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Feathers and Bones
-Sol is about to head to bed, but not before saying a few parting words with Napoleon-

So Napoleom, what's on your agenda for tomorrow?

<Napoleon>: <Tomorrow I wish to speak directly to Liepard and Scolipede themselves. I have many plans and ideas I wish to converse with them and the can't turn me down. I am their propagandist and they wouldn't have survived nearly as long as they have if it wasn't for me.>

... I see. Remeber to keep your cool Napoleon, or they will start to get suspicious of you.

<Napoleon>: <What do you mean?>

You've been spending a lot of time in your quarters lately, and yet not many plans of furthur propaganda have been discussed with me Napoleon. When one does that, people and Pokemon alike will start to raise eyebrows...

<Napoleon>: <If you think I would betray them, you are wrong. Why would I betray the Pokemon that have given us Power beyond our wildest dreams? There would be no point! I have merely been planning a huge speach to pursade the general public, that is all, nothing more.>

Okay then Napoleon, I bid you good night.

<Napoleon>: <As do I Sol, so goodnight.>

-Sol heads over to her bedroom, takes a shower, puts on her dressing gown and slides into her King-Size bed beofre falling asleep-

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"My wish for the Holy Grail? If possible, I would like to be left alone for all eternity. No, I'm not joking."
-Having apologized for waking everyone up in such a painful way, Woolly and the rest of the team begin discussing the situation at hand.-

Wulfric: <Um...Okay. For a start, we know for certain that Dialga has finally gone mad and done something...Awful.>

Treeo: <Yeah...>

Wulfric: <And in the process of that happening, it caused these tunnels to cave in.> -Gestures at the blocked passageway.- <Which has blocked us from going back the way we came in.>

Harriet: <Right.>

Wulfric: <As well as that, there doesn't appear to be any sign of Lake, Nadia, Vlad, Shaun or Iron Marrow.>

Flare: <Thank goodness! I never liked her, anyway.>

Treeo: <You tried searching for them with your Aura, didn't you?>

Wulfric: <I did. But I couldn't find any traces of them. So they either left the immediate area, or...>

-Wulfric shudders.-

Wulfric: <I don't even want to think about it.>

Flare: <...None of us do.>

Treeo: -Fidgets a little.- <So, what do we do now? I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting a little sick of this tunnel.>

Woolly: <Hmm...These are time tunnels, right? So, maybe if we find the right tunnel and go back in time, we can warn everyone else and stop this from ever happening!>

Wulfric: <Well, That sounds like a good idea, but wouldn't that cause a Time Paradox or something?>

Harriet: <Plus we have no clue how these tunnels work! If we went the wrong way, we could end up years in the past or the future! And that wouldn't do as any good.>

Woolly: <Oh...Yeah, I guess you're right.>

Harriet: <...It was a nice idea, though.> -Hangs her head sadly.-

Flare: <Well, I suggest that we work on finding our way out of these tunnels. There surely must be another exit to these things somewhere. Then we can work out what to do next.>

Wulfric: <I'm okay with that idea. Any objections?>

Woolly: <No.>

Treeo: <Nope.>

Harriet: <None here.>

Wulfric: <Right. Woolly? You're our source of light. Will you lead for us?>

Woolly: -Nods.- <Sure.>

Flare: <Everyone follow Woolly, then. And for goodness sake, DON'T WANDER OFF. We might not be able ti find you again, knowing these tunnels.>

Harriet: <...I'll keep that in mind.>

-Woolly sets of down the tunnels, the rest of the team in tow.-

Nimbasa City

-A lone figure perches on the roof of the abandoned battle subway. Gazing up at the sky, simply taking a few moments to pause and reflect on things.-

???: <It's seems as if I've searched the entire region. But there's still no sign of either of them.> -Sighs.- <Where could they be? Are they still even in Unova at all? Did they leave because we've displeased them somehow? Or maybe...Maybe they just can't bear to see what their land has become...

Nobody's safe anymore. People and Pokémon alike can't walk the streets of the wilderness without fear that they might be punished. Or worse...Those darn Bugs and Darks. I hate them for what they've done. Not only have they taken our land...They've taken our freedom. They don't understand. Freedom is a right, not a privilege...>

-The Pokémon shakes his head.-

???: <We've all been doing our best to undermine they're rule. But it's not enough. The Bugs are craking down on us, and sooner or later...They'll crush us. Which is why I have to find them. They're our only hope.>

-The Pokémon reaches into hammerspace and pulls out a perfectly round white stone.-

???: <I'm not entirely sure what this stone is exactly. But the truth is...I know in my heart that this is connected to the White Yang Dragon somehow.>

-The Pokémon strokes the stone gently with his wing, gazing at the horizon as he does so.-

???: <Reshiram...I'm going to find you. And I'm going to ask us for your help. I just hope...That my cause is true enough for you.>

-The Pokémon places the orb back into his pocket of hammerspace, then takes flight to begin his routine patrol of Nimbasa and the Surrounding Routes.-
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- Chase is working on figuring out which Pokémon to send to Pinwheel forest -

Chase: <Hmm... Yes, he seems quite powerful. Oh, and of course her abilities would useful as well...>

- A young Petilil bumps into Chase -

Petilil: <Oof! I'm okay, yes!> (notices Chase) <Oh, I am sorry mr. Unfeazent, yes!>

Chase: <Young lady, why are you not training with the other younger members?>

Petilil: <I am such a klutz, yes. I keep messing everything up, yes.>

Chase: <Well, don't worry about that, young lady. With the right training, anyone can become a great fighter.>

Petilil: <Even me, yes?>

Chase: <Of course. I was once just a little Pidove who could barely defend himself from enemies.>

Petilil: <... So, how did you end up joining the resistance, yes?>

Chase: <It was all thanks to our fearless leader. He saved my life, and in return, I swore to work hard and do everything I could to assist him.>

Petilil: <Wow...>

Chase: <So, you just get back to your training. I'm sure you'll become a powerful fighter someday.>

Petilil: (nods) <I will, yes! Thank you, mr Unfeazent, yes!>

- The Petilil begins moving back over to where the other younger members of the resistance are, bumping into a wall on the way back -

Petilil: <I'm okay, yes!>

Chase: <Heh, how cute. Now, where was I?> (goes back to working on figuring out which members to send to Pinwheel forest) <Let's see... We'll send over him, and him, and of course, her. Who else...?>
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Espeon GX
-Arrives in Nimbasa city-

Let's see if we can find anything about those Pokemon here. Where should we start?


Crescent:-is hiding behind my legs so he won't be noticed-
"We are alive, after all. And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment."
- Pod 153
The Time Space Tunnels

-A while later, the team are still trying to make their way out of the tunnels, none of the Pokémon saying very much to each other. Overall, the mood is rather somber.-

Treeo: <Jeez...How long does this tunnel go on for, anyway? It feels like we've been walking for miles!>

Flare: <We probably have been walking for miles. It must have taken them a long time to dig out these tunnels.>

Woolly: <Yeah...I guess.>

Wulfric: <Woolly, are you alright? You're never normally this quiet.>

Woolly: <Not really. I'm beginning to miss Lake a little...I know that when he's here, we can always rely on him to keep things under control. Plus he gives the best hugs.>

Flare: <Mmm. I miss him too. Sure, he's a big lug...But he's our big lug.>

Wulfric: <Agreed.>

Treeo: <...Meh. Never really talked to him. Although that's probably due too the fact that I missed out on the past few months.> -Crosses his arms.- <Boy, that really sucked.>

Harriet: <Well, I haven't known him for very long, but he's been very nice to me. He made me feel welcome when I joined this team. And he woke me up in the Dream World. That was really nice of him. Especially considering that he could have spent that time with Nadia.>

Woolly: <Lake's really selfless like that. I think that's partly why everymon likes him so much.>

Harriet: <Yeah, I bet. I hope we find him again soon.>

Wulfric: <Hey...Is that light up ahead?>

-Wulfric points ahead. Sure enough, a faint point of light is visible.-

Treeo: <Oh yeah, There is! That must be the end of the tunnel! WOOHOO! I'm getting myself some sunlight!>

-Treeo starts bounding ahead at high speed.-

Harriet: <HEY! Wait up!>

Flare: <Don't leave us in here!>

-The rest of the team sprint of after him. A few seconds later, Treeo exits the cave.-

Treeo: <YEAH! Finally out of that stuffy old- HUH?!>

-To his surprise, the place he has ended up in looks nothing like the Sinnoh Cubone tribe. Instead, he has ended up in a lush forested valley, bordered on either side by hogh mountains.-

Wulfric: <Treeo! Slow down!>

Woolly: <Yeah! Not all of us can move as fast as you!>

-The other Pokémon emerge from the cave, puffing and panting.-

Flare: <Jeez, Treeo. Couldn't you at least wait for...>

-Flare stops, noticing the change in the environment, as do Wulfric, Harriet and Woolly.-

Harriet: <Er...This isn't Sinnoh.>

Flare: <Well, thank you very much Captain Obvious for pointing that out!>

Harriet: <Don't get beaky with me, Flare. I'm not in the mood.> -Straightens her "Hat."-

Woolly: <Hmm...>

Treeo: <What is it, Woolly?>

Woolly: <This place. It feels like I've been here before...>
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-The Every wakes up and goes ouT To paTrol Nimbasa-
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
-wakes up-

Shadow: <Good morning, commander.>

Good morning, Shadow. I assume you have assembled the troops and are ready to move them to Lostlorn Forest for training?

Shadow: <Indeed I have. If I may make a request before they leave, commander?>

What is it? And it had better be quick.

Shadow: <Well, there is still the issue of my wayward brother.>


Shadow, your brother was a failure. He didn't have what it takes to survive in these times. The fact that he ran off by himself is proof enough of that. I don't care if I ever see him again.

Shadow: <That's not the issue I wanted to present. He has knowledge of the inner workings of the Black Guard, and of this base. If he leaks that to the resistance...>

...You're right. Felis, inform all patrols to capture him on sight. I don't care if he's brought to me dead or alive.

Felis: <At once, commander.>
Do not fear power... fear those who wield it.
Unova Route 6

Harriet: <Where are we? Is this Prehistoric Sinnoh or something?>

Flare: -Smirks.- <Hey! Maybe we'll run into some of Treeo's ancestors if we look hard enough, then!>

-Treeo crosses his arms, an unamused look on his face.-

Treeo: <Ha, ha. Very funny...>

Wulfric: <Wait. Woolly, what was that you said about having been here before?>

Woolly: <It's just that I remember coming to a place a lot like this at some point on our adventure. But I can't remember which region it was in exactly...>

-Woolly pauses to think, but is interrupted by the frenzied calls of a flock of Pidove flying away from a group of trees in the distance.-

Wulfric: <Pidove?>

Flare: <Wait, Pidove? But...They only live in->

Woolly: <Unova! We're in Unova!>


Flare: <WHAT?!>

Harriet: <Whoa! Unova?! But...How...Why are we-?>

Wulfric: <We're home?>


Harriet: <Whoa! Calm down! There has to be a logical explanation for this...Um...>

Wulfric: <Er...>

Woolly: <Erm...>

Treeo: -Shrugs.-

Flare: <Well, this is just great. We've been seperated from our group, Dialga has gone mad and done...Something, AND WE'VE SOMEHOW ENDED UP HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD!!!>

Treeo: <Hey, how do you think I feel about this? I finally get back on the team, and then this goes and happens!>

Harriet: <I've only just joined! I'm not used to this kind of thing yet!>

Woolly: <Calm down, everyone!>


Woolly: <Hey! You're not the only one who's having trouble here! Unite was out there, too!>

Harriet: <So was Bill...>

-Harriet lowers her head sadly. Wulfric tries to console her by patting her on the back.-

Wulfric: <We've all lost somebody...>

Treeo: <Um. I haven't.>

Wulfric: <Not helping.>

Treeo: -Hurt.- <See? Nobody cares about poor old Treeo. First I spend MONTHS in the PC and get almost forgotten about! And then the world ends and I have nobody to be worried for!>

-Treeo buries his head in his hands.-


Flare: <Is he being serious?>

Harriet: <I think so...>

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adopting kitteh

That morning at the core of the Colony

-I wake up in a branch, covered by a poncho-like cloak. Taking a look at the watch... ugh. It's late. I feel something trying to pull my arm...-


-A random Venomoth is sitting on my arm, trying to eat the fabric-

Random Venomoth — <Yum. apt, this is pretty nifty...>

Ahem... *yawn*

Random Venomoth (turns to look at me) — <...!>

-The Venomoth buzzes something that sounds somewhere between surprise and apology, and flutters away-

— Where am I? *yawn*

-I jump down the tree and take a look around. There's dense vegetation in every direction and a relatively tall and insurmountable ledge. I could climb to the other side where–-

Ah, yes... Inka... She's supposed to be—

Inka — <...Silent?>

-There's some noise in the bushes to my left; a Nidoqueen emerges, carrying some berries and Hoppip leaves. She stands tall and stares at me surprised. Didn't she expect to see me or...?-

— Inka... by Arceus, I haven't seen you in a while.

-I go forward to hug her but she steps back and stares defensively-

— ...Inka? What is going on?

Inka (mumbling) — <Why is he here? He can not come here. Not today...>

-Sigh; letting my arms rest, for a moment wondering what is going on with the world, but my concern now is with her foremost-

— Inka... is something wrong? Can I... — idiot I know I can it's just... — can I talk to you?

-Inka remains in place for a minute, then walks to the ledge and leaves the berries and leaves on top, to the sun; she later motions for me to come and sit besides her-

Inka — <I always knew...>

— ...?

-I sit besides her and we stare at each other for a while. For some reason, she won't let me pet her behind the ears as she always does-

— There's... how do I state this. — twidding fingers — Something really weird has been happening ever since yesterday...

Inka -tilts head- — <You can understand our language.>

— Yeah, it's really strange. I know Pokémon can usually understand human language... —idly trying to pet her— but the other way around has always been off-limits. It feels so crazy...

Inka — <I guess so. You come to the forest, must have heard many voices. All things look now different than what you knew before...>

— Yeah. I could understand the guards discussing, and then they said I should wait here and– — point at her — wait wait. I can understand you!

Inka chuckles — <Duh...> — leans and licks my hand.

— No wait, I mean... — I get closer to her and try to get her to look at me — You... you know about this. How... Why?

-Inka blinks, shakes her head-

Inka — <I don't know. One of the Nidorina came to me with the news two days ago, that a Slowbro had announced it. At first we both laughed at the idea, but some of the spies in the city noticed you were very reclusive yesterday and came to me.>

— ...Do more Nidoran in the colony know?

-I notice some hesitation in Inka, but as she knows I can read her she sighs and answers somewhat flatly-

Inka — <Only the breeders, my mate, and a couple of trusted guards.>

— ...Your mate? Right, that was some time ago... Why? — looks around — Why haven't I ever met him?

Inka — <Because...> — lets out a soft growl — <It's something for later. Please...> — leans against the ledge to take some sunlight and check the berries — <As I said, you understanding us is a cabal secret. Then again,> — smiles — <you being you, once the rest of the Colony finds out they will hardly be surprised...>

— Heh... I guess so...

Inka — <It's something the oldest among us have always dreamt about. That one day you would truly be with us. It's a shame that it comes...>

-She falls silent and stares down for a moment-

What's going on? It comes what? when?

— A shame?

Inka — <Forget about it. It's nothing... no one...> — stares back at me, adds in a growling tone — <So long as you remain with us, things will be fine.>

-Seeing her relaxed I decide to not press matters further. We continue talking about some minor things, enjoying that we can fully understand each other. Talking about life and about how the hardest times were when I was a kid (we both were, in a way) and we couldn't understand each other...-

-Now, it was different. It was natural-

-Eventually, a particular subject will come up.-

-Meanwhile, Inka's mate observes from the shadows, waiting for instructions-

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-wakes up and wanders around nimbasa again-

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-The Whirl is perched on The ferris wheel, hiding in one of The cars so as To avoid deTecTion. From his perch, he noTices STar-

-The Whirl sends a psychic message To The Blobble, who relays iT To The Every-

You think she saw through my story?

Blobble: <I would be shocked if she didn't.>

Whirl: <I believe there may be a possibility that she will attempt to seek out this resistance.>

Sometimes what's needed is a change in perspective.
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Guess Who...?
-In an industrial district of Celadon-

<Shaun: "(*yawn*) Good morning, every- Uh!">

-Notices that the four are surrounded by 30 leering Murkrow-

<Shaun: "Uh... Guys... You might want to wake up now...">

<Vlad: "Zzz... Huh? Aww! Look at all the cute birdies! ... Why do they all look so mean?">

<Iron Marrow: "Zzz... Huh? But how can there be two islands here in the Dream World? Mine's not supposed to ex- ... What did you miserable fiends get us into this time?">

-With evidence of having cried in her sleep-

<Nadia: "Zzz... (*sniffle*) What- ... Oh no... Why do we have to go through this again now?">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #1: "Dobore utro... It took you long enough...">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #2: "Yeah, if you had been any normal gopniki, we'd have taught you a lesson for encroaching on our hideout like this!">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #3: "But... For gopniki, you five seem strong... At least strong enough to be useful... Our vor v zakone will be coming shortly to decide what to do with you...">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #4: "And don't you get any ideas either!">

-Runs a small spark between some wing feathers-

<Mafiya!Murkrow #4: "We're not slabaki like some other organizatsii in this town!">

<Nadia: "... Why are they all talking li- No... NO... WHY?!">

<Vlad: "Wait! This is great! We can totally find Sonny this way!">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #2: "Kto, chert vozmi, oni govoryat?"> *

<Mafiya!Murkrow #1: "Ya ne znayu. Maybe the vor v zakone would know...">


-Somewhere to the east-

"(*yawn*) Good morning... Is Dr. Tagg up?"

-Happens to bump into Pascal-

<Pascal: "I wouldn't know, man... I haven't seen him.">

"What about the others?"

<Pascal: "They're all taking life at their own pace... As it was meant to be...">

"... Alright, thanks, Pascal..."

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Woolly: <Hey! Don't be sad, Treeo...>

-Woolly gives the sobbing Grovyle a hug.-

Woolly: <I like you.>

Treeo: -Sniff.- <...You do?>

Woolly: <Yep! I think you're awesome. Besides...You made a great hat.>

Treeo: <...> -Smirks.- <I did, didn't I?>

Woolly: <Uh-huh! Now, are you feeling better now?>

Treeo: <Yeah! Much better.>

Flare: <What now, then?>

Woolly: <Driftveil City isn't far from here! I suggest that we head over there and see if we can find out what's going on.>

Wulfric: <Yes. We should be able to get a good idea on what effect, if any, Dialga has had on the world from there. Assuming that we haven't traveled in time, that is.>

Harriet: <Well, that's a good idea. It's not like we have any other choice anyway. Unless we all want to take our chances in the Time Tunnels again.>

Flare: <Eurgh. I've seen enough of those tunnels to last me a lifetime. Come on, let's get going.>

Woolly: <Okay! I know the way, so follow me!>

-Woolly leads the group away from the space tunnel.

Once the mons are out of sight though, a well hidden Pokémon buzzes out of the bushes, watching the team as they head of into the distance. The Pokémon - A Beedrill, surprisingly enough - smirks as he watches them go.-

Beedrill: <What an interesting development. I must inform the local patrol of this...>

-And with that, the Beedrill buzzes off to another part of the Route.-
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The Wanderer
-Wakes up-

Maybe once Wolf shows up the two of us together can convince Tracer that I'm not crazy.

-Decides to go have some breakfast-

Hydreigon: -Decides to head over to where the new recruits are trained-

Garchomp: -Looks at the Thunder Wave Murkrow after letting out a mean growl- <How'd you get that? You don't look like you ever belonged to a trainer.>
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
Nimbasa City

-Sunny has gathered a small group of the younger Resistance members-

Sunny: <The most important thing to remember about Dark-types is that they never fight fair. They'll use any advantage they can get, so you need to be prepared for anything. One time...>

-Sunny turns his head toward Hydreigon-

Sunny: <...Oh, hello there. Are you here to help me with training?>

Lostlorn Forest

-Shadow is standing before a regiment of assorted Dark-type Pokémon-

Shadow: <The thing to understand is that the resistance will not fight in the open. You will need to learn a different method of warfare if you are to survive in there.>

-a Houndoom raises a paw-

Shadow: <Yes, lieutenant?>

Cerberus: <Why not just burn the whole forest down?>

Shadow: <I don't think you understand just how big Pinwheel Forest is.>

Cerberus: <Who cares how big it is? Fire solves everything.>

-Shadow sighs-

Shadow: <I'll relay that to the captain.>
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Guess Who...?
-On the roof of a building in southern Celadon-


<Mafiya!Murkrow #4: "Ack! W-Wait! I'm n-not scared of you! My bratva has destroyed stronger opponents than you!">

<Mafiya!Murkrow #5: "Da... You're doing such a good job with that...">

-To Garchomp-

<Mafiya!Murkrow #6: "That's unimportant. Just be aware that there's more from where that came from. And we're not afraid to use moves like those if someone decides to be a tupitsa!">

-A Male Honchkrow exits a space where a window once was on the warehouse across the street and flies over-

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "Eto luchshe byt horoshim...">

<Avtoritet!Murkrow: "I'm sure it will be...">

-The two perch on a ledge, leering at the group-

-Nadia quickly attempts to obscure Toothless-

<Toothless: "... What's wrong?">

<Nadia: "I don't like this guy... He gives me the creeps... If I didn't know better, I'd say he was- ... No... That's impossible!">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "... I trust the others have told you why we haven't disposed of you, da?">

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The Wanderer
Hydreigon: -Nods at Sunny- <I am.>

Garchomp: -Looks at the Honchkrow coming over- <There's something familiar about him too. This is really weird.>
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
Sunny: <Excellent. So, I think these recruits need some practical education. You won't learn that much about evading the patrols by just listening to me talk.>

Shadow: <And one other thing. This message will be relayed to all patrols.>

-Shadow pulls out a picture of Sunny-

Shadow: <If you see this mon, he is to be captured and brought to me. Alive. Not to the captain or commander. Do you understand?>

Cerberus: <Yes, sir.>

Shadow: <And the captain and commander are not supposed to know about this. Do you understand?>

Cerberus: <Yes, sir.>

Shadow: <Good.>
Do not fear power... fear those who wield it.
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The Wanderer
Hydreigon: <Okay, what do you need me to do?>

-Meanwhile, in the crowd of young recruits, a certain Audino is looking on with a bit of fear-
Hugging a Vanillite will give you frostbite.

The wheel will turn ever more, but I see pain. I see victory, but pain.
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Hmm...I should probably go visit the Gym soon...

-passes by the Battle Subway-

What's this? -Goes inside-

The Time Space Tunnels (Again)

-How long had it been now? It seemed like he had been walking through these tunnels for hours. Which he probably had. It was beginning rather tiring, lonely, even.

Lake hated being alone.

But he had to be strong. There were too many people and Pokemon counting on him to make things right again. No matter what it took.

The truth is, though, is that it's hard to be strong.

He had to keep going though. Even if it there was little chance of making things right again if he kept going, there would be no chance at all if he just gave up right there and then.

So he kept going.

Until he finally spotted daylight at the end of the tunnel.-

Lake: <Oh, finally!>

-His spirits lifted slightly at the sight of daylight, which at least proved that whatever Dialga had done, he hadn't destroyed the world completely, Lake hurries of towards the exit, eager to get out of the tunnels at last.-
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Guess Who...?
-On a roof in southern Celadon-

<Shaun: "... But I thought the leader of Sonny's murder was female...">

-To the group-

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "Davaite byt pryamymi... Da? My bratva is one of the five most powerful in all of Celadon... And I've been looking for an opportunity to make it the most powerful in etot gorod...">

<Iron Marrow: "Hmph. Leave us out of your kind's pathetic squabbles. We've got serious matters to attend to!">

<Avtoritet!Murkrow: "You'd be wise to still your tongue, yashcheritsa...">

<Vlad: "... Wait... What happens if we don't?">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "Well... It would be pretty bad if we just allowed some random gopniki to spend the night in our territory, da?">

<Shaun: "... Why does he seem familiar? So you'll beat us up?">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "... You could say that... Though your fate wont be quite so... Simple, da?">

<Vlad: "EEP!">

<Nadia: "(*snarl*) Do you really think you can take us?">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "I'm reasonably certain that I could... This is only half of my bratva... But I'm not one for azartnaya... I'll simply inform my other four counterparts that a there is threat to our order...">

<Shaun: "... I thought that you just said that you wanted to try and force them out...">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "Da... And I'm reasonably certain they wish to do the same... But... There's no good in that if we're not around to try that, da? We may be vragov, but we're not idioty... We have no place for gopniki in this town... Especially ones that don't know their place!">

-After a pause-

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "So what do you say? Da? Or nye-">

-Finally notices Toothless-

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "...">

<Toothless: "... What's gotten into him?">

<Mafiya!Honchkrow?: "... Why does the blue yashcheritsa have a igrushka? And... Why does it seem familiar to me...?">


-Somewhere in the east-

-Has entered the kitchen-

<Zoe: "Oh. Good morning, Tracer. Did you sleep well?">

"... Not really."

<Nathan: "... What happened between you and Tagg last night?">

"That's why I didn't sleep well..."

<Zoe: "Huh?">

<Nathan: "... Why? What did he tell you?">

"... He made me realize something... That something could be really wrong... But I still don't know what to think of it..."

-Begins recounting meeting with Tagg from last night-

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- Meanwhile, at the castle, Artemis is talking to a group of five Zoroark -

Artemis: <... And why would I agree to that? The five of you never do anything!>

Random Zoroark: <Well, there's not much for us to do these days. No one actually comes to challenge the Pokémon League anymore!>

Artemis: <That is your problem, not mine! Now, get back to your positions!>

- The five annoyed Zoroark walk away -

Artemis: (rolls her eyes) <Urgh... Such annoying creatures...>

Mira: <... They do have a point, my queen.>

Artemis: <Hmm... Very well. However, until I can think of something better to do with them, they'll be staying in their current positions.>

- Meanwhile, at the Battle Subway -

Yamask 2: <Eek! There's someone here!>

Yamask 1: <Oh no, we were supposed to guard the entrance... Unfeazent is not going to like this...>
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-From an alleyway nexT To The BaTTle Subway, The Gyru sees The STar enTering The Subway and relays a message To The Every-

Damn! Do you think she's actively trying to find the Resistance?

Gyru: <...>

Right, sorry.

Gyru: <I'm just a hunk of metal, I can't predict humans.> -The Gyru sighs-

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You're shivering. Are you afraid?
Sunny: -turns to the crowd- <So, would anyone like to try sparring against Hydreigon here? It would be an excellent way to try out what you've learned.>

-Sunny turns to Hydreigon-

Sunny: <Go easy on them, okay? They are just kids.>
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