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TVtropes is the internet's Big Good:

He's been trolling other WMG threads.
pirate girl
If this was true, then there would be wars after the event! not everyone on the site likes everything described, after all.

And should they try to force something we don't like on us? well....... RIP. AND. TEAR.

 29 M4d H4tter, Mon, 9th Apr '12 11:16:21 AM from The Pyro Rehab Centre.
Mechanical Mastermind
I think the Big Bad is Lamar Smith.

Or, maybe he's The Dragon, and his ideas are the Big Bad?

Or, an Evil Genius Diabolical Mastermind who purposefully made bad laws to screw us over?
Velocitas Eradico
 30 Ringsea, Fri, 16th Nov '12 3:06:34 PM from Fly-Over Country,USA Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
The Face of Mercy
SOPA and China vs Google vs 4chan vs TV Tropes
The most edgy person on the Internet.
 31 9000, Sun, 13th Jan '13 3:14:13 PM from shadeland
welcome to shadeland
facebook or twitter.

edited 15th Jan '13 5:59:11 AM by 9000

its over nein nein nein nein thousand
wait, no... T Vtropes is closer to Big Orange to the suethors' Big Blue. 4Chan is Big Red to the corporations' Big Green.

edited 15th Feb '13 1:36:53 AM by Passerby

so much to do, and yet... here, it feels like one cannot do anything but lie here and sleep forever.
 33 Trip, Sun, 24th Feb '13 1:38:40 PM from DIO's world Relationship Status: Robosexual
Big Bad = Tumblr.

Bigger Bad = Encyclopedia Dramatica.
What can change the nature of a man?
TV Tropes is a Phlebotinum Rebel to the Big Bad that is TeleVision. After a tumultuous escape from the Cube-Maze of Screenwriting, it found it's way online, taking refuge in a Buffy fansite. Yet in a shocking twist, the rebellion was All According To Plan! TV Tropes has led more people to watch TeleVision than there were before.
Hohoende, kudasai!
Image Boards is the Big Bad.
Everything is a lie.
 36 Inkling Dragon, Thu, 1st May '14 1:39:00 PM Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Lawful Neutral
Net Neutrality is the Big Bad and Tv Tropes is a Chaotic Good Big Good

edited 1st May '14 1:39:20 PM by InklingDragon

I am the commander of words.
TV tropes is more like Lawful Good.

My best buddy
TV Tropes is far too small to be the internet's Big Good.

The BG would have to be, well, BIG, and TVT doesn't fit.

The ones that are big enough are things like Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Bing, and the like.

The closest thing I can think of is Wikipedia, and it's mostly Lawful Neutral.

edited 29th Jun '14 7:09:21 PM by BaconManiac5000

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 39 Ocean Homer, Mon, 22nd Sep '14 2:23:10 AM from Southern Hemisphere Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Ocean Homer
The most TV Tropes could hope for is Ensemble Darkhorse.
.—. ..
 40 trip, Mon, 22nd Sep '14 4:57:32 AM from DIO's world Relationship Status: Robosexual
tvtropes is the hidden big bad

assimilating everyone whilst people go on unaware
What can change the nature of a man?
lord of the gays
I agree that tvtropes is much too small, but I think Wikipedia is more Lawful Good than LN, which makes it perfect for the Big Good. tbh, Google and Apple are probably even in terms of "big bad"-ness
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