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What it used to mean:

—>Something which is usually not considered awesome by default, being presented as something awesome.

What people are using it for now:

—>Something which is awesome. —>Something which is not awesome but you have to press the same buttons as the ones that do awesome stuff.

I'll give you some examples to illustrate what I mean.

Video Games

"•All instances of Overly Long Fighting Animation."

"*Disaster: Day of Crisis has natural disasters combined with battling an former elite special forces unit, which is awesome in itself. But Evans likes to try and take things up a notch whenever he can, and he does this in the final chapter, first fighting Ray in a Metal Gear expy, then following up with an epic hand-to-hand fight (also like Metal Gear Solid). And he does all this while the pair are in a hurricane. And then he tries to set off a nuke. I repeat, IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE."

"*Castle Crashers. From fighting giant literal Cat Fish, weird..Giant fuzzy black things...Cute Teddy bears that attack you with dead fish, using a lolipop or a carrot as your own weapon. Not to mention..FIGHTING TO THE DEATH TO SEE WHO KISSES THE PRINCESSES AFTER YOU BATTLE HEROICALLY TOGETHER TO SAVE THEM. "

"Street Fighter IV has its final boss. An evil clone who can teleport, use everybody's attacks, and has an absolutely epic voice, and is borderline Nightmare Fuel announces his name... "I... am... SETH!" ◦And this is without even mentioning that Seth looks an awful lot like Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. With a Yin-Yang symbol in place of his genitals."

"Psychonauts in general tries — and throughout the game succeeds fantastically — at mixing the epic and the hilarious. Just have a look at the quote on the page for the game and its context. That's only the beginning — try Kochamara Calling His Attacks, a Milkman Conspiracy, fluorescent pink bulls wearing boots, a Dastardly Dentist sporting a shower cap and a steel claw arm that doubles as a pepper grinder among the antagonists, and that "in the end, aren't we all just dogs playing poker?"."

"•The cutscenes in Chrono Trigger are full of this, especially the scene where Frog draws his sword, a giant Pillar Of Light appears and he cuts the mountain in half with it! This mixed with epic music, random close-ups and constantly changing camera angles. "

The above examples are simply awesome task getting done, not "menial tasks done as if they were awesome".

And then there are these examples:

"•Even if not on a over-the-top manner, Sonic and the Black Knight features quick-time events for trading presents with villagers. "

"Assassin's Creed 2 has... almost hilariously mundane Press X To Not Die events are. For example, you get one to shake someone's hand. "

Those are not menial tasks taken to awesome level, they are menial tasks treated as menial tasks, only the game requires button presses to it.

Now you guys may be wondering: Why don't I just clean this up myself? Well, I will, but I'd like a green light to do so because I might just be mistaken about the nature of the trope myself, and it wouldn't be a first. Secondly, there are still some links to the trope that misuse it, and I don't know how to find those. Thirdly there are just a lot of pages and I may not have enought free time to do it.

And finnaly,there are some examples that I don't know if they fit or not, so I will put this here in case anyone wants to double-check after my possible cleanup.

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Fixed tag.

I dislike this snowclone immensely.
Alright, since nobody said anything against it and I have some free time I'll start the cleanup.

Since some videos are just too priceless to be lost, even if they don't fit the trope itself, I'll put them here.


^Pictured: Awesome things. Not pictured: things not awesome being presented as awesome.

    • Not to mention the THUNDERING SOUND EFFECTS at about 1:15 into the video, when introducing their AWESOME lifetime guarantee!!!!

^I don't know, I may be biased, but I just can't see the supposed 'awesome'. Ham? Lot's of ham right there, but no awesome. Anyone feel free to re-insert this one if tehy differ, though.

^Weird? Yeah. Funny? Lots. Doesn't fit the trope? Sadly. I mean, meeting santa and having a martial arts duel in a ravine aren't exactly day to day activities. I did find another video where he is doing something relativelly normal; playing baseball, only he roundhousekicks the ball instead. I'll put it in it's place.

^ Yeah, both links don't work no more. Perhaps they are good examples, though.

^I love this. Still, not a good example by the simple fact it shows people doing ordinary stuff, well, ordinarily. Okay, they break in song, but it's not presented as being awesome or radical or anything.

^It's... an example? I'm not sure. I think not, even though it's over the top, it's all daydreaming, so...

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No links this time, but I'll put the posts here anyway in case someone wants to double-check.


  • Taiga is apparently ready to go with this sort of thing at all times. During the OVA sequel, he makes his grand appearance in the middle of a battle, carrying the key which can override the lock on Final Fusion... which is embedded into the grip of a golf club. That's right, he slams a golf club into a console as a valid command decision. The club's named the Taiga Wood, no less.

  • Also come into play early on in the series when they use the ridiculous end all attack Hell and Heaven on every single enemy. Even the tiny motorcycle the size of GaoGaiGar's pinky, this can be argued as something needed to retrieve the Zonder core, but the core to the motorcycle was bigger than the motorcycle itself. Still the scene's really funny out of context, when you just see the last frame and it's Hell and Heaven colliding with seemingly nothing at all.

^Never saw GaoGaiGar so I'm not sure about these. The way they are described don't seem to fit the trope, though.

^They don't play it for the awesome as much as they do for the ridiculous. Also, it doesn't seem to be a mundane task at all.

  • To say nothing of what they do when the giant robots actually get involved...
  • The second episode had at least ten full seconds of seizure-inducing color-flashes when Kamina saw the skull in the dirt (granted, that skull turned out to be Kamina's father).
  • Parallel Works 7 wastes the series' best song, "Libera Me From Hell", on... nature shots and shadows of running people.
  • The most ultimate punch in the world.
    • Oh no you didn't!!!
    • To clarify, they just punched something so hard, it went flying, hit NOTHING, and finally broke a hole in the spacetime continuum, and THEN made it explode.
    • Not to mention, just before the first punch, that guy invented teleportation just by being awesome so he could get to the guy being punched before he committed suicide.

^First is just natter, second is actually a dramatic event and in the third they don't seem to be playing it for the awesome. Then after that is a mix of bad examples with unrelated examples with gushing natter. Then again we did just mix Gurren Lagann with a trope that has 'awesome' in it's name, that's to be expected.

  • In Air Gear, Agito symbolically turns into a shark occasionally when he's just riding around. Similarly, Bucca turns into a tank (and other characters can apparently see this transformation) and Kazu turns into a jet at times, even if they're just riding to school, or something.
    • Actually this can apply to pretty much anyone major to the plot, as various illustrations in the background to put emphasis on their "Roads" will be on the page. These include Ikki's Megatron-esque jet with wings, Ringo's huge ass bundle of vines with what looks like Athena in the middle of it, and Aeon Clock as well as Kazu and anyone else who can "stop time" with the huge mechanical workings of and gears spammed all over the page.

^Yeah, I'm not sure about this one. Could fit, could not.

^Even if the links were working, becoming the fuhrer is far from being a mundane thing. It is a great moment of hamminess, though. Putting the longcoat... well, dunno, it's a firly mundane task, but if so we must also list every single instance of characters posing.

  • Edward apparently feels that his already powerful alchemy isn't enough on its own. He applies his personal aesthetics to everything... and can't understand why nobody appreciates all the skulls, horns, and gargoyle faces.
—-> Edward: What the hell? You two have a problem with my design? —-> Heinkel: Yeah... too many to list.

  • Not to mention this scene. Best use of Beethoven's 9th ever? Hell yes.

^Link broken, hardly and acceptable example now.

^If it is Crazy Awesome it doesn't go here, thankyouverymuch.


  • Then shortly after that: ULTIMATE EXTREME KISSING!!! Granted, the kiss effectively confirmed that Chachamaru had received a soul, but still...

^The spoiler kind of gives a reason for the scene to be dramatic.

^...? Was it done in a overly dramatic manner?

^Alien marrying is not exactly commonplace.

  • In Dead Leaves the character Retro, while running from the cops in the first prolonged action sequence, a running battle against cops, performs several actions fitting this page...Then again, that whole movie is like a textbook example of this page
    • One involves a variation of More Dakka, Dual Wielding and Just crazy handgun use, where he pulls out three handguns, firing them all at once, sideways.
    • another one has him perform a jump, where he hangs for a physics-defying second, before kicking a robot so hard he spins 720 degrees, and doesn't shatter his foot.
      • then again, he DOES have a TV for a head

^Again, just awesome, not mundane task taken to awesome. Or perhaps thats just the second to fourth posters and the first one was correct, but since he was so vague it'd be hard to guess.

^Both scenes could work, if someone described them because all we have are two links to removed videos.

  • Another example is in episode 6, when Kyohei's gang gets hold of one of the kidnappers that have kidnapped Katzano and use his phone to figure out where his buddies are. As the kidnapper wakes up from his drugged slumber, he sees them celebrating while Kyohei sings "We're fucking amazing!" in a soprano voice (complete with opera playing in the background) before introducing themselves in one of the hammiest ways imaginable as members of Dollars.

^Same old. Also had a link to a video which was removed.

  • The Hellsing manga is chock full of these. At some point or another almost everyone is going to do something that is as awesome yet needless as the worst Final Fantasy cutscenes. Alexander Anderson and his Section XIII are particularly guilty; in Volume 6 of the manga his introduction into the London Nazi Vampire invasion arc involves his killing a Nazi with more bayonets than it is humanely possible to carry (it has been postulated Anderson has a Bag of Holding where he stores his bayonets), followed by everyone giving him an introduction where he has no less than five nicknames. Anderson follows this up by a short speech/Q and A session with his Section XIII followers while everyone gears up to kill the Nazi Vampires. He then proceeds to kill all the Nazis in the area, and they top it off with the phrase "Apocalypse Now!"
    • Seras gets one when the Nazi Vampires assault Hellsing headquarters. Her introduction at this point has her standing on top of Hellsing headquarters with the Harkonnen II. I'll let Mr. Vernedead explain what it is in his French accent. "'Arkonnen II. A 30mm Semi-Auto "Cannon." Maximum Range 4000m!! Gross Weight 345kg. It's like some bloomin' joke to mobilize zat zing, girl." And boy, he isn't kidding. Seras proceeds to shoot down a Zeppelin with the thing (oh, and she shot down a bunch of V1 missiles before her introduction too).

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If you're doing a rewrite, use the Sandbox Namespace. Sandbox.ptitle8px80d2wm3pd
well, I'm not rewriting the trope itself, only removing some examples.
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Do it over there anyway, it'll look easier.
Whew. Legitimately bad example cleanup. I was briefly worried someone was going to try to pull this into YMMV.
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I think the easiest solution is to change the name, just like how What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic? had to be made into Faux Symbolism because people were putting legitimately symbolic things on it. I'm thinking "Awesomeness Failure" or "Failed Awesome" or somesuch.
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You don't say
"Failed Awesome" is a bad example. The trope is when something which is suppose to have been a simple or mundane activity is Cranked Up To Eleven.
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Yah, okay, but either way I hold that it needs a swift and sure name change. "Overblown Average Action" or "Too Serious Mundane," long as people stop putting examples in (or putting it in works pages) for things that are legitimate.
If you're gonna say something, try and make sure you're right first, not afterwards.
Although "Mundane Tasks Made Epic" (currently the description of the trope's laconic entry) may also fit.

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[up]That's the best suggestion I've heard so far.
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I like Mundane Tasks Made Epic myself.
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Agreed. That succinctly fits the whole trope, I would say, and has few opportunities for mistaking it even on the internet.
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That is good.
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It is very clear and very illustrative.
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I wonder what a crowner would say...

On the other hand, if paint dries in the most dramatic fashion possible, it's rarely a task.

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How would one change the actual page title to that? Just wondering.
If you're gonna say something, try and make sure you're right first, not afterwards.
I think it's somewhere in the manual.
Should we start a crowner?
I'm fine with it as long as we don't use one of those stupid auto-replacers that doesn't fix anything and check all wiks by hand like we used to do.

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If any changes happen, these wicks need to be combed through for sure. I just followed this discussion from one that used this trope to describe a kind of neat coincidence.
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I agree with the rename.

... do we even need a crowner if nobody's objecting?
Special trousers. Very heroic.

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