Reccomend me some bad Fanfiction.:

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This: There's a 93.7% chance it's a troll, but something to consider anyways.
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There's a fanfic who's name I forget that has Peter Griffen rape Phineas from Phineas and Ferb I think the authers called LordKaT (No ralation to Lord Kat the Reviewer)
Proveing 12 year olds are the filthist people around It's new and oh god... it's liek my immortal man... but glee style XD it's hilarious though on how stupid it is.
That... is really, really funny.

And when I mentioned My Immortal, she thought I meant the song. XD

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Call me Lappsed
[up] oh yeah him rapes Total Drama canon
Proveing 12 year olds are the filthist people around
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Half-Life: Full Life Consequences and Gurren Jesus should be at least checked out.

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I don’t know if it really counts as “bad” so much as “in very, very bad taste” but...You’re a Real Tiger, Crackle. That’s right, cereal mascot pr0n.

Incidentally, read this thread for more suggestions. I guess...?
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Half-Life: Full Life Consequences, as amazing as it is, is firmly in the Troll Fic ground.

Gurren Jesus should just be checked out, despite the fact that the fic itself is just Crazy Awesome / Pure Awesomeness taken Up to Eleven

How about Fuck The Jesus Beam? That's like My Immortal and Thirty Hs godforsaken bastard lovechild.
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A sporking of If I Was Your Nazi.

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Skull Racer Fighter . Just encountered it today. It's a fanfiction crossover of Skull Girls, The New Adventures of Speed Racer, Street Fighter with some Blazblue and My Little Pony.
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[up]What the fuck am I reading?
Super High School Level Tropers get bored too, you know.
[up] I'd have to say unbridled insanity.
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