Dealing with the resenter:

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The trope itself is jarring in real life because I had been through it once of twice but why is this trope so jarring? How can I deal witht this trope in a story?
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Well, people are naturally going to resent you when you're

The Resenters (I've dealt with them too) are people who haven't succeeded in their own life, for whatever reasons, and blame it on anything but themselves. In a story, you could have the hero find out why the resenter fell short of his goal and show him how to get moving again—do not have the hero do the work for him. Or the hero may show the resenter that he picked a poor goal or that he allowed someone else to pick it for him (e.g. a cop from a cop family). Bottom line: the Resenter is stuck somehow, the hero defuses the situation by unsticking him.

In the real world, I don't know how to deal with a Resenter. When I find out about the resentment, it's always been too late to defuse anything.
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