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151 TravisBickle23rd Apr 2011 09:02:27 PM from the grit and grime
Just like in the movies.
Is everyone who says Deadly Premonition saying it as a joke? I've seen some clips of the game and it looks a little...silly.

It's really only a "good" story if you've never seen Twin Peaks. The game is like 90% shamelessly ripped off from it. Plus imo all the "omg so weird" stuff just comes off as try-hard stuff. I was raised on a diet of b-movies since youth, and writing a scene where your main character watches his coffee creamer swirl and kinda look like "FK", and then yells "FK! IN THE COFFEE!" is just kinda obnoxious and stupid, and not stupid in a good way. A bad b-movie loses its appeal when they TRY to make the movie bad.
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I liked the dialogue in Fire Emblem 7, though the plot was nothing special.
153 RocketDude23rd Apr 2011 09:44:20 PM from AZ, United States
Face Time
@Prof: Funnily enough, Half-Life and its sequel have similar Book Ends.
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I forgot what the proper name for that was...It was rotational something. I loved Halo's story. It was a bit sad though. More people die in Halo than I've ever seen in a story. I guess they were trying to show how bad war really was, which is interesting because it's being used in a futuristic setting.

It really shows how the horrors of war might evolve. In war, there is no forgiveness. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for everyone else. In war, you can't count on simple ground casualities. For all you know they're just going to glass the planet from orbit.

That's part of what makes Halo's story so great. It makes the story seem real by making the war truly horrible, not a glorified war action story like in COD. Because it seems like real war, it makes you care more about the humans and hate the Covenant more than you normally would in a story.

And then it shakes things up even more by showing it from the Elites perspective. It turns out they weren't really horrible monsters, they were just doing as they were told. They got suspicous. These humans were incredibly brave fighters, why weren't they allowed into the Covenant?

It's just a really good story.
155 satannstuff24th Apr 2011 03:11:27 AM from squishy parts unknown , Relationship Status: I like big bots and I can not lie
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The Way. It's an indie jrpg made with rpg maker 2000. Great story, awesome characters. You can find it here : Also the source of my current avatar and signature.

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You're on!
The Paper Mario games have always impressed me with their dialogue.
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158 GameChainsaw12th May 2011 08:43:57 AM from sunshine and rainbows!
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^I don't know what you said but it made me really angry regardless. tongue

I'm gonna put in an unusual one here and say Sonic Adventure 2. Yes, I know, I'm probably going to get jumped on for the whole cliche'd "evil twin" plot, but seriously, that had everything; a compelling storyline that took an overdone plot piece and took it in a new direction, in that the evil knockoff was actually sympathetic; call him emo or not, Shadow was a great character in my book, at least in that game... and a gameplay style which is fast moving and addictive (I can't number the times I've played through City Escape) but at the same time is good at keeping in with the narrative, and multiple paths which actually gelled well with the final story. (Even though... yeah. I'm not entirely clear which story was the one that was played out; I think it was the Dark Story as Eggman is in the control room; Tails decks him in the Hero story. I suppose Sonic could've destroyed the cannon and then Eggman tried to fire it later... but thats a stretch; think the bad guys were winning up to that point.) Cheesy voice acting aside, it was a great game storywise; hell, it even gave Amy, a character who normally makes me want to rip my ears out, a genuinely moving role as a peacemaker; Amy is the one who persuades Shadow to fight for Earths survival at the end. (She does seem to be something of a natural diplomat throughout the games.) And the ending scene was genuinely moving.

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I'm not far enough into it to have an educated opinion on the story, but Hotel Dusk has some of the best written dialogue I've ever read in a game. It's refreshing to see a video game with believable, multifaceted characters like Dusk's.
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