How is this for using Humans Are Special?:

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The idea is that in the near future,man is quickly advancing. The rise of superhumans have led to the ability to synthesise new materials,making everything smaller,lighter,and stronger. Aliens who have recently discovered Earth are deeply afraid. They realize that the Human race advances so quickly that in 50 years we'll be so advanced we'll be more than powerful enough to overpower nearly any other force in the galaxy.

Solution? Wipe them out before these Humans become a threat.

I really wanted to theme this story off of the trope Humans Are Special.

Also,I really need some advice on how to tell Earth's backstory since this takes place 70 years in the future,and things have rapidly changed. I'm not entirely sure how to explain the backstory in a detailed way that would be enough to keep the audience from being confused about how all these changes happened. I don't want to leave a bunch of plot holes about the past.
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Well, it HAS been done before, with the animorphs. The type of specialness, not the method of destruction.
The idea is really sort of a War Of The Worlds that takes place when humans are slightly more advanced than today. What is really important is that I get a really indepth universe for the reader to explore,because I plan to use this specific story as a foundation for a metaverse. I want to make it so I have plenty to expand on.

That isn't my strong suit. I've never done something like this. Most of my stories don't expand into a big huge universe,so this is a new thing for me. I need advice.
Wiping out all life on a planet is pretty easy, launching a massive object at us, artificial plagues, etc. no invasion required, if the aliens wanted to kill us all there wouldn’t be any resistance that would last a day. If you want mankind to be still be alive have the aliens instead want to “use” humanity.

P.S. Look up “Titan A.E” this was the reason earth was destroyed in that movie.

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I never said humans would be wiped out. Actually,the story showcases the Human ability to survive through adaptability. By the nature of our planet,we're naturally powerful warriors. Even without the highly advanced tech the aliens had,our tactical prowess and experience with war helps level the playing field. The aliens had no idea of what they were walking into...
My point was if the aliens wanted to just kill all of humanity they wouldn’t “invade” us. They would drop something from orbit ontop of us killing us all at once. Invasion unnecessary no chance for us to fight back.
"If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make them think, they’ll hate you." —Don Marquis
Then i'll have to use a little Applied Phlebotinum and make up a reason as to why the aliens can't simply orbitally wipe out everyone. Yeah,I've seen that movie before.

Ok,Scenario #1: A scout ship comes to sight key targets on Earth. They underestamate our anti aircraft weaponry and get shot down. We salvage the wreckage and use the data to find out what we're up against. We use some of their tech to augment our current arsenal and prepare for invasion.

Scenario #2:There is something very important on Earth's surface and mass destruction isn't an option,sort of like how we don't bomb oil wells.

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Unless that something is some sort of Phlebotinum, #2 isn't really feasible. Any raw material available on Earth is available in bulk from uninhabited planets.
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^ What if they have no idea how to make plastic, and they want it?
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The mighty platypus finds its home on this planet, and they dare not destroy Earth lest they garner the terrible wrath of the platypus. wild mass guess

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^ Oh! Maybe they're trying to save the rest of life on earth from our own environmental bunglings.
If I'm asking for advice on a story idea, don't tell me it can't be done.
Don't do that. The remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still made that mistake. The only ways in which we humans could actually wipe out all life on Earth would wipe us out too. We may not like to think it, but it's a big pond, and we haven't made more than a ripple.

To be clear, having the aliens not blast us from orbit to keep the world habitable makes sense. Having our impact on the planet as their primary motivation doesn't.

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Maybe habitable planets (i.e. Earth is extremely close to their ideal of habitable and they would prefer to colonize it instead of extensively terraforming some other planet to make room for their own) are rare enough that they aren't willing to destroy Earth with us and once they realise their mistake they already have a significant presence here and nobody in their chain of command is willing to sacrifice all of their own as well until it's too late for them.

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