the other long enough for the ground battalion to make it into the prison.">

<Rescuer!Mienshao #1: "And then from there, we find and break the bird out of that wretched prison and meet up at the break afterwards.">

<Rescuer!Mienshao #2: "With the snipers in the ground battalion digging in around the entry site to pick off guards attempting to cut the others off.">

<Rescuer!Golurk #1: "Are you all aware of the risks of this mission?">

<Rescuer!Mienshao #2: "Perfectly.">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #2: "We heard. The elders even told us. If we get captured, we won't be able to expect that anyone will come for us.">

<Rescuer!Golurk #2: "I'm prepared to take that risk. It's for the sake of the Hero of Truth!">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #1: "Technically, we don't know that...">

<Rescuer!Dragonite: "You've got to admit, that evidence is really compelling...">

<Rescuer!Golurk #1: "Alright, let's get going! We've got a Hero of Truth to spr-">

<Random!Golett #1: "Guys! The bird is back!">

-The group spots Unite and company coming up the tower following the Golett-

<Rescuer!Golurk #2: "Um...">

<Rescuer!Golurk #1: "...">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #1: "... You didn't need our help to escape? But we got an entire team ready and everything!">

<Rescuer!Mienshao #1: "... Well... That was convenient...">

<Rescuer!Druddigon #2: "Drat! I was looking forward to giving those traitors a good beating too!">


-Two Days Ago-

-At the space tunnel leading to Route 47-

<Iron Marrow: "... You expect to find a Floatzel here?">

"You can find Floatzel just about anywhere..."

<Kat: "Yes, they don't all live in marshes, you know!">

<Iron Marrow: "Hmph. I wonder if they're more fiendish than their brethren that we're familiar with.">

<Vlad: "Aww... But they're not fiends!">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Yeah! They're cute!">

<Guy: "... So how do we find that Floatzel anyways?">

<Nathan: "We could try checking the shore...">

-Group leaves the cave that they came from-



-At the space tunnel leading to Dragonspiral Tower-

-Begins to crawl out of alcove in side of bridge with Pokemon-

"Huh... So this goes to Dragonspiral Tower? How long has it been around?"

<Guy: "The Cubone said that the tunnels shift periodically. Apparently this one is pretty new.">

<Kammy: "Wow... What a view!">

<Kit: "Isn't this where you grew up, Nathan?">

<Nathan: "Yeah, it is.">

<Milo: "It's been a while since I was here...">

<Shaun: "Wait, do the local Pokemon know that we-">

-A Dragonite and five Dragonair surface from the nearby moat-

<Gligar!Vlad: "EEP!">

<Vlad: "It's alright, they won't hurt us! I hope...">

<Guarding!Dragonair #1: "You there! State your business here!">

<Iron Marrow: "What business do you have asking us that?!">

"Uh... Iron? I think that these are local guards..."

<Iron Marrow: "These fiends are guards? What, do they lie in wait to devour anyone that passes by them?">

<Nathan: "I am so glad that they couldn't hear that...">

<Mike: "We're here to sp-">

<Kammy: "MIKE! NOT NOW!">

<Jodie: "Oh come on!">

<Mike: "But Tracer said that I coul-">

"I said that you could if they agreed to it, Mike..."

<Guarding!Dragonair #2: "And how did you find tha- Wait...">

-To Nathan-

<Guarding!Dragonair #2: "You're that novice that the blue Mienfoo mentioned last week aren't you?">


<Nathan: "H-He told you about me?! Wh-What did he say?!">

<Guy: "That you looked like a moron when you met him?">

<Guarding!Dragonite: "That you and your compatriots had somehow found a way to reach this place from a distant land.">

<Guarding!Dragonair #3: "Mercifully, we haven't had to deal with hostile intruders... We DID get a couple lizards though... Not wholly unlike the three that are with you.">

-To Kit-

<Kat: "That tribe goes through the tunnels in this timeline?">

<Kit: "They do. And you saw the conditions that they lived in. They probably need to travel through those tunnels...">

<Kat: "Ah. What were they like?">

<Guarding!Dragonite: "They seemed curious... If rather timid.">

<Guarding!Dragonair #4: "Captain, those impudent lizards called us fiends!">

<Iron Marrow: "So they were being honest, what is your-">

<Kat: "Enough, crone... Oh... That's a bit of a habit of our kind... We use that to refer to creatures that we believe would pose a threat to our kind's lives...">

<Kit: "I'm certain that were they not startled by your appearance, they would have been eager to talk with you.">

<Guarding!Dragonair #4: "... Oh... Well... I suppose that's understandable...">

<Guarding!Dragonair #5: "So what brings you all here?">

-From inside tunnel-

<Nadia: "Um... Tracer?">

<Kyle: "How do we get through this opening anyways?">

-To the guards-

"... I'll explain in a little bit."


<Guarding!Dragonair #3: "Captain! The human understood us!">

<Dragonite: "We'll ask for an explanation later, let him worry about helping his compatriots first.">


-A couple hours into the future, in the Dream World-

-Milo is drawing near to a familiar-looking female Emboar-

<Dozing Emboar: "Zzz... Where are you, trainer? We weren't together very long before you had to flee... I hope you're safe... Wherever you are...">

<Milo: "Aw man... I just hope that she can take a joke better in this timeline... WAKE UP, LARDNA!">

<Lardna: "Zzz... Huh?!">

-Smacks Milo in the face-


<Formerly Dozing Emboar: "That's for putting me and the teammates with me in danger, you stupid goon!">

<Milo: "Goon?! What on earth are you talking about?!">

<Formerly Dozing Emboar: "... So you're not one of those horrid enforcers? Uh... Oops... ... Wait... Where am I again? This isn't Castellia...">

<Milo: "It's the Dream World... And what are you doing in Castellia?">

<Formerly Dozing Emboar: "I'm watching over the two teammates who stayed behind to buy our trainer and her family time to escape this horrid hole... Except... I don't know what became of them...">

<Milo: "What are you talking about, Lardna? Your trainer is Tracer! He's a guy! And I'm with him right now up near Icirrus!">

<Formerly Dozing Emboar: "... I've never heard of those names before... So why do they seem vaguely familiar to me?">

<Milo: "... This could take a while to explain...">

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-Begins placing the two sides of the chess set. On the Black side are two Emboar as rooks, next to them two spaces where knights should go-

Me: <Can't think of anything to put there... I suppose I'll come up with something later.> -Haphazardly places the two knights from a generic set in the spots-

-A Solipede and a Liepard carved with the bishop symbol on a carried standard each stand next to the King and Queen: Dialga and Celebi. And before them a line of Zoroark-

<Black... The darkness which has befallen this world...>

-Stops for a moment to apreciate the lineup before starting to set up White-

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80256 TracerBullet13th Aug 2011 09:30:27 PM from A Dark and Rainy Alley Get RP Mod
Guess Who...?
-Six Days Ago, Walking On Route 45-

<Kyle: "... How soon are we going to be able to find this Gligar anyways?">

<Shaun: "I'm not sure, but this IS kind of a large Route...">

<Kammy: "He might not be around at the mo-">

-A familiar-looking Gligar abruptly swoops down and latches onto Jodie-

<Familiar!Gligar: "Aww! It's so cute!">

<Jodie: "MIKE!">

<Mike: "GET OFF OF HER!">

-Nadia attempts to hide Toothless-

<Toothless: "Wait, you don't think...?">

-Hurls the Gligar off of Jodie, as she starts to play this-

-Starting to cry-

<Familiar!Gligar: "(*sniffle*) Y-You meanie! I-I just wanted to hug it!">

<Vlad: "Aww... Do you need a hu-">

-Goes to embrace the Gligar, and winds up triggering a shower of sparks on contact-

<Vlad: "GAH!">

<Familiar!Gligar: "EEK!">

<Guy: "Whoa...">

<Kit: "How did that happen?">

<Iron Marrow: "Through a process that a rube like you would never hope to understand.">

<Nadia: "... But... That means...">

<Shaun: "You've found yourself, Vlad... Or another of yourself...">

<Vlad: "Wait, what?">

<Gligar!Vlad: "... I think that I'm lost... Could you explain again?">


-Four Days Ago, to the south of Route 9 in Kanto-

<Nathan: "... Are you sure this is a good idea, Kit?">

<Kit: "Well, the meeting with my tribe didn't go too badly...">

<Kyle: "... That was a joke right?">

<Nadia: "I hardly define having a group of five lizards beg for their lives to be a good first encounter...">

<Kyle: "I thought that they got better with me, Kit...">

<Kit: "They did... But they didn't recognize these other five with us...">

<Vlad: "Well... They seemed nice enough when we stayed with them last night...">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Yeah... I just wish that they would have let me hug them...">

<Kammy: "You probably should have asked first...">

<Iron Marrow: "Tell me rube, how is it that your savage brethren are that lacking in spines?">

<Nadia: "You're one to talk, hag! I still remember what happened on that 'Spirit Watch' of yours!">

<Kit: "Huh? What happened?">

<Vlad: "They got a little-">

<Iron Marrow: "Not another word, fiend.">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Aww... But he-">

<Iron Marrow: "You heard me!">

<Shaun: "But if your tribe was so spooked by seeing Nadia and Vlad... What about Ka- Er... Chain of Spades'?">

<Kit: "My elder already had word sent out of your arrival. We should be able to avoid another incident like that...">

<Iron Marrow: "I'm not counting on it, savage.">


-Two Days Ago, On Route 47-

-The group spots a familiar-looking Floatzel-

<Shaun: "Is that?">

<Kat: "It sure looks like it...">

<Vlad: "It is! That's the Floatzel that I met!">

-The Floatzel turns and notices the group-

<Floatzel from Dream World: "Hey, who's- GAH! Oh... Wait... I remember you... Or at least some of you... The jackal, the lizard, and the bird were here a few days ago... And I remember that bug from my dream... Who are the others though? And where's the other Pokemon that were here earlier this week?">

<Nathan: "They're helping a friend of my trainer's out at the moment.">

<Kyle: "As for the rest of us, we're Tracer's other Pokemon.">

<Floatzel from Dream World: "... So wait, why did you come looking for me?">

"I think that you might be one of my Pokemon..."


-Three Days Ago, On An Infamous Imageboard-

[No. 43160177: "So, apparently those saps out in Johto have those stupid [REDACTED] pretending to be their gym leaders too."]

[No. 43160181: "What do you suppose happened to all of the gym leaders?"]

[No. 43160194: "They're prolly all dead."]

[No. 43160202: "Can personally confirm that at least ONE is alive."]

[No. 43160210: "How the [REDACTED] would you know that?"]

[No. 43160202: "Because I AM one."]

[No. 43160223: "Please, you're full of [REDACTED]."]

[No. 43160229: "Yeah, keep telling yourself that, [REDACTED]. You're probably just some worthless n00blet looking for 5 minutes of fame."]

-In a filtered picture-

[No. 43160202: "Come again, [REDACTED]?"]

[No. 43160235: "... If that's real, then where the [REDACTED] are you? You're supposed to be in [REDACTED] Viridian City!"]

[No. 43160202: "I've been away from that [REDACTED] for the last two years. Got jumped by some [REDACTED] fox one day and proceeded to mop the floor with the pathetic [REDACTED]. After seeing that the gym got [REDACTED] destroyed from doing that, I figured that no one would miss me if I disappeared, I HAD an alibi after all... The whole 'imposter' thing was just icing on the cake."]

[No. 43160254: "What the [REDACTED] is wrong with you?"]

[No. 43160269: "Yeah, what sort of [REDACTED] moron just WALKS AWAY from a gym leadership?"]

[No. 43160202: "Because I [REDACTED] HATED that gym, that's why! I was [REDACTED] tired of having to bench the mons that made it with me to the League for 10 [REDACTED] months of the year because they were 'too hard' for some [REDACTED] 12-year old to beat, I was tired of watching stupid [REDACTED] like you getting sick and throwing up in the gym maze, and I was tired of not being able to go off and train to grind that little [REDACTED] Blue into an arena floor as I OUGHT to have ever since that [REDACTED] BEAT ME!"]

[No. 43160289: "QQmoar."]

[No. 43160296: "Then what happened to the others?"]

[No. 43160202: "[REDACTED] if I know."]


-Two Nights Ago-

-In the Dream World-

-Shaun encounters a familiar Ampharos, who appears to be deeply distressed-

<"Amphy": "No... Why? HOW?">

<Shaun: "Is something wrong?">

<"Amphy": "Oh! It's you! Or it's me... Agh... This is always so confusing...">

<Shaun: "What's wrong?">

<"Amphy": "I just found out that for the last two years, my trainer has been replaced by an imposter!">

<Shaun: "... Zoroark?">

<"Amphy": "Yes! So for the last two years, all of those niggling suspicions that something was wrong with my trainer were true! And I have no idea if she's okay or not!">

<Shaun: "What about your teammates? Do they know anything?">

<"Amphy": "No! They were just as startled as I was! What are we supposed to do?! We don't know where we would even begin to start looking for our trainer!">

<Shaun: "... Maybe there's a clue somewhere in this place?">


-Earlier Today, at Dragonspiral Tower-

<Nadia: "It's been over a day and a half! How have we not found her?!">

<Nathan: "There's over 15,000 guards here!">

<Guy: "Well that, and you got distracted looking for that Mienfoo... Again...">

<Mike: "How does he hit that hard anyways?">

"Nathan did warn you that sparring with him wasn't a good idea..."

<Nathan: "He was called the 'Blue Death' for a reason, you know...">

<Kyle: "I still think that someone inflated those kill figures... How on earth is a gimpy little weasel supposed to kill over 700 Pokemon?!">

<Milo: "What are you insinuating? That weasels can't be awesome? We created a precursor civilization for crying out loud!">

<Toothless: "Wasn't that fictional?">

<Kammy: "Well... Stranger things have happened, Kyle...">

<Kit: "Yeah, you'd never expect a little creature like me to be able to down dragons, but with a bone like mine, we can.">


<Iron Marrow: "I still fail to see how you savages can be so cavalier with your forebears' remains...">

<Kat: "We spent a day convincing the elders that the situation was serious enough to merit getting those clubs! And your brethren paint their ancestors' skulls! You're not allowed to lecture us about being cavalier with our dead's remains!">

<Kit: "Oh dear, this again... Were they like this back in your timeline?">

<Shaun: "They were.">

<Nathan: "That's not a joke, Kyle. Apparently some of Scolipede and Lieperd's top commanders are convinced that he's a Mienshao...">

"Apparently we missed just missed out on someone coming earlier... Something about 'the bird'... Do you have any idea what it means, Nathan?"

<Nathan: "Well... I know that there's a Braviary in the Resistance that is referred to as such... And apparently he found one of the stones that was stolen from us in the siege... Maybe he was just visiting or something?">

<Vlad: "You suppose that those friends of his were important?">

<Milo: "Eh, what would be the odds?">

"I heard that he was still around. We could go and see him after we find Teala..."

-The group comes across a 3 young Druddigon running off, being pursued by an adult-

<Nurse!Druddigon: "Get back here! You're supposed to undergo training with the rest of the group!">

<Young!Druddigon #1: "Nyeh! You'll have to catch us first!">

<Young!Druddigon #2: "Yeah! We're tired of training! We want to have some fun!">

<Young!Druddigon #3: "Why do you want us to undergo training from that guard anywa- OOF!">

-The three run into Shaun-

<Shaun: "OW!">

<Young!Druddigon #2: "Huh?! Where'd you come from?!">

<Nurse!Druddigon: "GOTCHA!">

<Young!Druddigon #1: "EEP! P-Please don't punish us, nurse! W-We were just fooling around!">

<Nurse!Druddigon: "Enough! You're going back with the others now!">

-To Young!Druddigon #3-

<Nurse!Druddigon: "And you're apologizing to your instructor for insulting her like that!">

<Young!Druddigon #3: "But nurse! Other Druddigon in her shift were telling her those things earlier too!">

<Nurse!Druddigon: "I don't care! That's no way for you to behave towards your instructor! Even if those things are kinda true...">

-To Shaun-

<Nurse!Druddigon: "Thank you so much for your help...">

<Shaun: "Uh... No problem, I guess...">

-To Nurse!Druddigon-

"Wait, what was that bit about their instructor?"

<Young!Druddigon #2: "... The human understood us, nurse?">

<Nurse!Druddigon: "Oh. You all must be those pilgrims that came yesterday... I suppose that I could let you meet her if you so wished.">

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The Wanderer
-Is looking at the same imageboard in the present-

Well, I guess I know what happened to him.
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Guess Who...?

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Guess Who...?
-Four Days Ago, at the Umber Tribe's dwelling-

<Iron Marrow: "So I see that that Chain of Spades savage wasn't kidding about your kind allowing the skulls of your Cubone to remain lifeless...">

-A short distance away, a familiar pair of elders converse amongst themselves-

<Zapdos Feather: "We've gone over this before, rube! Your tribe's burial sites are along the southern side of the graveyard!">

<Cracked Femur: "As I said three times earlier... I made an arrangement with the Sable Tribe for those sites on behalf of my tribe! Why are you even so concerned anyways? Your tribe doesn't have a claim to those sites!">

<Zapdos Feather: "I'm making sure that my tribe still is able to have the space to bury our dead with the respect that they deserve! And letting another tribe hog all of the sites in that graveyard isn't helping!">

<Kat: "Ugh... Elder? Couldn't we have just gotten one of the other tribes to act as a mediator? This is really grating...">

<Iron Marrow: "Hmph. I guess it would have been to much to expect a tribe of savages to properly maintain a graveyard!">

-Iron Marrow attracts the attention of the three Marowak-

<Cracked Femur: "... Do I know you?">

<Kat: "Chain of Diamonds? What are you doing here?">

<Cracked Femur: "Her elder said that she had some matter that she wished to attend with you...">

<Kit: "I do not believe that you do, Seer of Dreams. This Marowak comes from a distant land.">

<Iron Marrow: "A land with tribes that bear the markings of civilization and learning. Unlike the backwards, spineless wretches that dwell in this miserable land. And... That pathetic excuse for a lorekeeper there.">

<Vlad: "...">

<Gligar!Vlad: "... Was that a bad thing?">

<Kat: "What did you just say?!">

<Kit: "Chain of Spades! Calm down!">

<Kat: "How on earth does this crone even know me?!">

<Kit: "It's a very long story...">

<Zapdos Feather: "Hmph. Please. What would an impudent savage like you know about civilization? I'd be surprised if your kind had elders!">


<Zapdos Feather: "So the elders of these savages are as uncouth as common fiends! Why does that not surprise me?">


<Kat: "Ugh...">

<Cracked Femur: "Is something the matter, Chain of Spades?">

<Kat: "My skull... It hurts...">

<Kit: "I don't blame you, I was expecting something like this to happen with her...">

<Kat: "No, not that... It's that something seems aggravatingly familiar about her...">


-Earlier today, near Dragonspiral Tower-

-The group comes across a despondent-looking Teala-

<Teala: "...">


<Milo: "Is that you?">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Aww... She looks so sad! Should we hug her?">

<Vlad: "Normally I'd say yes, but it kinda hurts to hug her... Literally.">

<Teala: "Huh? Who's th- OH!">

-Sees group-

<Teala: "You're the pilgrims that came here yesterday... And how did you know that na- OH!">

-Notices Vlad-

<Teala: "Y-You were the bug that was in my dreams!">

<Vlad: "Yeah! We met together!">

<Nadia: "So how have you been doing, Teala?">

<Teala: "...">

<Milo: "That good, huh?">

<Teala: "... I got thrown off of tower patrol... Again...">

<Nadia: "...">

<Toothless: "... Doesn't look like she's doing that well...">

<Vlad: "Aww... But at least you got to watch over some young Pokemon! Cute ones, too!">

<Teala: "...">

-Notices Teala's marking-

<Nathan: "Wait a minute... You're from the Karat Shift... Oh... So you're that one guard that your shift's always yelling at...">

-Teala shrinks back from Nathan's words-

<Nathan: "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that it's just tha-">

<Guy: "I don't understand. Why did she just do that?">

<Teala: "Because I'm a disgrace to my shift... And we're already considered a disgrace to this shrine...">


<Shaun: "I didn't remember that from our timeline...">

<Kat: "Maybe something happened to her shift in this time...">

<Nathan: "But that's crazy! It's not your shift's fault that that happened! No one saw that coming! And you guys have been serving the shrine faithfully for years! Why everyone was making such a fuss over some rocks is way beyond me...">


-Three Days Ago, along Route 47-

<Milo: "... So you're telling me that I'm your Pokemon, and that through some strange accident, time has somehow been re-written so that I somehow never met you?">

<Shaun: "It's slightly more complicated than that, but yeah.">

<Milo: "... Do you have any idea how utterly stupid that sounds?">

<Nadia: "That's what really happened, Milo!">

<Vlad: "Yeah! We were there for it and everything!">

<Milo: "Honestly, couldn't you all have come up with a slightly more plausib- AAAAGGGHHH!">

-Clubs Milo in his gut, causing him to bowl over in pain-

<Kat: "Sorry about that, weasel boy, but it's for your own good...">

<Milo: "Nngh... M-My head... Wh-What did you do to me?">

<Iron Marrow: "Hmph. And I see that the rube is being as uncultured as always...">

<Kit: "You have to admit. For an 'uncultured' tribesbone, she sure seems to be able to hold her own at the best your 'civilization' can offer...">

<Iron Marrow: "... She was lucky. In any other circumstance, I would have utterly destroyed her...">

<Milo: "Ungh... Ow... Couldn't you have done something else Kat?">

"Milo! Are you alright?"

<Milo: "Aside from the fact that I feel like that I just got run over by a boat, yeah. I am...">

<Kit: "You probably shouldn't have hit him with that club, Chain of Spades... You know what clubs like those do to our kind...">

<Kat: "I tried to hit him softly!">

<Vlad: "Milo! You're back!">


<Gligar!Vlad: "Yay! You made the bigger me happy!">

-Joins in glomp-


-Earlier Today, near Dragonspiral Tower-

<Teala: "... So I'm really your Pokemon? But why don't I remember anything about it?">

<Milo: "Yeah, we've been trying to jog her memory for the last hour, Tracer!">

"... I don't know why, but it seems that different experiences seem to bring these other memories back to people and Pokemon here... Perhaps we simply haven't found the thing that would help you remember..."

<Kammy: "So... You are coming with us, right?">

<Teala: "Y-Yes, please... I just want to be somewhere that's not this place...">

<Mike: "... Call me a little nosy... But I can't help but feel as if you're trying to run away from this place...">

<Kyle: "Look, leave the armchair psychology to a Pokemon that's actually good at being an empa-">

<Teala: "No, he's right... I am running away from this place...">

<Nathan: "... And what's your point?">

<Shaun: "Teala... Maybe you should talk with someone before you leave...">

<Teala: "Why? No one wants anything to do with me here... And they'd just berate me for leaving this place...">

<Toothless: "... Wait, did she also do this back in our timeline?">


<Nadia: "... She said that she was caught in the woods, so...">

<Kat: "... Back in our timeline, you were sometimes a worried that the other Pokemon here looked down upon you for leaving like you did... Can't you explain to someone why you're leaving? Maybe they would understand...">

<Teala: "I-I suppose I could...">

-Young!Druddigon #3 reluctantly inches out of some bushes-

<Young!Druddigon #3: "Um... I-Instructor? I-I'm really sorry if I hurt your feelings earlier with those things that I said to you...">


-Four Days Ago, at the Umber Tribe's Dwelling-



-Coming to a realization-

<Kat: "Rrgh... No... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!">

-Zapdos Feather and Iron Marrow snap out of their argument-

<Iron Marrow: "... What's the matter with you, rube? Does the truth hurt what little is under that feeble skull of yours?">


-Rushes at Iron Marrow-

<Iron Marrow: "Please, you're way out of your league, rube!">

<Kit: "Oh dear...">

<Mike: "Wait, which one do you think will win, Jodie?">

<Jodie: "Eh, whoever it is, I'm sure that it will turn out interesting...">


-About an hour ago, inside Dragonspiral Tower-

-Teala and the group approach a Druddigon standing guard-


<Teala: "Th-This was a mistake...">

"It will be fine, just go on out there!"

<Toothless: "Yeah! What's the worst that could happen?">

-Teala nervously approaches the other Druddigon alone-

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "... I thought that we went over this earlier...">

<Teala: "I-It's not about that, I swear!">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "Then what is it about?">

<Teala: "I-I just wanted to tell you that I was leaving...">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "... And what exactly do you plan on doing?">

<Teala: "I was g-going to travel with the human pilgrim who came here yesterday... H-He seems to know things about me that I don't for some reason... And I d-don't think that I'm really helpful to this shrine anyways...">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "I see... I presume that you'll be leaving soon?">

<Teala: "T-Tomorrow...">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "Ah... You will be saying farewell to the others before you leave, will you not?">

<Teala: "You're n-not opposed to this? Y-You don't think that I-I'm being disgraceful?">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "I won't pretend that your reason for giving up your service to this shrine seems rather strange in my mind... We are guarding the place where two of the great ones of this region slumber... But I must say that there are worse things for you to leave this shrine for... Like those of our ranks who have traded their calling for service to our lords for service to the horrid Pokemon who besieged this sacred place...">

<Teala: "B-But... If this is my calling... Then... A-Aren't I giving up on my purpose in life?">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "Some would say that, yes... But I would encourage you not to listen to them...">

<Teala: "... Huh?">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "All of our kind and the others in this place are presented the calling to serve our lords... The beings of Truth and Ideals... That does not necessarily mean that they are destined to respond to it...">

<Teala: "... I don't understand...">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "We have no interest in staining this shrine with the practice of forcing Pokemon into service for its patrons. If they do not wish to serve them, they are free to pursue whatever paths their conscience allows them to... It would be a great dishonor upon our lords to fill the ranks of their protectors via coercion.">

<Teala: "... But... Am I making the right choice by leaving?">

<Shift Leader Druddigon: "That is for you to decide... I won't deny that your record as a guard has been... Mixed, to say the least... But your intentions as a guard have seemed to be pure... I assume that your present intentions are alike in nature... If you find yourself still bound to the call of our lords, you are more than welcome to return. I'm sure that they would accept a Pokemon such as you with open arms...">

<Teala: "... Thank you, leader...">

-Teala returns to the group-



-In a hallway in Dragonspiral Tower-

-The group is winding down for the night next to Teala's resting place within the structure-

<Random!Mienfoo #1: "... You're really leaving?">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "I mean, you're a bit of an oaf and all... But still... Don't you want to keep serving our patrons here?">

<Guy: "How on earth do these guys manage to sleep with everything so crammed like this?">

<Nathan: "The night shift's awake at the moment and some of us are sleeping outside. It was worse during the siege.">

<Jodie: "Oh what I'd give to be able to see what happened then...">

<Vlad: "At least they get to be together, right?">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Yeah, they're with friends!">

<Teala: "... It's not that I don't... It's just that these pilgrims seemed to have something different about them... And I wanted to learn more about it...">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Does this mean that we get to keep her de- OW!">

-Jabs Random!Mienfoo #2-

<Random!Mienfoo #1: "Not now! You will be coming back to visit, won't you? I mean, you are one of us...">

<Teala: "Uh...">

-To Teala-

"We can, if you want..."

<Teala: "Thanks... Tracer, right? I... I think that I could come back... I mean it's not as if I could possibly sink any lower here...">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Well, you could always run off and serve that stupid bug and ca- GEEZ!">

-Smacks Random!Mienfoo #2-

<Iron Marrow: "Well, he was being honest...">

<Kat: "Look, she doesn't need that right now, crone!">

<Iron Marrow: "Hmph, figures that fiends wouldn't make for suitable guards...">

<Kit: "I don't know, from their lore that I've gathered, it seems like they'd be deeply envied back home were they of our own kind...">

<Mike: "They held out against an attacking force of over 50,000 troops for 6 months! And they only lost a fifth of their defenders!">

<Random!Mienfoo #1: "Not helping! I'm sure that you'd be welcome back...">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Ow...">

-To Random!Mienfoo #2-

<Milo: "That happen a lot to you?">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Yeah. I swear, it's like everyone's always so uptight...">

<Milo: "Tell me about it...">

<Kyle: "So wait... You said that this 'bird' is still here at the tower?">

<Teala: "Yeah, he and his companions stayed the night... They're apparently trying to awaken Reshiram.">

"... They're what?"


<Nadia: "You don't suppose...">

<Toothless: "Go ahead and ask. It couldn't be the strangest thing that's happened to us...">

<Nadia: "... Did anyone come with this 'bird?'">

<Random!Mienfoo #1: "A jackal like yours, a sheep like yours, a Honchkrow, some sort of fowl, a leaf lizard, a Scolipede, and a Hydreigon.">


<Vlad: "...">

<Nadia: "...">

<Shaun: "...">

<Gligar!Vlad: "... Wait, what's going on?">

<Iron Marrow: "Something that wouldn't matter to you, bug.">

<Shaun: "If it weren't for the Scolipede and Hydreigon... I'd say that we just might know your 'bird'...">

<Vlad: "But even still... That's really uncanny...">

<Kat: "... What are they talking about?">

<Milo: "Yeah, I'm lost.">

<Nadia: "The last thing that happened to Shaun, Vlad, and me before everything changed was that we were in some tunnels with Lake, Flare, Wulfric, Wooly, Harriet, and Treeo...">

<Milo: "... Treeo?">

<Kat: "A Treeko, weasel boy.">

<Milo: "Ah.">

<Kammy: "That really is quite uncanny... Did you all meet any Hydreigon or Scolipede at the place that you were at?">

<Shaun: "No, we didn't.">

<Nadia: "No. Thank goodness...">

<Toothless: "Why do you say that, Nadia?">

<Nadia: "That hag already made my life miserable back in one timeline. I don't need her making me miserable in a second!">

-Notices Nadia's change in expression-

<Kyle: "... Are you okay, Nadia?">

<Shaun: "She's got a bit of a history with Hydreigon...">

<Kyle: "Huh? But why? ... Aside from the obvious that they're apparently somewhat common as goons in the armies here...">

<Shaun: "She got her wing broken by one in our timeline.">

<Kyle: "... Oh.">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Perhaps you could meet them in the morning... I think that they're asleep at the moment...">

<Kammy: "Yeah... (*yawn*) That would probably be a good thing...">

<Kat: "No sense in disturbing their sleep at this hour...">

-Group begins to wind down and doze off-

-To Teala-

"... Are you okay, Teala?"

<Teala: "I am... I'm just a bit nervous... I'm worried that I'm being too rash... I mean... What if you're wrong about me being your Pokemon somehow...?">

"I'm sure that we're not, Teala... The others recognized you... And even if they were, I still want to be with you..."

<Teala: "... But why? There's nothing special about me...">

"You're kind, thoughtful, and you always try to help others... If you're not the Druddigon that I met in my original timeline, you're very much alike her..."

<Teala: "... But I don't remember anything...">

"It will come with time... I hope... It took me several days after meeting Shaun, Nadia, and Vlad to remember who they were..."

<Teala: "If you say so... I can't help but feel as if I'll just be a burden upon the rest of you though...">

"Don't talk like that! I sought you out because I cared about you as my Pokemon, and I wanted to know what happened to you..."

<Teala: "... Really?">


-After a pause-

"It's getting late, we should get to sleep."

<Teala: "Okay... See you in the morning... Tracer.">

-Begins to nod off to sleep-

Good night.

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- Somewhere -

- Is asleep, having another dream -

- In the dream, the whole group is pretty much just hanging out and having fun at a beach -

- A voice sounding a lot like myself is speaking in the background, but no one, not even my own dream self can hear it -

So, this is why you keep fighting?

This is why you refuse to give up?


... They do seem like they're worth fighting for.

Yes, it is definetly a cause worth fighting for.

... You're so lucky.

I wish I could be more like you.


... Well, keep fighting. For the both of us.

I'm counting on you.
Dragon Spiral Tower

-Soon after getting up, Unite, Woolly, Treeo, Flare, Wulfric, Harriet and Scolipede enter the stone's chamber, the Light Stone still resting on the shrine at the other end of the room.-

Unite: -To Woolly.- <Okay, let's do this.>

-Woolly nods in response, then the two approach the shrine, the others hanging back to watch.-

Flare: <I still can't believe we could have gotten in breaking Unite out. That would have made things a whole lot easier.>

Treeo: <Meh. I'm not bothered.>

Flare: <What? Why?!>

Treeo: <Because this proves just how awesome we are, we didn't need an armies' help to conduct a Prison Break because we're just that good!>

Flare: <...>

Solipede: <He has a point, you know.>

Flare: <...Quiet.>

Wulfric: <Oh, they're talking to her!>

-The Pokémon watch as Unite finally begins to talk to the Stone.-

Unite: <...Reshiram? Are you there?>


Reshiram: Yes, Unite. I'm here. Is that you I feel too, Woolly?

Woolly: -Nods.- <Yep. I'm here too.>

Reshiram: Wonderful. I'm glad you came to see me, I've been rather lonely, as of late.

Woolly: <Aw, what a shame.>

Unite: <Yeah, that really sucks...>

-Unite wasn't entirely sure how to steer the conversation now. He felt that if he asked for her help now, it would be rather rude.-

Reshiram: Unite? Is there something you wish to ask of me?

-Oh. He forgot she could read his Aura.-

Unite: -Awkwardly.- <Oh, um...Yeah. You see, we kinda' need your help.>

Reshiram: I see. Are...Things as really as bad as they say out there?

Unite: <...Yes. They are, Reshiram, It's awful. So many people and Pokémon are dying needlessly. And now Artemis and Scolipede are fighting a civil war with this complete monster of an Emboar named Napoleon.

The worst part is that neither of them care who gets in their way. They'll kill anyone.>

Woolly: <Yeah...Just a few days ago, Napoleon took Nimbasa City...>

Unite: <So many people and Pokémon died there, Reshiram. And for what? Nothing! That's what!>

-The Braviary buries his head in his wings-

Unite: <It's horrible...>

-Woolly tries to comfort Unite by stroking his feathers gently.-

Woolly: <It's all true, Reshiram. Honest. Please...Will you help us? All we want...Is for Unova to be safe again...>

-Reshiram says nothing for a few seconds. Probably thinking over what he two Pokémon just told her.-

Reshiram: '...Is that all truly all you two wish of me? To make Unova safe again?

Unite: -Raise his head.- <Yes. I just want everyone to be safe...>

Woolly: <Yeah...I do, too.>


Reshiram: ...Your intentions are true. You honeslty do want to make this world safe again. A truly Noble goal.

-Unite stands back up again, shocked.-

Unite: <So...You will?>

Reshiram: Yes. I shall.
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A good Doctor.
-looks at chess pieces-

my name is KENSHIRO
you... are already filed
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-wakes up, but doesn't move so as not to disturb Mezzo-
The multiverse expands around us like an infinite fractal.
Reshiram: Now, you may wish to stand back. My revival is going to be rather...Shaky.

-The Light Stine begins glowing.-

Woolly: <Whoa!>

Unite: <Oh-!>

-Woolly and Unite step back to a safe distance.-

Wulfric: <Oh! What's happening?>

Flare: <Did ya' do it?>

Treeo: <Well they definitely did something.>

-The Stone rises into the air, now glowing so bright that it would hurt just to look at it.-

Harriet: -Shields her eyes with her wing.- <Yep! Looks like they've done it, because that can't be normal!>

-All of a sudden, the tower begins to shake as the Stone draws in energy from it's surroundings.-

Woolly: <WHAAA!!!>

Wulfric: <YIPE!>

Flare: <JEEZ!>


-The Stone begins to change. It grows much larger, changing from rock to flesh covered in white feathers. It then gains a head, wings, legs and a distinctive turbine tail. The stone, now Dragon, floats curled up, suspended in mid-air for a few brief seconds.-

Unite: <Oh...>

-Then her eyes open.

The Dragon uncurls, letting out a mighty roar that shakes the tower itself, her body blazing with burning energy, parts of her glowing red hot as she unleashes a huge amount of flames.

Finally, as quickly as it started, Reshiram lands gently on the stone floor, now fully restored. Even though they had met many times before, most of the team are still awed at the sight of her. Harriet and Scolipede in particular, seeing as they hadn't even seen her before.-

Unite: <Oh, wow...>

-Unite walks over to the Dragon, staring at her in awe.-

Unite: <...You're awake. You're really awake...>

-Reshiram nods at the bird, then bows to him.-

Reshiram: Hero of Truth...I offer you my aid. Please, what do you ask of me?

-Unite pauses, the situation overwhelming him briefly. He's snapped out of it, however, by Woolly stepping up to Reshiram too, giving Unite a smile.

Smiling back, Unite snaps out of it, then stands tall.-

Unite: <I would like you...To help us free Unova.>

-The Dragon raises herself, smiling at the two.-

Reshiram: ...As you wish.
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-is shuddering in her sleep-

I'm so sorry...please forgive me...please...
Bow to your queen!
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Guess Who...?
-Elsewhere in Dragonspiral Tower-

-The group is waking up in a hallway-

"Urgh... Should have brought a sleeping bag with thicker padding... Did you all sleep well?"

<Kammy: "Yeah, I did...">

<Shaun: "Wasn't any worse than the night before...">

<Iron Marrow: "I slept as well as one could surrounded in the company of fiends...">

<Kat: "Why couldn't you have just said 'yes' or something?">

-To Iron Marrow-

<Kit: "You were their guest, it was only as difficult as you allowed it to be.">

<Milo: "I swear, the Pokemon here need to snore less...">

<Guy: "And would it kill them to put some padding or something on the floors here?">

<Nathan: "Ah, you two are just too soft. I've been sleeping on floors like these since I hatched!">

"Is everyone awake?"

<Vlad: "Uh... Not quite...">

-Latched onto Vlad-

<Gligar!Vlad: "Zzz... Ow! You could have told me that this was what you meant about it literally hurting to hug her! Zzz...">

<Mike: "Zzz... Oh? A reading? Sure! Zzz... Orange croutons, zoom zoom butterscotch. Zzz... ... What do you mean that's 'completely off?'">

<Kyle: "Zzz... I can't believe that I'm seriously talking to another Pokemon's doll...">

<Toothless: "Still... Was I helpful?">

<Kyle: "Zzz... I guess... It's just... Zzz... I'm a little scared about what's going to happen to me and the others if this all gets sorted out...">

<Toothless: "I'm sure that your trainer will try to work something out... I mean, I'm pretty sure that he's not just going to separate you and your teammates from each other just so that way he can return to his original timeline...">

<Kyle: "Zzz... I hope you're right, Toothless... Zzz... Speaking of which, why'd Nadia ever name you that?">

<Toothless: "... It was a bit of an impulsive decision...">

<Nadia: "Zzz... Aww... He's not here again! Zzz... I wonder what Toothless and Kyle are up to though...">

"... So how do we ge-"

-Jodie begins to play this on full blast-

<Gligar!Vlad: "Zzz... EEP! Wh-What's- OH! Hello everyone!">

<Nadia: "Zzz... Rrk! W-Wait, what's with the creepy- Oh... Right...">

<Kyle: "Zzz... Nngh! What wa- Oh... Stupid music player...">

<Toothless: "Oh Arceus... This again...">

<Mike: "Zzz... Huh? Oh! Good morning!">

-The racket wakes up the guards in the hallway... Including Teala-

<Teala: "Zzz- I'M UP! I'M UP!">

<Random!Mienfoo #1: "Ugh... My ears really needed that...">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "Zzz... Five more minutes, please... Whuh? What's going-">

<Random!Druddigon #1: "Oh come on! This was supposed to be my day to sleep in!">

<Random!Golett #1: "(*grumble*) Stupid doll...">

<Milo: "... How did you ever get that in this timeline anyways, Tracer?">

"I think it was from a garage sale..."

-A large tremor and deafening roar reverberates through the tower-

<Gligar!Vlad: "Wh-What was that?">

<Teala: "... You don't think...">

<Random!Mienfoo #2: "No. Way.">

<Kammy: "What's going on?">

<Random!Golett #1: "... I think that the bird just awakened Reshiram...">

<Kyle: "Wait... Really?">

<Nathan: "What are we waiting for?! Let's go see this!">

-Group runs off up the tower, along with a large group of awakened guards-

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-hears Mezzo-


What am I supposed to do now...
The multiverse expands around us like an infinite fractal.
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-wakes up with a start, still shuddering-
Bow to your queen!
Harriet: <Er...>

Treeo: <Harriet? What's the matter?>

Harriet: <I've...I've never actually been around a Legendary Pokémon before...I feel like I should be bowing in reverence or something...>

-Harriet does so.-

Treeo: <Hey, relax. Reshiram's really chill. I doubt she cares whether you bow to her or not.>

Harriet: <...Still.>

-Reshiram steps over to everyone else.-

Reshiram: Hello. It's good to see you all again.

Wulfric: <L-likewise...>

Flare: <'Bout time you woke up! We're getting ripped apart out there! Literally, in some cases!>

Harriet: <FLARE! Show some respect!>

Reshiram: I'm well aware of the situation Flare, thanks to Unite and Woolly. And I assure you, I will do everything in my power to ensure that those monsters do not go unpunished for this. I swear it.

Treeo: <Cool. It's nice to have you with us, Reshiram.>

Reshiram: Why, thank you, Treeo. Goodness. It's been a while.

Treeo: <Tell me about it...>

Woolly: <I'm so glad you're going to help us, Reshiram! We really appreciate it! Of course, we'll do our best to help you, as well!>

Unite: <...Yeah. We will.>

Reshiram: You're welcome, Woolly. I do appreciate any you can give me. Hmm? -Feels the guards, Tracer and his teams's Aura.- It seems we're going to have some visitors shortly...

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...Are you okay?
The multiverse expands around us like an infinite fractal.
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
I could see them! Everyone! All of the people and Pokémon who had died because of me! They said...they said I could never be forgiven!
Bow to your queen!
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Mezzo, it was just a nightmare. Nobody died because of you.
The multiverse expands around us like an infinite fractal.
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
How can you say that? Don't you know what I've done?
Bow to your queen!
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Guess Who...?
-Runs into chamber with team and several dozen guards-

<Kammy: "...">

<Nadia: "...">

<Toothless: "Wait, didn't your teammates meet her earlier?">

<Nathan: "... Oh... Oh wow...">

<Gligar!Vlad: "Whoa...">

<Jodie: "Think you could take that on, Mike?">

<Mike: "... Possibly, but I'm not counting on it...">

<Kyle: "Oh geez... Look at that thing!">

<Iron Marrow: "... It's a bird...">

-Kat facepalms-

<Guy: "That's one of this region's guardians, you impudent lizard!">

<Kit: "I believe that it's a figure similar to the Dialga you speak of...">

<Iron Marrow: "OH! M-My apologies...">

-Everyone else in room assumes a reverent pose... With four notable exceptions-

"... Is she the same as the Reshiram from our time?"

<Milo: "... I'm a little bit at a loss as to we're to do here now...">

<Vlad: "Wait, do you suppose that she remembers us from Fio-">

<Teala: "Wh-What are you doing?! Show some respect!">

<Shaun: "Sorry!">

-The rest of us follow suit-

"Sorry about that, Teala... It's just that we've met her before... I guess it was rather stupid of me to assume that she'd remember us..."

<Teala: "... You what?">

<Vlad: "Yeah! You were there for it!">

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Unless you've somehow killed someone since getting your memories back, none of that was you. It was someone else, and you and her aren't the same.

The multiverse expands around us like an infinite fractal.

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