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I'm thinking of starting an account on the SCP website and writing a few scp's,

the ideas I have so far:

A baby who is able literally to suck the flesh off of someone

coffee that makes it so that a person never needs to sleep again, but after some time drives them insane

(something like) joker toxin

what do you think of them, and how can I make them scary and original?

feel free to write your own ideas here, but dont be suprised if I steal them tongue

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Does this belong in Writer's Block?
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One I've always kept locked up in my mind, hoping one day I'd write and submit, was something like a guy/ girl with "omniscient schizophrenia." He/she hears a little voice in her mind (like schizophrenia) but the little voice is aware of everything in it's current surroundings. Ex: locked in a room, it is aware of everything in that room (contents of guard's pockets, cell phone contacts, contents of guard's stomach, etc.) or outside, it's be aware of, literally, everything.
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An idea I had when browsing the SCP website, which I've sometimes thought of using in a non-SCP story, is a small, square piece of metal with a face carved into one side, evidently a coin of uncertain origins. When idly flipped, it tends to land on its edge. When flipped to determine a specific course of action, it lands in accordance with whatever the person flipping it really wants to do. (This does not take into account information the person flipping it does not have, but does take into account impulses they'd rather not admit to.)
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[up] love it

Another one i thought of is a statue, similar to SCP-173 or the weeping angels from dr. who. Only this one, when observed, will do absoutely nothing. But once you look away from it, it sorta "teleports" so that it is somewhere in your field of view. no matter where you look after observing it, it is ALWAYS there hiding in your field of vision somewhere. every sighting, it gets a little closer until it gets to you and [DATA EXPUNGED]

But I'm just spewing ideas out here, feel free to use any of them :p It's not like I'm gonna submit any of them any time soon, due to a tragic cocktail of procrastination and laziness.

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Haikus are easy.
But they can be confusing.
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Does it really belong here, as opposed to World Building?
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[up]It could go in either*, there is a huge overlap in Writers' block and World Building.

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A type of cursed speed that gives you a great high... and lands you maybe 2 centuries forward when you come down - well, give or take a few decades, depending on the dose.
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I thought once about a computer power cord that ran whatever you plugged it in to without power, but also slowly grew evil AIs in it. With the whole stupid "can animate your computer to attack you with wires" aspect. I suppose it could work. Their general guideline is "If you would want it, it shouldn't go here."
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I remember reading that one last night. Loved it! Good work
Haikus are easy.
But they can be confusing.
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