Used as a way to bash those that won.: Award Snub

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1 DragonQuestZ21st Jan 2011 01:05:06 PM from Somewhere in California
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I can understand the notion that "hey this should have won", but adding "therefore what did won blew chucks" is not appropriate for this site. And a lot of the examples are basically Complaining about what did win. As in they aren't going "I feel what didn't win had more merit", they are going "What did win had barely any merit at all".
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Looks like it could use quite a cleanup.
... Good GOD, what a mess.
Oh, Crap!. I was going off of what I'd seen last time I read the page. It's gotten worse.
I think we may need an Example Sectionectomy here. Seriously, some of that crap could have come straight out of Darth Wiki.

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6 DragonQuestZ21st Jan 2011 02:01:48 PM from Somewhere in California
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I mean, I'm this close to listing it on Lousy Alternate Titles with How Dare The Academy Of Film Arts And Sciences Not Try To Look Decades Into The Future, Know What Films People Will Remember, And Then Vote Based On That, but I really don't want to, as that would justify the mess the examples have made it.
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7 Daremo21st Jan 2011 03:02:16 PM from Parts Unknown , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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There's still no excuse for How Green Was My Valley.
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8 DragonQuestZ21st Jan 2011 03:07:21 PM from Somewhere in California
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^It won over Citizen Kane because of smear ads by the person Citizen Kane was based on.

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10 DragonQuestZ21st Jan 2011 03:13:42 PM from Somewhere in California
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Or perhaps the Academy might have actually thought it was a better film. I know that seems impossible for people that think CK is "teh greatest American film evar", but I'm really sick of the film being put down because people think "Citizen Kane should have won, therefore this film sucks". How many of you even watched it? Or at least watched it without deciding it was bad beforehand just because of this issue.
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It didn't suck. From what I've heard, it was just sort of okay, and was received as such when released.

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12 DragonQuestZ21st Jan 2011 03:19:30 PM from Somewhere in California
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Sorry, I just see a lot of hate to the film solely because of getting best picture that year.
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Yeah. That's undeserved. It's not like the academy's opinion made it worse.

But back to the topic, the page really could use a pretty huge cleanup. It's full of flame and natter.
Maybe restrict to in-universe examples of the Award Snub?

  • "In Super Blaster Man, Super Blaster Man is up for Blaster Man of the Year, but loses to Lesser Blaster Man because of the latter's bribery."

Nothing good can, or has, come out of letting people list their annoyed reactions to Oscar voting. E! has a website for that, I think.
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I think the thing is that there's still an essence of trope in here. Granted, a LOT of it is Complaining About Shows/Movies/Songs you don't like, but there's some things which feel like they fit.

For example, I was quite shocked to find that Elvis never won a Grammy for a non-gospel song. And some movies are quite critically acclaimed and it's surprising to see that they lost to a movie which I had never heard of because there's not many people nostalgically discussing it.

Or, the trope can be used to talk about notable public bashing of those who won, with the rest being moved to troper tales. For example, the incident where Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift when she won and talked about how Beyonce was better. That seems pretty much like a clear thing which should be in the trope, no?
16 Camacan21st Jan 2011 11:45:43 PM from Australiatown
Y'know this is why I've come to appreciate the whole concept of having YMMV tropes. I find the example section quite interesting and informative — particularly as a working catalog tracking the standing disconnect between popular taste and critical taste. Once I see the banner I know to take everything below with a pound of salt. I think dropping the examples would lose some worthwhile material along with the random winner-bashing.
I think all tropes should be in-universe only. Other stuff is Real Life / Troper Tales.
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18 ccoa22nd Jan 2011 08:24:00 AM from the Sleeping Giant
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Real Life examples of tropes are often very useful, because they're usually the sort of things the trope is based on. Knowing the origins of a trope and how it can play out in the ultimately realistic setting is pretty useful to understanding a trope.

Not saying that's the case here, but I'd be adamantly opposed to a wide-scale wipe of Real Life examples.
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19 Elle22nd Jan 2011 01:35:51 PM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
I wonder if there shouldn't be a moratorium of at least a few years to add any example to the page. Time has a way of validating "this probably should have won", and a film that got passed over but is recognized in hindsight is maybe somewhat less subjective than fans of a recent film (especially one that appeals to Troper Demographics) feeling snubbed that their favorite didn't get acknowledged. Cases in point, the Complaining about Pixar Best Picture snubs, The Hurt Locker vs Avatar (I haven't seen the former but I don't think it would have to stretch very far IMO. Avatar easily deserves its technical awards but the plot was average.)

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20 helterskelter22nd Jan 2011 02:05:56 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Really, a lot of the examples are pointless. In order for there to be a snub, there must be a clear winner. And it should have been obvious then, not now.

I'll tell you, most people will remember and cherish Disney films before many of the other nominees (or winners) of awards that year. Does that mean they necessarily deserved Best Picture? Probably not.
21 Elle22nd Jan 2011 06:14:00 PM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
[up] I'm looking at it from the other side (and I suspect we're both likely right at least in part): You, I think, are talking about the Nostalga Filter, and I'm talking about "fans of a recent, popular firm irked that their favorite didn't get nominated/awarded.
Zapped the examples.
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