Time travel paradoxes are resolved by...:

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Fractally long
...no spoilers!

Time travelers can only post under specific rules, one of which is a strict no-spoiler policy. Any rule-breaking post is deleted by Fast Eddie, who is so fast at that he can keep up with your time-traveling ass in linear time.

This topic is a test. If it is not deleted immediately, it demonstrates an area outside what Fast Eddie deems deletable. I will shortly be testing other boundaries. Till then, see ya in 20-[REDACTED]
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So Fast Eddie follows Gallifrey Standard Time then?

...Then he's a Time Lord? That explains a lot.

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And rum is his TARDIS.
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And he's his own grandfather.
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And he killed King Arthur.
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So you're saying he can...

...Cut 'em off at the past?
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