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The guilty pleasures thread.:

TV Tropes, Resident Evil Outbreak, Maury, Tumblr (when I've been on for too long), and some characters that belong to the High Fat Index.
""Fought Nazi Vampires like Badasses" is a fine thing to have engraved on your tombstone." - Shiny Tsukkomi
 27 NEO, Fri, 8th Jun '12 10:16:18 PM from Dark matter dimensions Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
  • Facebook
  • Limp Bizkit
  • Sonic 4 (wait, actually I don't feel quite the least guilty about this)
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Matrix Revolutions
  • Actually, I tend to enjoy many universally hated movies
  • Certain trancecore bands (holy hell the pic on the last one makes me want to puke)
  • Shugo Chara (it's not bad, but it's so shoujo and girly that... WHAT AM I SAYING, STILL LOVE IT)
  • OS-Tan
  • Some "djent" bands (it's hard to explain why I hate djent if there are so many djent bands I love)
No regret shall pass over the threshold!
 28 Purple Dalek, Tue, 19th Jun '12 9:37:11 AM from a planet somewhere in the vicinity of Betelgeuse Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
Shapeshifting and a cup of tea
Fanfiction in general and ponies.
It has to be your place. Mine totally reeks of ocelot piss.
Hey, gorgeous
I have no guilty pleasures.
Memento Mori.
 30 Spinosegnosaurus 77, Mon, 8th Oct '12 11:47:30 AM from Somewhere Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
The Great Segno
[up] Sure…

For me, at least, it's Shake It Up, mostly because Bella Thorne is hot & Davis Cleveland is actually pretty funny.

edited 1st Nov '12 2:49:06 PM by Spinosegnosaurus77

Follow me on Twitter… or don't and regret it forever!
 31 Pipping Fool, Thu, 11th Oct '12 4:56:26 AM from Sydney, The Vivid City Relationship Status: Getting away with murder
I tend to like media about Athromorphic Countries for some weird reason. Which leads into my Guilty Love of Afganisu-Tan. A comic so audacious that's it's name gets people unsettled when I mention it.

(One day I'll muster up the courage to go as Afganisu-Tan to a con)

edited 11th Oct '12 5:00:08 AM by PippingFool

SomeBODY once TOLD ME the WORLD is gonna ROLL ME. I AIN'T the SHARPest in TOOL the sh-ee-ed...
 32 T-bone 61, Thu, 11th Oct '12 10:26:02 AM from NY Fall Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
[Today's Jo Jo]
[up]You can do it, PF. I BELIEVE

For me:

  • All kinds of incredibly unhealthy pizzas and cleverly peddled leftovers Chinese food (also, anything "Mexican")
  • Certain Garry's Mod videos
  • A couple of shoujo manga
  • Eighties movies

 33 Teraus, Sat, 3rd Nov '12 2:57:00 PM from The Origin of Dreams
Awesome Lightning Mantra
At first, I thought I had no guilty pleasures, but then I remembered I like this song:

"You cannot judge a system if your judgement is determined by the system."
 34 Achaemenid, Mon, 5th Nov '12 2:46:03 AM from Mitakihara Town, Copenhagen Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Za naszą i waszą wolność

The Schwarzenegger ouevre (Eraser, Commando, Batman & Robin) The Friday the 13th franchise, especially Jason X.

TV shows:

Judge Judy, The Jeremy Kyle Show, The O'Reilly Factor, (in order to make my blood boil with liberage).


Matthew Reilly, Tom Clancy


Chinese carry-outs. McDonald's. Tesco ready meals


Jaegermeister and buckfast.

 35 Ghostninja 109, Sat, 5th Jan '13 6:35:32 AM from somewhere really rainy
Cartoons from The Nineties.
So much to do and it's all a waste of time.
 36 crimsonstorm 15, Thu, 7th Feb '13 8:06:36 AM from A parallel universe Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
outside the grid
i'm still not too open about my bronyness, but other than that... <_< >_> ... i kinda like UltimateSpiderMan.

edited 7th Feb '13 8:07:20 AM by crimsonstorm15

 37 eternal Noob, Sat, 9th Feb '13 1:35:37 AM from yer mum Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Suit 'N Tie...or Suit And Tie is a song I really love, even though it's stupid.
If you wanna PM me, send it to my mrsunshinesprinkles account; this one is blorked.
Getting things done
I have a thing for cheerleaders. Yeah...
Stay awesome, people.
 39 porschelemans, Tue, 12th Feb '13 4:28:20 AM from A Giant Hamster Ball Relationship Status: You're a beautiful woman, probably
Avatar Sakaki Ignore cat
Brussel Sprouts
I'm so sorry that my avatar doesn't appear fully in the shot, but the cat was threatening the photographer.
MenageA3, among others...
so much to do, and yet... here, it feels like one cannot do anything but lie here and sleep forever.
 41 Dhana Ragnarok, Tue, 26th Feb '13 6:43:09 AM from Sneed's Seed & Feed (formerly Chuck's) Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Distur-*snikt* AAAMEN!
I don't feel guilty for anything, but I do try to be alone when I listen to The Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves. For obvious reasons.

edited 26th Feb '13 6:43:41 AM by DhanaRagnarok

Came back from the psy.
  • Good news: I'm technically not a psychopath.
  • Bad news: I'm technically not a psychopath.
 42 Last Hussar, Sun, 3rd Mar '13 7:37:32 AM from the place is here.
The time is now,
Demolition Man
Do the job in front of you.
 43 Khantalas, Sun, 3rd Mar '13 7:51:48 AM from ((Not actually a creepy adorable little girl.))
Creepy adorable little girl
Taylor Swift. I feel like I only listen to her because she has a way of writing cathartic love song lyrics. Her more upbeat songs do very little for me.
"Be mine, dear big brother."
 44 montmorencey, Tue, 5th Mar '13 5:53:25 AM from the quaint town of Grimm, Bismarck and Gauss
YA Fantasy Novels. Romantic comedy manga. Which is weird, because I'm not much into romantic comedy in any other medium. Merlin slash-fiction (Hell, Merlin itself probably counts). And Ta Tu. Otherwise, I'm pretty shameless.
Complicated - because simple is simply too simple.
Getting things done
Lame puns. One of these days I will get seriously punished for this.
Stay awesome, people.
 46 Sorastitch, Mon, 25th Mar '13 5:34:54 PM from Last Seen in The Shadowlands
[up] Some things never Chang.
my drawing blog ya'll


Here's a really odd one: the Soviet film version of War and Peace by Sergei Bondarchuk. Nothing guilty about it, right? An epic piece of Russian culture filmed in a truly spectacular way...

I hate the book. I have my reasons to. I do have arguments, but I've already had a debate thread in the literature subforum and it ended on "let's agree to disagree". I will not go over all that again. So just believe me that I hate the book. I despise the book.

Quite a few of my reasons still stand for the film, but... I fucking love the film. The "guilty" part here is that sometimes I feel like I'm being untrue to the reasons I hate the book, but...

The script is very smart and fixes some of my problems with the source material. The visuals and music are just spellbinding. But, above all, the film (unlike the book, in my opinion) is delivered with such utter, absolute conviction that I simply can't say "no". It's one thing when you read a terrible OOC line in the book, it's totally different when the actor somehow manages to say the same thing without breaking character.

edited 26th Mar '13 5:22:56 PM by Muzozavr

i seee youuuu
Ponies, though I am gradually becoming more less guilty about it.

Also, The Final Sacrifice, which I believe to be one of the few movies on MST3K that is bearable without the riffing.

edited 29th Mar '13 9:55:55 PM by TwentyTwoSevenths

NFL Rush Zone.

High School Musical.

Every Disney Channel sitcom ever, except for a 2 legit good ones.

g1 ponies.

Batman Returns

the list goes on
Check out my blog

Read this

Getting things done
Failarmy series.

Stay awesome, people.
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