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I dunno about that - the Wario series is more overtly quirky in what I guess is a Japanese way, but a lot of the aspects of design, particularly models, settings, environments and conventions, and such, seem more Western (not necessarily American) than what you would usually get in Mario (which tends to be it's own out there set of settings).
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52 Marioguy12823rd Mar 2012 07:02:19 PM from various galaxies
Well Wario Land 4 seems to fit that feel.

Speaking of which, I managed to get my hands on that game. Completing a level, not hard. Getting a gold crown, holy crap, lots of precision is involved.

Also, I was curious to see what hard mode was like, so I played the first level on it. Man, all the blob things, were replaced with those spear guys. Oh hey, more money for me- oh, you got rid of that diamond. Also, holy crap hard demands a lot of precision. The first level I had like 10 extra coins leftover after I got the gold crown. Oh yeah, 1 minute for the escape sequence? Don't you think you're being too lenient? I mean the exit's right there.

-playing on hard- 15 seconds?! OKAY OKAY, I TAKE THAT BACK!

Also, aww, the Spoiled Rotten is so adorab- OH MY GOD, KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!! So yeah, enjoying the game so far. Playing through on both difficulties. Currently in the Emerald Passage.
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Does anyone think that the Wario subfranchise as a whole may be dead? I really hope not, but it seems to be that way.

It would be really sad. Wario is the only subfranchise of Mario that actually died...
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54 Marioguy12811th Feb 2015 07:36:20 PM from various galaxies
We had Game and Wario, even though that was a Wii U tech demo than an actual Warioware game. I doubt that it's actually dead.

Blast from the past. holy shit, my posting a few years ago was obnoxious.
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55 CapedLuigisYoshi11th Feb 2015 08:11:16 PM from right here, duh , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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Wario Ware's probably not going anywhere, yeah, but I have the feeling that Waxing might have meant the Wario Land series.

I have to admit, I'm a bit concerned about it as well.
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56 Odd111th Feb 2015 10:30:49 PM from Nowhere Land , Relationship Status: And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Still just awesome like that
There was Shake many years ago was that?

He's still important enough to appear in Smash/Kart and get spinoff games, so I dunno. Probably just need to think of new ideas. I wouldn't mind a WarioWare collection that has a collection of the best microgames from the series.
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[up] To be fair, his Smash incarnation is far more heavily influenced by WarioWare than Wario Land, even if he gets his classic outfit as an alt. I mean, he doesn't even get the shoulder barge! (Allegedly it was his side smash attack in Brawl, but in Smash 4 it's just a generic large-fist punch. Boooo)
[up][up]Screw new ideas. Wario does not need new ideas at this point.

New ideas are the entire reason the Wario series has no identity other being "another Mario spinoff" even though there's very real potential in it. What Wario needs is to mix the best ideas from every game in the series to form a consistent identity, then they can start putting in new ideas again. And put WarioWare character in Mario Kart already!
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DIY and Game & Wario bombed hard, SPD 1 has found bigger goldmines with Rhythm Heaven and Tomodachi life, and not originating from EAD means content from the actual Wario games is guarantee to get ignored in marketing or Meelo spin-off stuff. I'm not too worried about an hypothetical new Wario Land (it took some time, but Shake It eventually did a million worldwide), but the future of WW isn't looking good.

but maybe that's not such a bad thing. The later games seem to indicate SPD 1/R&D1 have run out of ideas for where to take the series, and if they'd rather flex their creative muscles elsewhere, so be it. That's why I love them.

To quote a great analysis of Wario Land II:

Wario Land would spawn a few sequels [...] but none would demonstrate the same brilliant creativity that made Wario Land II so remarkable in its time. Fair enough; the fevered dementia that led to this portable masterpiece was channeled instead into the likes of WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven. Like most geniuses, R&D1 never seems content to tread the same territory for long. That means we may never see a satisfying sequel to Wario Land II or Super Metroid... but if that allows R&D1 to continue subverting the safe predictability of Nintendo in new and unexpected ways, it's a compromise I'm happy to accept.

New ideas are the entire reason the Wario series has no identity other being "another Mario spinoff" e

Eh? Both Wario Land and Warioware have strong identities.

And put WarioWare character in Mario Kart already!


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[up]Wario Land didn't originate from EAD?
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Wario Land and WarioWare were created and developed by Nintendo's first dev team, Nintendo R&D1.

there's even some speculation Wario was designed as an evil over-the-top caricature of Mario because R&D1 didn't like making a game staring a character they didn't create (super mario land 2), but that likely will never be substantiated.

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I present to you probably the only guy dedicated enough to probably analyze the entire Wario series (mostly how it relates to Smash, but still...)

On another note, I hope Mario Kart 8 DLC can actually give us a WarioWare character. Why am I like, the only one who's vocal about this?
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63 GreatT17th Feb 2015 05:14:06 PM from an unnamed fictional continent , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
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I'd be all for seeing Mona or 9-Volt as playable racers. In the latter case, it'd be a big fanboy moment for him.
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I just want moar ashley ;-;
You know, I'm starting to feel like WarioWare was never intended to have Wario in the first place. All the signs seem to point to this.
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I'm still not particularly optimistic about the prospects of a new WW, but the recently released 3DS Rhythm Heaven features an incredible... treat for Warioware fans. It's awesome!

linking to because it's a post-game spoiler, lol.

Y'know, if they transplanted the WW-original cast to Rhythm Heaven, I'd be totally ok with that.
Holy crap, I don't know whether that was intentional or not, but that song in the first part with Ashley and the monkeys...

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- Tom Clancy, paraphrasing Mark Twain.
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ashley's been getting a lot of love recently:

-reward for the JP Club Nintendo last halloween.

-appearance in the new rhythm heaven

-dlc for the 3DS band brothers.

-unlockable in super mario maker.

-and now a 3DS home theme (Japan-only, natch), complete with ridiculously cute promotional comic

is this leading up to something
69 ScottPilgrim201319th Oct 2015 01:30:19 PM from Arkham Asylum , Relationship Status: Waiting for Prince Charming
Why aren't you laughing?
I kind of want to say doubtful because she's just a very popular character with fans, but who knows?
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Wario Land 3 is my favourite Wario game. I played that a lot as a kid, and just got it off the 3DS Virtual Console recently.
71 powerpuffbats22nd Oct 2015 01:07:12 PM from Green Hill Zone , Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
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Ashley is also an Assist Trophy in Smash 4 (why she isn't playable I won't know), so she's getting a big boost in Popularity right now.
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72 Folt8th Feb 2016 09:10:06 PM from Hollow Bastion! >=D
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[up][up] Stuck between 3 and 4 in regards to which Wario Land is my favorite one. 3 is an enjoyable Metroidvania-style game, while Wario Land 4 has a couple design choices that I really like.
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I like Wario Land 2 the best. The Metroidvania elements in 3 are tedious to me, and 4 doesn't have the extensive transformation mechanics that 2 has.
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I love the Wario Land games, especially the first 3. Really wish they'd make more of them. Don't particularly care for WarioWare though.
Seems like Wario Land 3 has become somewhat of a Contested Sequel in recent years. Some despise the Metroidvania aspect and progression and consider it their least favourite game in the series because of it, while others still love it and consider it the best game in the series. Seems kinda like what happened with Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.

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