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Seer of Smut
I've recently finished Homestuck, and I need something to fill the pixelated hole in my heart. Can anyone recommend something along similar lines of epicness?

I've already read Fans! and College Roomies From Hell!!!, I hated Sluggy Freelance and Schlock Mercenary, I loved all of It's Walky!, I love Charby the Vampirate, I dropped Kevin & Kell a long time ago and don't know if it's worth looking through still, I can never get all the way through Alien Dice and the rest of that author's series, GPF makes me cringe, Something Positive is alright, I lost track of Girl Genius sometime around the part where Zeetha goes out of commission in Castle Heterodyne, and Scarygoround makes me bored.

Can anyone help me find another webcomic that can heal my over-read soul?
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Well, depends on what you are looking for in your next webcomic. Action, fantasy, romance, weirdness...you get the idea. Maybe Slightly Damned can tide you over while you tell us what you want. tongue

On a side note, since we get these kind of threads fairly regularly in this section of the forums, we should sticky this one for future use.
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Now everyone will ignore it.
4 AweStriker13th Jan 2011 07:55:36 PM from a moving point.
[up]Not me! And that Jones face is just so deadpan, I automatically snarked your "now everyone will ignore it".

[up][up][up]Did you already finish Problem Sleuth on the same website?

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5 merton13th Jan 2011 07:57:50 PM from my heart to yours.
Read Rice Boy!

Why yes I do say this to everyone, why do you ask?
Seer of Smut
I want to save Problem Sleuth for later, so I've got a really sweet something to dig into. But for now, I'll go with any genre that isn't explicitly about sex UNLESS it's extremely well done, ala Kaos Komix. Huh, I remember Slightly Damned, but I dropped it before it got anywhere significant. I'll look into that. And I've already read Rice Boy a long time ago; it was a bit too metaphysical for my taste, but I'm always happy to reread something if I think I'll enjoy it more the second time around.
The author of Rice Boy did some more comics in that same 'verse. See Order of Tales, Vattu, and Overside.
8 LoniJay14th Jan 2011 01:26:36 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I recommend Gunnerkrigg Court and Digger.

edit: and The Meek, of course.

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If you want to die there's always Irregular Webcomic!, which is very good but there is SO FREAKING MUCH.

If you want something finite, I'd reccomend 1/0 [1] which is essentially Existential Pondering: The Webcomic.
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10 cutewithoutthe14th Jan 2011 09:40:04 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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I just started getting back into Webcomics after 8-Bit Theater ; I tried Orderofthe Stick for 87+ chapters and hated it; I minorly follow XKCD, but most of the references and Math flys over me, what with me hating Math and all.

Anything good for me to waste my time over?

11 HungryJoe14th Jan 2011 10:18:39 PM from Under the Tree
Dresden Codak is light on math but big on science. Not for all, though.
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
Seer of Smut
If you're looking for something snarky, silly, and video-game related, you could always try RPG World. It never finished, but it has a decent enough storyline. For something less romance-centric and with better art, you could try Darken.
13 AckSed15th Jan 2011 01:50:27 PM from Pure Imagination
Pat. St. of Archive Binge
Two for you.

Spacetrawler is a scrappy SF space opera where a cross-section of humanity has been shanghaied recruited to help liberate a repressed race. Naturally,they get into trouble. :-)

Blip is a Slice of Life comic... at first. But there are forces massing behind this snarky young woman.
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^I like to say that Blip is an Urban Fantasy Kitchen Sink, but the masquerade is in full effect and the main character is a muggle.
Seer of Smut
Alright, I've become addicted to Spacetrawler. Thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for. Wheeeee, Emily/Pierrot makes me happy.

Wha? Buh? That's it? No more pages? I have to wait? :( Damn.

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16 AckSed16th Jan 2011 05:55:10 AM from Pure Imagination
Pat. St. of Archive Binge
^At least you know about it now. *settles down to wait alongside you*
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
17 RLabs17th Jan 2011 01:12:13 PM from cat planet!
If you're willing to try horror, Ruby Quest is about a two-hour read and is to scary stuff what Problem Sleuth is to twenties noir stuff.
I find El Goonish Shive strangely addictive. The strips are bigger on action than text, so it makes for an easy Archive Binge. On that note, No Need for Bushido has incredibly improving art, good action scenes and good humor.
19 MrAHR18th Jan 2011 09:46:25 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I'd be careful with EGS. It's hard to get into (the art evolves a LOT, but there are still some very inexcusably bad moments) and the plot doesn't move that quickly. Easy to binge though.
No offense, AHR, but your impartiality is kinda in doubt considering you got "nitpicky EGS blog" in your profile.
21 MrAHR19th Jan 2011 01:01:31 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
And no offense to you, but you're a total fanboy of it, and thus just as partial as I am, or the rest of everyone on this thread.

I didn't even explain why I disliked the series. I just gave some very basic problems with it. It drags, and the art takes a long time to get better. Those are two parts of the series I have the least problem with.

I mean, even the fans know that a year-long party is a bit much, and the art in the first two years of the strip are pretty painful.


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Seer of Smut
Well, EGS is quite a bit better than most webcomics out there, though that's not much of a point at all. I just feel the need to defend it however weakly because I grew up on that comic.
23 MrAHR19th Jan 2011 01:06:51 PM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Regardless of quality, it's mostly just a note of what you're gonna get into. The same way R Labs stated hisher reccomendation with a "if you're willing to try horror..."

Basically, be prepared to invest into it if you're going to actually try it, cause other wise you won't get any enjoyment out of it.

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Let's just say that it's better than a lot of webcomics out there. And I'm not a total fanboy, but I don't feel like arguing on a thread.
25 HungryJoe19th Jan 2011 05:31:05 PM from Under the Tree
Ooh, and Misfile. Its funny and rare in that it actually explores the implications of a gender-reality bend.
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