Coast to Coast with Art Bell:

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1 merton7th Feb 2011 12:26:44 PM from my heart to yours.
Or actually not Art Bell anymore. I dunno who—George Noory? Whatever. It'll always be Art Bell in my heart.

This is a great radio show for getting your late-night fix of UF Os, psychics, and conspiracies. It's like driving through an X-Files episode.
Art "retired" a while ago, which meant he only did a few shows a year, but now he's done doing any shows (he didn't do the annual new year predictions shows like he had every other year). George Noory does the weekdays, while Ian Punnet does Saturdays and George Knapp does a few Sundays. Knapp is probably the best of the hosts.

I listen to it fairly often, though not as much as I used to do to time and a decrease in the amount of interesting topics. They've only had one show on cryptozoology since last October, and those are usually my favorite. Some of the more out there stuff is still neat if you just listen as if it were a story instead of analyzing it.
The contempt for George Noory is not a small thing. I'd say it's on the level of hatedom for new simpsons episodes. Look up his name and you're bound to find sites which discuss how much he sucks. Although they may be exaggerating sometimes, it's not far from the truth.
I think that's caused by him doing the show every weeknight. I understood the hate when I listened every night, but now that I don't have the time and just pick and choose what shows I listen too he seems to do better than the haters would have me believe. I think maybe Art was able to better handle doing the show all week better than Noory can, so people notice it more.
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