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601 Jetyl14th Feb 2013 05:37:33 PM from my apartment , Relationship Status: Owner of a lonely heart
The Tragic Clown
its am mad mad world in a series of short stories with little to no conection, and a few lacking logic within them. the only connection are certain phrases, names, an objects and half crazed narrator in an asulym that you (yes you!) are trapped with and forced to listen to his delerious tales. muliple layers of existance and reason overlay to form the main picture and theme of nothing. not that there isn't a theme, there is. and its nothing. the theme is the concept of nothing. universals break down, the perspective can't stand still, and I say the word penguins, in, the Car House
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602 MorwenEdhelwen14th Feb 2013 08:37:44 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
@Jetyl: Sounds bizarre.

Here's mine:

A loose urban fantasy retelling and continuation of the Norse legend of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer *.

It's set in the same universe as my other urban fantasy piece. and hopefully has a less tragic ending than the original Sigurd story. The Hero (Sigurd) is a normal kid, except for the fact he's a descendant of the original Sigurd, being raised by an exiled Dwarf prince, who wants his kingdom and inheritance back from a shapeshifting dragon in league with a minor necromancer who also wants the throne. And he's being raised as a spy for the Dwarven kingdom in accordance with the changeling tradition and the girl he's had a crush on has been asleep for years.

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603 Anthony_H14th Feb 2013 10:43:36 PM from monterrey, mex
...starring Adam Sandler?!
Sort of a Spiritual Successor to Children of Men: a secret fortress that contains the most valuable asset in a world After the End: Fertile young men and women.

A YA novel focusing in the drama these kids have to go through; kids that pretty much have everything they want until they hit puberty, then they are segregated between the barren kids (who usually end up being either security officials, scientists or technicians and enjoy of a relatively degree of personal freedom) and the fertile ones, that are studied day and night and are forced to...well...

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[up]That is something that I might want to read, but I suggest that you bring up conflict between the two groups of kids.

[down]Sounds interesting, but it may kind of hard to follow if actually being written.

My concept is the main characters has to win their way through an alternate dimension game tournament. If they win, the female lead living in the digital dimension will immigrate to the male lead's physical dimension, the two will marry and the planet they are in will join the Trans Galactic Treaty. This is easier than it sounds as the opposition has sent their best players in it just to stop them.

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605 MorwenEdhelwen15th Feb 2013 03:38:39 AM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
What about mine?
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Here's a childrens's book/show idea I had:

A family of circus performers go on adventures and use their circus skills to slove problems.

Mack: Strong Man

Sarah: Trapeeze Artist

Molly: Human Cannonball

Billy: Animal Tamer

Horrace: Clown
607 MorwenEdhelwen18th Feb 2013 12:28:41 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
Anyone have comments on mine?
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Razzin-Frazzin Robot
[up] Yours is okay, but it might be kind of confusing.
609 MorwenEdhelwen18th Feb 2013 12:38:17 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
@Ben: Explain how, please. It's a retelling of an ancient legend.

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Razzin-Frazzin Robot
[up] Well, I'm confused by the premise. Does it take place in modern times or ancient times?

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611 MorwenEdhelwen18th Feb 2013 01:00:39 PM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
@Ben: Modern/far-future. There are two different worlds; this one and another one(Middle Earth/Veror).

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The road goes ever on.
Razzin-Frazzin Robot
[up]Okay, that makes it clearer.

Personally I never really liked telling ancient legends in modern times, but I guess your story is fine.

Anyway, does anyone have anything to say about my idea?

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613 Philosopher19th Feb 2013 06:35:35 PM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
John Smith, a cowboy, wanders across a dying land on a quest given to him by his occult. He along with his friend, Kathrine, have been sent to gather thirteen beings and take them out of the world. A nameless organization seeks to stop and trip them up at every turn. The organization says that when they leave because the way they will leave will kill what life still remains in the land. John has no intention of letting anyone of stopping him be they spell casters or people of science.

The land is very strange in that the dead can be revived with these special crystals. The without the crystals the denizens of the land become frozen in time. The situation is that the crystals are running out causing chaos and turmoil.
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614 fillerdude20th Feb 2013 02:23:17 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
@ Jetyl: Gotta admit, that's the kind of story that I rarely like. Nothing wrong with the premise itself though, just gotta watch out for excessive incoherence.

@ Morwen A story that will heavily rely on execution. It doesn't reel me in, though I suppose Norse legend fans are gonna be warmer to it.

@ Anthony H Sounds interesting! What's the conflict, though? What's the drama gonna be about? A fertile kid being jealous of the barren kids' freedom? Or the children fighting against the system? Or the two groups fighting with each other?

@ murazrai Another story that will heavily rely on execution, though there's lots of things you can do with this idea. I suppose I have to ask, what's the tone of work? Action flick, comedy, coming-of-age story, shonen, etc.?

@ Bigger Ben Too bare a concept. What kind of problems do they solve? Detective work? Fighting against evil? Furthermore, what's the tone? Ah, and it would be nice if you could give a more detailed description of your characters.

@ Philosopher The setting is interesting, for sure. The story isn't very clear to me, can you rephrase it?
615 MorwenEdhelwen20th Feb 2013 04:20:37 AM from Sydney, Australia
Aussie Tolkien freak
@fillerdude: It should appeal to Tolkien fans as well, seeing as it's connected to another UF project I have (a deconstruction of Tolkien where the characters are inspired by Tolkien characters, and the Evil Overlord wants to rub out some royal/noble families because he believes they're all corrupt, especially the heroine's and a minor character's). Tolkien drew extensively on Norse Mythology, and this particular legend was his favourite. Also, some of the plot elements are inspired by The Hobbit. The necromancer, for instance. If you're a Tolkien fan, you might like it.

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The road goes ever on.
[up][up]It will be like a Gaming and Sports Anime and Manga with major emphasis on action. Gameplay wise, it is akin to DYSNOMIA or Gundam VS. series.
617 Philosopher20th Feb 2013 06:59:53 AM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
Ok. John Smith is basically on a fetch quest for thirteen people. The people opposing him believe that when he gathers those people and leaves his method of leaving will basically deplete the crystal reserves and kill whoever is left. Though when you truly die and can't be revived you turn into a sludge. Smith won't stop because it was a task assigned to him by his god and he hopes that by doing this it will place him closer to living a happy life with his love and partner, Kathrine. In essence the story revolves around John and his adventures that happen while he is searching for the people. As the story progresses the reader learns more about the land such as the machine god in the desert, the hydra phoenix hybrid called Quetzalcoatl, and the dinosaur zombies near an abandoned mansion that can't move when the sun shines.

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618 fillerdude20th Feb 2013 07:06:25 AM , Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
[up][up][up] Good point, that.

[up][up] Uh-huh. I don't think you've mentioned what games they're gonna play? I guess it'll be random then.

[up] Still not clear on this aspect: what do you mean by "leave"? He gathers 13 people and... leaves? Oh, and the setting is indeed interesting. Of course I could just be biased towards zombie dinosaurs.
619 Philosopher20th Feb 2013 07:28:51 AM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
There is this elevator that he will ride that will take him out of the universe into another. Basically the land is a depository where people are stored until there is need of them.

Dinosaur zombies at least make one appearance.

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It comes. The corrupter comes.
Don't let it touch the tower lest all reality crumble.
[up][up]The game is called Free Reign Online and said game's gameplay is similar to that of DYSNOMIA and Gundam VS. series.
621 Jabrosky21st Feb 2013 11:26:41 AM from San Diego, CA
Don't know if this should go in the World-Building forum, but it does count as a concept...

The Vandu People

Few societies have gender roles as sharply delineated and deterministic as the Vandu people, for the men and women live almost completely separate lives. However, Terran observers show the most surprise not at the extreme division between man and woman, but over which roles they are assigned. To Terran sensibilities, Vandu gender roles appear topsy-turvy, a total reversion of expectation. To sum them up as briefly as possible, women hunt and men gather.

"Vandu" as an ethnonym translates to "human being", but its definition is conventionally based on language. Per this definition, anyone who speaks some dialect of isiVandu as their native tongue qualifies as an ethnic Vandu. However, since the Vandu people have spread across a vast area with contrasting terrains over the centuries, ranging from dry plains to steamy rainforests, isiVandu's dialects are many and do not always sound intelligible to one another. Given this variation, the description of Vandu culture in this article must be interpreted as a set of loose generalizations and may not apply to every Vandu subgroup.

By and large the Vandu have very dark skin as an adaptation to the flaming tropical sun. Those living in open savanna and semiarid regions tend to be even darker than those who have settled in the shadowy rainforest regions. Their tall and lean figures, with elongated limb proportions, help dissipate heat in their sweltering homeland. Vandu people, especially the women, tend to store what little body fat they do have over their rear ends; rigorously developed hind muscles accentuate this steatopygia.

The fundamental division in Vandu society is between men and women as said earlier. Women roam and hunt in nomadic family groups for most of the year while men reside in permanent villages and grow crops. Periodically a female band will visit a male village for commerce and of course reproduction, but even then bands will cycle between multiple villages rather than sticking near one. Some bands do not even stay within one region and instead travel across the whole continent. Permanent and monogamous couples do not exist among the Vandu.

In their early years, Vandu boys and girls both travel in the bands with their mothers and other female kin, but once they approach adolescence the boys must leave their mothers' bands and join the nearest male village. There the men already living there will teach the newcomers how to farm and guard their crops, forge iron tools, weave clothing, and other village duties. Meanwhile, the girls receive from their elders rigorous training to mature them into huntresses. This period of education concludes with a rite of passage called the First Hunt, in which a girl must hunt and kill a certain dangerous animal all by herself to graduate into full womanhood.

Both Vandu female bands and male villages have social hierarchies which privilege elders as spiritual and political leaders who work in council. In general Vandu elders and more experienced individuals regardless of gender have prestige and authority over youth and inexperienced, but relations within the same age-set and experience level tend towards egalitarianism.

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622 OrangeSpider3rd Mar 2013 02:58:52 PM from Ursalia , Relationship Status: On the prowl
Must Keep The Web Intact
So, I had this idea for an animated movie.

The year is 2328. Anthony Verwick is an engineer working for the biggest robotics company of North America, Theissen Industries.

He's in charge of the supervision of the last stage of production, where the robots instructions are programmed and encrypted in their 'brains' before shipment.

His troubles start when his nephew alters and switches around the programs of an important shipment of 13 bots, all with different functions, headed to a private domain in Brazil.

Anthony only realises it when the plane is on the air. This is catastrophic news, and he thus decides to go to Brazil on 'vacation' to try and undo the mistake of the nephew and keep his job at Theissen.

- - -

It's essentially the old 'switched-around personas' theme, but on a larger scale, with 12 of the robots having their programs switched around randomly, with the sole exception of the Philobot, who even refuses to acknowledge the fact that he is a machine.

The Great Northern Threadkill.
Query: how does Anthony notice the change? Is there something that allows him to view the statuses of the robot brains from afar? If there is, can't he use that connection to fix the problem remotely, or is it a one-way street?
624 Philosopher6th Mar 2013 11:41:46 AM from Behind the Wall
The thing with the red gold crown.
[up][up] Interesting. I would like to read a little sample of it.

The world has four elements that can be manipulated by humans: Life; Knowledge; Foresight; and Moral. Those of knowledge can understand everything, but become addicted to it as they progress even through they know that eventually they will only be left with a shadow of their personality. Life can steal life and give it, but gradually they turn more and more feral the process is akin to someone with dementia that doesn't realize what is happening to them. Those of foresight can see into the future and past, but are prone to depression and to become disconnected with the present; though higher users can use future drugs to combat the depression. Finally those of the moral stance manipulate peoples morals and values. Those of knowledge and life are immune to morals since knowledge does not have morals and life does whatever it deems necessary. Those with foresight can simply avoid those of the moral disciple.

Every 14.2 years a comet or asteroid arrives that negates the negatives of the benders and allows for a day of their minds clear and in the following days they quickly degrade back into their previous condition.

Cue our 15 year old protagonist who cannot practice any of the elements for some strange reason. The antagonist one of the highest levels of Knowledge, who contradictory to the effects of his practice seems to be still involved with the affairs of the world, sends an army to burn the girl's home to the ground. Our protagonist finds out at the next town over after fleeing from the soldiers and loosing her parents that Professor Dimitri sent the army. She sets out to confront and make the Dimitri pay. Over the course of the novel the girl finds herself being manipulated by Professor Dimitri. As the novel progresses she finds out that she died as a little girl and the practices of Knowledge took her body for study. From a practitioner of Knowledge who joins her she learns that Dimitri wants her to kill him, but for what purpose he isn't far enough along yet. At the end we find out the girl's connection to Dimitri, his master plan, and how he still posses his mind.
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625 MaxwellDaring7th Mar 2013 02:09:29 PM from YOUR MIND , Relationship Status: Desperate
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I was going to wait for someone to answer the above post, but it seems that has yet to happen. Please do not forget the person above me since I don't feel qualified as of now to critique the concept.

It is 2504, and mankind is extinct. However, they did not all die in a great cataclysm, but instead improved upon themselves until they concluded they were no longer human. Joining them in their ascension are the A.I.s, the uplifted animals of Earth, and other children of science. Whole Brain Emulation promised functional immorality to most of the population, while the genome, once the final frontier, had now been tamed and rebuilt in unimaginable ways. Indeed, the children of Earth are knee-deep in a new era in evolution; the age of Transhumanity.

Despite the countless wonders of the new age, there are still many who could not cope with the climb towards an evolutionary singularity, and others who were simply left behind. Ben Hurtzesch (real German name pending) is one of the latter. His mortality had immobilized him in his evolution, and wants nothing more than a way out of his basic flesh.

Chrr Daal Vrr Aas. Homeworld of a vast biological empire and ally to transhumanity, its surface is covered in trees kilometers in height. Miles up is the foundation of the great Genetic Republic, but the surface is a lawless land of equal opportunity. It is here in the Rootworks that Hurtz hopes to find the means of elevating himself. Among the wayward egos of the Rootworks in an old and powerful combat A.I. trapped in the body of a young girl, a hacker with a somewhat unhealthy obsession with cybernetics, an uplifted octopus exiled from the habitat he called home, and a native of the planet who follows Bushido and fights with a fury unknown to most of his kind. Together, they keep the Rootworks from falling into chaos on account of a sadistic uplifted dolphin, an army of degenerates and defected souls out to tear implant from flesh, a broken post-singularity demigod able to take control of the wildlife at any time, and of course, themselves.

I will post more about the first story when I flesh it out some more. For now, any comments or recommended reading would be appreciated.

Don't forget about the post above me.

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