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In one of my dreams, I've imagined that James Bond was hanging off the roof of the Holy See — stripped to his underpants and his hands tied against his knees. I don't remember exactly what was going on, but I think there was a huge crowd gathering at the plaza, and there was the raspy, calm voice of someone (the villain?) blaring out through the loud speakers. It is all beneath a purple dusk sky.

This struck me with the idea of writing a James Bond story, and I decided to start off with this scene, as the climax.

But I am left wondering about the premise — what devilery has some villain concocted up with? to get Mr Bond in this predicament? Who would be my villain(s)?
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Have it be a classic case of "I want to destroy the world, just because I can."
Unfortunately Mr Josieph, I feel that all-general premise has tired itself out, a long time ago (in a galaxy far far away). I need a proper scenario  * how Mr Bond has willingly stripped himself butt naked in the whole public.

I think of one villain, who is absolutely ruthless, power-mad motherfucker — well versed with the arts of deceiving, puppeting and singing. He comes from a Castellian heritage, and.. has a obsession with collecting James Bond merchendise in his childhood. is reminiscent of Don Vito Corleone (cool, friendly and calculating), or Nolan's The Joker. Hmph.

Actually, scratch that. Perhaps Mr Bond, long ago, has gotten into some earlier troubles with a collegue; in some hypothetical situation, Mr Bond has been forced to choose between saving his collegue's life, or his collegue's wife. Mr Bond tried taking the third option — saving both, but only managed to save his collegue. Narrowly.

And for the seeds of conflict, the collegue has lost all desire for living — he loved his wife so. He blames it all on Bond.

Cut 13 years later.. the collegue surfaces. (Wait.. already been done. Damn.)

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I suppose a simple way to explain the ~stripped to his underpants~ part is "he was with a woman when he was ambushed." This is James Bond, after
Jajaja, yea wink. I wonder, who might be the lucky woman who crossed paths with Bond?
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