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Spider-Man General Discussion:

 376 supergod, Mon, 8th Oct '12 10:31:53 AM from the big city
Walking the Earth
It's been over a year since I last read any Spider-Man and it looks like nothing's changed.
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 377 Tobias Drake, Mon, 8th Oct '12 4:37:39 PM from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
Black Dragon
The big change that will happen in Amazing Spider-Man #700 is that Spider-Man will be forced to sell his life as a bachelor to Mephisto and wakes up married to Carlie Cooper.

Mephisto's going to wind up owning all of his "possible futures" at this rate. tongue

...which, ironically, could actually make for an interesting story.
 378 Tiamatty, Mon, 8th Oct '12 6:11:21 PM Relationship Status: Brony
Bieber My Balls
[up][up] Dan Slott's been doing a really good job with the series. Good enough that I've added it to my buy list.
 379 Hamburger Time, Wed, 10th Oct '12 2:56:37 PM from Right behind you
Revenge of the Lemurs
So, apparently, Slott's not expecting people to like the new direction after #700. He's said fans will crumple it up in their hands. He's said the new title, Superior Spider-Man, will be darker, similar to Great Lakes Avengers (which hopefully means there's still room for jokes, as I found that book hilarious) and he's also being incredibly evasive as to whether or not it's Peter in the suit. Done well, this could be really good, but on the other end of the scale you could end up with something like Azrael!Batman. Slott hasn't let me down yet, though.

He also spoils that Doc Ock dies, for some reason. And he mentioned on Twitter that he read the issue where Aunt May almost marries Dock Ock for research. Hmm...

edited 10th Oct '12 3:06:13 PM by HamburgerTime


The new direction is that from now on Joe Quesada is Spider-Man.

The other big shock I could see happening and making a lot of people mad would be to bring in Mayday Parker (who due to One More Day would be a bastard). It would be a big change as now you have single dad superhero dealing with a super-powered kid. I doubt it's going to happen because their is no way in hell an editorial staff that objects to Spider-Man being married would ever allow a Spider-Man raising a kid.

edited 10th Oct '12 3:11:06 PM by BigMadDraco

 381 Hamburger Time, Wed, 10th Oct '12 3:09:45 PM from Right behind you
Revenge of the Lemurs
[up] I thought we were over all that mess by now...
Some people are, some people aren't. I read the odd Spider-Man comic, but there is no reason to treat any relationship Pete has seriously at all because its clear that it is never going anywhere.
 383 Bocaj, Wed, 10th Oct '12 3:57:41 PM from Here Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Chaotic Lulzy
Spider-Girl was pretty cool on average so it might be interesting. Don't know if I'd want her in the mainstream marvel universe though. Terrible things tend to happen to people there.
The Internet is often fast and horrible.
 384 Tobias Drake, Wed, 10th Oct '12 4:58:48 PM from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
Black Dragon
I really hope Peter will still be in the suit after 700, simply because putting someone new in the suit AND calling the comic "Superior Spider-Man" carries some really offensive connotations towards Peter.

That's, like, Creator's Pet from the moment of conception.

edited 10th Oct '12 4:59:24 PM by TobiasDrake

 385 Hamburger Time, Wed, 10th Oct '12 6:11:17 PM from Right behind you
Revenge of the Lemurs
[up] I trust Slott not to write a Creator's Pet (and before anyone says "Carlie, " she was Quesada's pet, not Slott's) or if he does do it, write one well. And yes, that is possible, the Cuckoos from New X-Men being a good example.
 386 Tiamatty, Wed, 10th Oct '12 6:44:41 PM Relationship Status: Brony
Bieber My Balls
Slott's a good writer. And he clearly loves Peter. So if he were going to replace Peter, I have every expectation it would be because he felt there was a great story to be told in doing so, and not just because he wanted to have his own Spider-Man.
 387 Tobias Drake, Wed, 10th Oct '12 6:48:45 PM from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
Black Dragon
Oh, I agree that Slott's a great writer. I'm just saying, you're asking for fandom backlash x1000 if you call your story "Superior Spider-Man" and then put someone else in the suit. It's very easy to take that as the writer going, "My Spider-Man is better than your Spider-Man."

Get ready for bes Superior Spider-Man 616 Miles.

Also I Mad but the MJ thing lessons it.
 389 Beta Ray, Thu, 11th Oct '12 9:13:33 AM Relationship Status: Can't buy me love
Web Slinger/Hope Bringer
So is it Peter or the new Spider-Man who's getting with MJ?
You are not alone, and you are not strange. You are you, and everyone has damage. Be the better person.
Oh wait its the new Spider-Man. Now Im even madder. Welp time to raze Marvel to the ground with this new Red Ring.
 391 Tiamatty, Thu, 11th Oct '12 9:17:45 AM Relationship Status: Brony
Bieber My Balls
So, does MJ just put out for anyone in a Spider-Man costume?
Yes. Even though it was proven she loved both Peter and Spider-Man sides of him. and she stayed with him even after he stopped being Spider-Man, but GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- HHHHHHHHHHHHH. SLOTTTTTTTTTTTT
 393 gregyo, Thu, 11th Oct '12 10:00:29 AM from Austin, Texas
I'm sorry, I just don't believe this. Bleeding Cool is notoriously unreliable, and the MJ part is just ridiculous.

 394 Hamburger Time, Thu, 11th Oct '12 11:19:59 AM from Right behind you
Revenge of the Lemurs
[up][up] Easy there, Skippy, it's just a comic.

At CBR, they've been wondering if this is another one of those Obi-Wan Kenobi truths he's been known to tell. That is, it is Peter, but he has a completely different personality or something.

EDIT: Thinking about it some more, there's definitely something he's not telling us. Want to know how I know? Well, Dan Slott has said numerous times that his absolute least-favorite Spider-Man story was the arc that revealed MJ figured out Peter's secret identity before she even formally met him. He felt it damaged her character and made her seem like a "cape-chaser." So, the million-dollar question for the peanut gallery here is: why would someone who thinks the worst possible thing you can do to Spider-Man's supporting cast is turn MJ into a cape-chaser the turn her into one himself?

No, something's up here.

edited 11th Oct '12 2:12:14 PM by HamburgerTime

Pix of Nu Spidie or it didn't happen.
 396 Tobias Drake, Fri, 12th Oct '12 3:50:23 PM from Colorado, USA Relationship Status: Married to my murderer
Black Dragon
[up][up] Well, to play devil's advocate for a moment, Joe Quesada once remarked on DC's Infinite Crisis that big, confusing reality-altering rewrites of their universe is "not how we do things here at Marvel". Few years later, we have House of M, we have the Sentry, we have One More Day....
 397 Tiamatty, Fri, 12th Oct '12 3:59:33 PM Relationship Status: Brony
Bieber My Balls
[up] House of M wasn't much different, really, from Age of Apocalypse - it was a temporary deal where the whole universe was changed, before changing back to normal.

The Sentry and One More Day both qualify, though, as Crisis-type rewrites. Part of the reason why One More Day was so hated. The Sentry was initially fairly popular, it was only when Bendis started using him that people got sick of him.
 398 gregyo, Fri, 12th Oct '12 4:23:58 PM from Austin, Texas

Really? I thought Sentry was always The Scrappy...

[up]I've heard his miniseries was rather good and well liked, but he didn't work beyond that.
 400 Tiamatty, Fri, 12th Oct '12 6:01:32 PM Relationship Status: Brony
Bieber My Balls
[up] That was my impression. The original mini was well-received and well-liked, but later usage left people unsatisfied.
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