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Ergon City

-Is here. Most likely-
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
274752 Crewe15th Jul 2013 06:49:01 PM from Gravity Falls, Oregon Get RP Mod
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All right... are you guys planning to come to Holon City any time soon, or should I go out there?
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-Pretty much anyone is open for interaction.-
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Cutter's House


Yeah, we'll keep you away from those Demon Scrolls.
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Cutter's House

-Herbert also follows behind, caught up in his own thoughts.-

Pugilis - Around 600 years ago

Revan: ~I'm sure that sticking the slimeball to me won't be necessary. If I wanted to mess things up for you two, I would have done so already.~

-Lucanus goes slightly red, and scratches the back of his neck.-

Lucanus: Well, I simply meant to say that when you are discussing matters of state such as the current goings-on in Greenleaf, you always sound so very... formal. As though you're still addressing a crowd full of people. But... well, I suppose it's not that important, really. No need to comment on the matter further.
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Ergon City

Yeah, I like him too. That's why I'd like to know where he is.

Felis: <Oh, please. A second ago you didn't even know he was gone.>

Cerberus: <I know! I should burn it!>
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Espeon GX

Holon Center

-Straw is in the lobby with Crewe-


-The Flygons are looking for Straw-
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-Joseph and Scarlett smirk-

And you did, Felis?

Scarlett: <I wonder why? Perhaps Joseph was right about how you feel about him!>

Morrigan: <In good time, Cerberus. In good time.>

<By the way, is there a way to shorten Cerberus?>

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Taka Pass

-Reading out a Travel Guide I found back in Agata-

There are two important aspects to battle that you must be aware of. They are the Bonus system and what is known as the Floral Finisher. First, let's discuss Bonuses.

Bonuses provide a nice reward for particularly well-fought battles. There are 2 ways to increase the size of your Bonus. One method is to defeat enemies more quickly. The other method is to fight without taking damage yourself. Attack enemies quickly and dodge their strikes with style. This is the secret to netting a handsome Bonus. Bonuses increase the amount of coins dropped by fallen foes. You may want to practice grabbing these dropped coins during battle.

Next, we'll discuss the technique called the Floral Finisher. Time warps and slows at the moment a demon leaves this mortal coil. Use the brush or Wave at that instant to turn their cadaver into flora. Their resentment will crystallize into a Demon Fang. The required technique differs depending on the enemy type. You will need to discover which Celestial Brush power to use.

Tales abound of collectors enamored with the bewitching Demon Fangs. Collecting these fangs will surely prove helpful during your journey.

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-huggles- "I see. Well, I will have to work on that, indeed. Force of habit, I guess." She kisses him. And as soon as Revan is gone, the... board games are broken out.

After a long session of... board games, she is tuckered out and falls straight to sleep.

Last post for the night.
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274761 Herbert40k15th Jul 2013 07:02:41 PM from Merry Olde England Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
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Taka Pass

-Herbert only becomes aware of the fact that Tagg is talking once he has almost finished reading the scroll.-

Herbert: ...Huh?

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Silph Co., Holon Branch

-Thankfully, the elevator is more akin to an industrial lift than a hotel elevator, and fits Dune and company with ease. As he exits on the third floor, he's immediately greeted by the sound of a young woman yelling across the room.-

???: No, you idiot! You never raise the photon count when we're calibrating the light levels! Geez, what are you trying to do, destabilize the whole simulation?!

Dune: ... I think I know who to talk to.
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Big Mood

Ergon Centere

Umbra: I can tell her to head over there for now.
Silk hiding steel.

Enter the castle!
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Holon City

Pi stalks down the streets, contemplative.

He examines the etching on the Watcher's Blade.

"'Who watches the watchmen', eh?"

Pi's Mindscape (The City)

Madness is pacing back and forth.

Suddenly, he hears footsteps, slow, steady, soft.

The feline's head whips up.

A fog has descended on The City.

Out of it, a cloaked silhouette emerges, carrying a lantern.

Madness: "Oh no."

Madness: "NOT YOU."

???: Me.
274765 PippingFool15th Jul 2013 07:39:14 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...

600 years ago. Ignis (Gaston's Logs)

Gaston is kneeling at the Totusku table, sipping cups of tea with the master and mistress of the house.

Gaston: It has been a fortnight since my arrival in Ignis, and progress on future trade agreements has been... slow, but not completely fruitless. It seems that we might be getting somewhere with a possible trade agreement especially in the terms of textiles and arms. Though, Lord Ryuku seems to be more concered about... other things...

Ryuku: -Placing down his cup- So, do you have any Rayquaza scales, claws or teeth back in Kalos? Or better yet, and actual Rayqauza? Needen't not to be black, but prefeered.

Izumi: -Putting down cup- Please dear, no-one will take us seriously if you keep asking for Rayquazas. Gaston does inform me, however, that there are some unique playing cards and games that are quite popular in Kalos at the moment.

Gaston: That's right. Scorpa and Baraja are quite popular at the moment. Such are other games like Checkers, Backgammon and chess.

Ryuku: -Nods and smiles- Indeed eh?

Gaston: Yes you're lordship

Charlemagne chatters in responsce

Ryuku: -Chuckling- Well then! I hope we can settle on this agreement soon! I can't wait to see how these "Scopa" and "Baraja" games play out.

Izumi: Well it looks like we're getting somewhere. Finally.

Soon after, a small papour runs into the room. Chittering and chattering away while tugging at Izumi's long Kimono. The water monkey seems to be distressed about something.

Izumi: Hmm? Mizu, what's wrong

A messanger walks in not long after the Panpour. As he approaches the household lords, he bows and greets them.

Messenger: Greetings your lord and ladyship. Message from Greenleaf.

Izumi: Message? Well, I hope it's not one of those idiodic alliance requests -Takes message- Serioesly, I thought we made our Isolationist position quite clear.

Gaston: I wanted to point out that they were not truely Isolationist, getting involved with foreign nations and all, but I held my tongue

Izumi: You may be excused.

The messanger bows and leaves the room once more. Izumi places the scroll on the table and sighs.

Izumi: I am deeply sorry Gaston, but my husband and I must discuss this in private. Why don't you take a self guided tour around Ignis, hmm? Chikiko!

Izumi claps, one of her chambermaids comes up and bows to Izumi.

Chikiko: Yes m'lday?

Izumi: Take Gaston around Ignis, give him a little... tour of the place. My husband and I have political matters to attend to.

Chikiko: Yes m'lday -Turns to Gaston- Come with me sir.

Gaston: I got myself up from the ground and followed miss Chikiko as we exited the Palace Estate. Charlemagne followed along, he seemed suspicious about something.If only I had taken his suspicion in accord and inquired about Ranseian stability...

Back inside the Palace

Izumi unfurls the scroll and read it. Her face reading a disgruntled expression.

Ryuku: -Continues sipping his tea- So what do they want dollface? Allingance? The look on your face sggests alligance.

Izumi: No. -Slams the scroll infront of Ryuku- Read.

Ryuku reads the scroll and his expression becomes that one of shocked confusion. Izumi moves over to the window, and stares out it.

Ryuku: ...Suicide? I wasn't expecting that...

Izumi: Something seems off about this.

Ryuku: What do you mean?

Izumi: I was in meetings with the Greenleaf warlord a few months ago. While he was a weak leader, he was not the type I would associate with offing himself.

Ryuku: We don't know what he was like behind the scenes. You can't just assume these things Kiki...

Izumi: I tell you, Ryuku. There is some bad blood brewing o'er us. Things are going to get bloody in the next few months I can feel it.

Ryuku: -Sighs and walks over to his wife- Normally I would chalk this up to your rathr violent upbringing, but you are just good at predicting things like this. Let's hope for the best.

The two continue to stare out the window in silence.

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Tau is scouting out the land, preparing to off the "burny lady" and steal her heirloom.

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Silph Co., Holon Branch

-Dune wisely waits for the young, pale, black-haired woman to finish her tirade involving many terms involving optical physics that would require a least eight years of college to understand properly.-

???: And who are you?

Dune: Derek Morton. Orrian-based guide and tester.

??? Oh, right, you're the one that helped Redwood's team. Name's Polly Greenwich, but don't call me that. Call me Serac.

Dune: Then you can call me Dune.

Serac: Uh huh, sure. Now, what do you want?

Dune: Someone in this city was dumb enough to try and abduct a Legendary. Know anyone with the resources?

-Serac pauses at the mention of Legendaries, but the moment soon passes.-

Serac: One, I can sure as hell tell you it wasn't us. Two, anyone with a public face who could capture a Legendary of any kind would have such an industrial espionage problem that the whole region would hear about it.

Dune: Damn. If you hear anything -

Serac: Send you a mail, yeah, I know.

-Dune turns back to the elevator where his team is waiting.-

Serac: Actually!

-Dune turns back around.-

Serac: I need fresh testers for the VR sims. Come back tomorrow, and I may have something for you if your willing to give it a try.

-Dune gives a mocking salute and heads back to the elevator.-
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Holon City

-Ren has totally spent all day arranging the use of some of the museum's time flowers "in the name of research".-

Ren: -walking out the door I think once they realized that this Shokaki guy recorded at least some of the time flowers in that exhibit, and I look almost exactly like him, I think negotiations went a lot smoother. Well let's See what I can do tomorrow.
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Ergon City

-Eskay has been mulling over how to go about getting to Holon City despite the Clans.-

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A traveler bumps into Tau.

Traveler: Why howdy there, wanderer? What brings ye tah Igniis now?
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-Joseph is currently asleep-
Another green world.
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Holon City, two days ago

-Crow and team are still wandering-

-Crow notices a sign-

Crow: "Ooh, maybe this is something!"

-He indicates the sign to the others-

Slashkreyd: <...I can't read that. What does it say?>

Crow: "'Delta Species Genetics'. Maybe this is what we're looking for."

Slashkreyd: <Sounds like it could be.>

-Crow nods then heads inside-

Holon City, today

-Everyone seems to be asleep-
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"Eh? Oh! Do you know where the bosslady lives? I heard she's very pretty."

Kage is facepalming again.
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On a boat

- Is writing down some things in the notebook -

Durant: (crawls over) <And what is that you're writing?>

Why do you want to know? It's none of your business.

Durant: <Hmm... Very suspicious. I might have to report this to the boss.>

Report what? You don't know what I'm writing in this, and you can't read, right?

Durant: <Well... No, but...> (shakes head) <Whatever. I'm keeping an eye on you!>


- I close the notebook, putting it away for a moment -

Hey, would you happen to know what your master is up to?

Durant: (nods) <Yes, I do.>

Well, would you mind telling me? I'd like to know exactly what's going on here.

Durant: <And why should I tell you?>

Because... the job might get done faster if I know exactly what is needed to be done?

Durant: <... Excellent point. Very well! I will tell you everything!>


Durant: (begins explaining)
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Silph Co., Holon Branch

-Serac is in the process of booting up the VR suite when a very pale Metagross comes floating up to her.-

Serac: What is it now, Saturn?

Saturn: ~Just making sure my favorite scientist is having a good morning.~

Serac: I'm doing just fine, thank you.

Saturn: ~Eager for your new test subject?~

Serac: Freaking psychic. Yes, kind of. I've heard good thing about him from Dr. Redwood. Lots of possibilities with him.

Saturn: ~Uh huh, lots, I'm sure.~

Serac: How come you ancient Psychic-Types always have such dirty minds?

Saturn: ~I blame our lack of biological functions, in my species' case.~

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