"Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" lol:

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Just so you know, in the parody atlas Our Dumb World, South Korea's entire page is basically this trope played straight - claiming that as soon as Korean women become mothers, they turn into ruthless monsters.

Although it definitely doesn't apply to Chinese mothers, Japanese mothers, Asian mothers in general, or any race of mothers specifically. I know a Jewish boy who is being raised in the same way, constantly being shipped around to music camps and summer schools and relatives. If he gets anything lower than an A (g-d forbid) he gets berated, and his parents keep trying to make him live up to impossibly high standards (they're freakin' professors, for f*ck's sake). He's very bright and even writes his own (not-too-shabby) songs, but the fact that he places the ominous words "THE REVOLUTION IS COMING" at the end of every single one of his music videos, and also says on Facebook that he believes that public schools are no better than state prisons, makes me believe that the whole "Nice Jewish Boy" stereotype is going to end up very, very subverted here by the end.

In conclusion: Being a pushy, authoritarian parent isn't just for stereotypes anymore. Seriously, parents of ANY race have equal potential to be assholes.

Another thing - my mom is absolutely convinced that Asians are just inherently smarter than everybody else. I told her this is a stereotype, as I can name a number of Asian people I know who fall all over the intelligence spectrum.

She used to say that genetics play a role in intelligence. I told her that The Bell Curve, a well-known, controversial book that put forth this theory, has been proven wrong over 9,000 times and is a flimsy excuse for racially-motivated propaganda under the guise of "science."

Then she started saying that it wasn't genetics, but that it was the languages they were speaking that made them smart. (WTF?) According to her, the fact that Chinese is a tonal language somehow makes Chinese people, Japanese people, and other Asian peoples smarter than other races. Except Japanese isn't really tonal in the traditional sense, and there are many African and Native American languages that are tonal too, so how does she account for those people being "not as smart as Asians?"

Well, now she's saying it's all "in the culture", and is basically parroting what this article says. It makes me sick, really.
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Wait, she's trolling?
Except for 4/1/2011. That day lingers in my memory like...metaphor here...I should go.
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@Ultrayellow - Are you talking about my mother? Because sadly, no. sad
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No, I meant the author.

Sorry about your mom, I guess. I don't know what to tell you, and I doubt you'd accept advice from some random guy over the internet.
Except for 4/1/2011. That day lingers in my memory like...metaphor here...I should go.
30 Ponicalica10th Jan 2011 09:17:15 AM from facing Buttercup
The author is pretty much trolling, yes, considering that the book is actually about how she softened up from the «immigrant mother» stereotype. Although, to be fair, it's not all the author's fault, since the headline was chosen by some hack at the Wall Street Journal.
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Wait, so she wrote an article to promote her book, which contradicts what she says in the book? I'm confused.
I wasn't disciplined as hard, but I was raised with the firm belief that if I got less than an A I was 'just being lazy'. To this day I'm well on my way to being a workaholic - I don't know how to relax on vacation, so I bring projects to do and get work done. Relaxation for me is the feeling I get when I finish something difficult, not something that can be extended for days on end on the beach someplace.

Also I know plenty of Asians who were allowed to date in high school.
BTW, I'm a chick.
This feels like they got the craziest Chinese woman to write a troll article and put it up for getting lots of views because it is plain racist. I could barely get through a few paragraphs before I just gave up on the crap.

I think in general when you want to look at successful children there are two things you see

  • Good stable family with an environment that either pushed him/her to study better or did not punish academic excellence or did not encourage laziness

  • The person worked hard personally and was motivated to succeed.

That some groups have this more than others is different. Most Asian families succeed because they're immigrants through a system that only alllows smart people into the country. If they don't succeed that would be suspicious.

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34 snowfoxofdeath10th Jan 2011 08:38:36 PM from San Francisco Suburb
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I just talked to my dad. Even he thinks this woman is a troll. Well, he didn't really use that term, but yeah, that's what he meant. It's people like her that give other Asian parents that are actually reasonable a bad name.
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36 TheQuantumMind10th Jan 2011 10:01:57 PM from Somewhere east of real.
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She sure is a good mother if by good you mean a woman who pushes her children to succeed in meaningless and superficial accomplishments so that the look good in turn making her look good then yeah, she's amazing.

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I actually read this article in print today, and while I disagree with about 60% of what she says, I can respect the balls on this woman for not being ashamed of her viewpoint or quiet about it.

And some of what she says does make sense. I think if she keeps this up with her kids past about...oh, 10 or so, she's going to have a pair of nice little robots with an issues list longer than National Geographic though.

Discipline is no bad thing. My specific issue is her thinking for her kids on all fronts. What happens when they leave home? Who's going to end up thinking for them then?

My answer is probably whatever college fuckups they fall in with as they go totally nuts and undo all her "fine work".
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38 StolenByFaeries10th Jan 2011 11:40:32 PM from a reprogrammed reality
Holy crap: I thought my mum was strict!

I can tell you now that those kids are gonna rebel at some point and it's gonna be one hell of a rebellion!

My mum pressured me into getting the best grades in all of my classes but when uni started it's something of a different story: you are in the same class as all the kids who were best at school. I mean, I did fantastic in all by subjects up until last semester when I got two Credits (60%-70%). I practically went into Villainous Breakdown and sat around feeling sorry for myself for a month, until my lecturers told me it was ok.

Discipline isn't a bad thing but that woman seems to have taken it to the extremes. Kids need limits, not to be put in boxes. In addition, she's not doing it for the kids, she's doing it for the bragging rights. I mean are these kids happy being mindless robots: are they learning what they want to learn? I always wanted to be in a school play, what if they do? What the hell is with no TV ever? I mean I get not on a school night but WTF!?

Actually, I change my above statement. Those kids are gonna rebel, break, or become StepfordSmilers. Or when they grow up and/or get married just stop talking to her entirely...
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No videogames? Inexcusable. And what's with the "only piano or violin" thing? Are they better than other instruments, somehow?
I assume so, or maybe they want to make Mozart 2: The return.
41 BlueNinja011th Jan 2011 06:28:21 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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And what's with the "only piano or violin" thing? Are they better than other instruments, somehow?
At a guess, because there are plenty of solo parts for violin and piano, and not so many for other instruments, when you are playing classical music.

As for Chinese moms being "superior" all I have to do is look at my best friend from sixth grade, who hardly ever talks to his mom. Despite his masters degree from MIT and having helped start up two small businesses, she can't accept that he's gay - which, naturally, makes him less than perfect, and she just can't stand having her only child be less than perfect.
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I think the person is just homophobic, it's not a Chinese thing per se. There's plenty of Chinese parents that accept their children are gay these days.

This is where I think multiculturalism is most useful. What's the point of having different cultures in society if you don't pick out what's good from each?

The strong push for academic excellence is important and gets students to respect school and learn properly at a young age. At the same time, confidence building, social interaction and other activities allow a person to build good personal connections and social skills. No video games is ridiculous and while the number one guys at top universities might not play computer games, most people do and it's a form of interaction.
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Man, her kids are either going to fucking hate her when theyre adults or become disturbingly dependent on her, Norman Bates style.

...personally, I hope they grow up hating her. Nothing sobers up shitty parents than being abandoned by their children.
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44 BlueNinja011th Jan 2011 08:30:00 AM from Lost in a desert oasis , Relationship Status: In my bunk
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[up] Hasn't worked on my mom.
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^ True, it doesnt ALWAYS work. Still, wait until she gets old, then dump her in a shitty abusive nursing home.
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People objecting to "no video games" and "no TV, ever" surprises me. When I have children, there's absolutely no way in hell I'll allow then to watch TV or play video games, hell, I don't plan on ever having a TV in my house. The best they can hope from me (in the electronics department) is a internet-less laptop with Ubuntu installed. Oh, and no cellphones either.

The thing that is important though, is that if you're pressuring your children to do productive stuff, then you should also provide them with good recreational activities too (which don't NEED to have to do anything with TV or game consoles). I think the reason why most parents let their children to watch TV and play games for hours on end, is because they are just too lazy and don't care enough to take their children to the forest, or something (I know MY parents were lazy, thankfully though, we lived in the countryside, so I could find the forest by myself).

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^ "And remember, make sure your kids grow up in an environment sterile of entertainment to make SURE they become bitter and bookish".
I dont know why they let me out, I guess they needed a spare bed
48 wuggles11th Jan 2011 08:50:27 AM from Miami, FL , Relationship Status: With my statistically significant other
[up][up] T Hat's...really crazy. Also over-generalizing. Most people don't have the time or live in an area with a bunch of forests for them to run around in. I know my mom let me watch TV and stuff like that because she knew that I was gonna find out anyway, so she would rather me find out stuff and ask her about it rather than find out something completely wrong, like guys pee inside you when they have sex (people actually believe that)
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[up][up][up][up] But then I'd have to talk to her again, and I'd rather not fall off the wagon. tongue

[up][up][up] You sound like my mom. She's not Chinese, but she'd like to be. Television, video games, and the internet do not automatically turn your kid into lazy couch potatos, you know.

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One should not really care what kids do with their free time as long as they're bringing home the results. If my kids were still bringing home good grades, I wouldn't care if they played WOW all day, or watched anime all day, or smoked weed with their friends in the living room all day. Course, if their grades falter...

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