Good Places to Get Recorded Radio?:

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I saw that when Mattonymy listed one of the favorite Radio Stations, he mentioned that NPR had podcasts going on for previous broadcasts. Anyone know any other places with good radio recordings?

One of my favorites would have to be Old Time Radio Catalog [1]. It has loads of great recordings, including mystery shows, comedies, a whole bunch of news recordings and even some speeches during WWII! You could even buy them for about 5 dollars a pop (or around 3 shows, anyway). Any other favorites?

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It really just depends what you're looking for. If you're looking for a nice catalogue of purchasable CD collections, then places like Radio Spirits has them for a pretty nice price.

However if downloads are your thing, since all of those old radio stations are so...old, theyve all become public domain for free download. I like since they can all stream to my iPod, but other places like Radio Lovers have a really nice selection.

OTR is probably one of your best bets though and they even have downloadable Podcasts of their stuff. And also, I know this will sound stereotypical, check too-it's where I bought my complete collection of Suspense.

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I have a dashboard widget for, free to listen to 'golden age' programming. The Cassette Archive on Wordpress has recordings of old (BBC) Radio shows to download, I've been using it a lot to listen again to John Peel, Steve Lamacq and Mark & Lard.

Plus I do a bit of work at, an independent, free or subscription online station consisting almost entirely of great specialist music shows recorded especially by independent labels and really knowledgeable DJs. Can't remember if you can download, at least on the free model, but I'd recommend it anyway.

A large amount of the BBC's speech-based content is made available on CDs and most of it is on the iPlayer to stream for a seemingly unlimited period  *. Now I'll have to explore these other tips. out to lunch.
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^ I'm American and I can get BBC iPlayer radio programs (even though the TV stuff is blocked to non-Brits...). Some of my favorite listening, actually - classic mysteries, Doctor Who radio dramas, Hitchihikers Guide to the Galaxy has been played at one point, science news shows, comedy. All sorts of stuff. I can usually only play it for a week or two weeks after it's aired, though.
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