It's'a Wario Time!:

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51 KnownUnknown23rd Mar 2012 05:30:03 AM from Here. There. Everywhere.
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I dunno about that - the Wario series is more overtly quirky in what I guess is a Japanese way, but a lot of the aspects of design, particularly models, settings, environments and conventions, and such, seem more Western (not necessarily American) than what you would usually get in Mario (which tends to be it's own out there set of settings).
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52 Marioguy12823rd Mar 2012 07:02:19 PM from various galaxies
Well Wario Land 4 seems to fit that feel.

Speaking of which, I managed to get my hands on that game. Completing a level, not hard. Getting a gold crown, holy crap, lots of precision is involved.

Also, I was curious to see what hard mode was like, so I played the first level on it. Man, all the blob things, were replaced with those spear guys. Oh hey, more money for me- oh, you got rid of that diamond. Also, holy crap hard demands a lot of precision. The first level I had like 10 extra coins leftover after I got the gold crown. Oh yeah, 1 minute for the escape sequence? Don't you think you're being too lenient? I mean the exit's right there.

-playing on hard- 15 seconds?! OKAY OKAY, I TAKE THAT BACK!

Also, aww, the Spoiled Rotten is so adorab- OH MY GOD, KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!! So yeah, enjoying the game so far. Playing through on both difficulties. Currently in the Emerald Passage.
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Total posts: 52
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