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1 PippingFool6th Jan 2011 03:46:49 AM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Truely the most indesturctable element known to man

I mean look at this shit.

Nintendo: Our products are FUCKING INDESTRUCTIBLE.

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2 Pykrete6th Jan 2011 12:47:24 PM from Viridian Forest
IIRC they used to quality-test Game Boys by chucking them off the roof of a 3-story building onto asphalt.
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I remember reading a letter in Nintendo Power about some guy whose Game Boy got run over by a truck and still worked. Those things are legendarily sturdy.
4 Pykrete6th Jan 2011 02:11:10 PM from Viridian Forest
GB cartridges are about as hardy. Things have survived going through the laundry, being left outside in coastal weather for months, and had holes burned in them with a blowtorch and still worked.
5 Meophist6th Jan 2011 02:24:08 PM from Toronto, Canada
Even some of their more modern stuff, like my DSi, is surprisingly durable.

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6 RhymeBeat6th Jan 2011 02:24:34 PM from Eastern Standard , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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MY only compalint is that I wish they'd made their Pokewalkers that sturdy. I lost two of thos things to the wash.
7 PippingFool6th Jan 2011 02:30:09 PM from A BEAUTIFUL DUWANG , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
Also. I remember a different console drop test concerning the 6th Gen consoles that went like this:

  • 1st Test "Sledgehammer Smash"
  • 2nd Test "Cinderblock Falls, See Who Survives"
  • 3rd Test "Attack of the 50ft Drop"

1st test:

Slegehammer'd the PS2: Went down like a sissy.

Slegehammer'd the Xbox: Quite a few plastic pieces fly off, but it still works.

Slegehammer'd the Gamecube: Not even a scratch

2nd test:

Dropped a Cinderblock on the PS2: FATALITY

Dropped a Cinderblock on the Xbox: KILLING SPREE

Dropped a Cinderblock on the Gamecube: CINDERBLOCK BREAKS IN FUCKING HALF.

3rd test:

50ft Drop on the PS2: Instadeath

50ft Drop on the Xbox: Smashed into pieces

50ft Drop on the Gamecube: Quite a few pieces of plastic flew of here and there, but it still MOTHERFUCKING WORKED.

Seriosuly, Gamecubes were built like motherfucking PANZER TANKS.

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When I find your terror's tells, my 「Enigma」 can strike perfectly!
A friend of mine accidentally scratched his Gamecube lens, so we decided to take it apart and look at the insides. We didn't have one of those special screwdrivers, so we had to break the case open. We spent about four hours trying to find a way to do that. Eventually, several consecutive 30 foot drops onto concrete cracked it enough that we could wedge a screwdriver in it and pull it apart.
Harkinian & The Bois
[up][up] Is there any video of this?
10 Marioguy1286th Jan 2011 03:00:22 PM from various galaxies
Morgan Webb actually tried this test.

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11 ACDrawings6th Jan 2011 03:02:54 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
[up][up][up] They should be making panzer tanks out of gamecubes. Heck, I bet our infrastructure would lat longer than the Germans' if we made it all from gamecubes.
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12 Sivartis6th Jan 2011 03:06:24 PM from Washington State
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Wish they still made them like that. I dropped my DS lite onto the bathroom floor from 3 ft and it completely ruined the color on both screens.
13 Fawriel6th Jan 2011 03:29:40 PM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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It's a good thing, too. Playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl a lot, my GC controller has got to be able to take a looot of throwing. smile
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14 Chagen466th Jan 2011 03:33:38 PM from I don't really know
I'm calling BS on this.

Me and someone else managed to rip my DS in half with only our hands during a confrontation.
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It should be explained that both the Wii and to a DS lack Nintendium. Try doing that to a Game Boy.
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Which systems have Nintendium?

Game Boy and GameCube are tried and true. Anyone know how sturdy stuff like the Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo 64, et cetera are?
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I think both the NES and SNES have Nintendium.

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I've definitely dropped and stepped on my SNES and it still works fine.
19 Fawriel6th Jan 2011 03:51:35 PM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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I think the real question is, what about the 3DS? Will it survive the decidedly three-dimensional punishment the real world will make it suffer?!

PS: I managed to break my GBA, but I... I uh. I really had to try.

Also made a good dent in the wall prior to that.

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The DS doesn't entirely lack Nintendium, actually. The hinges that connect the top and bottom screens are decidedly not Nintendium, but the two halves are each pretty strong.
I guess it is.
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I remember trying to break my gameboys. Those fuckers survived being thrown off ledges and at walls and being hit with hammers...

My step brothers have broken two gamecubes. They amaze me.

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^^ Seconding this. *looks at partially-functioning R button on DSi*
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23 ACDrawings6th Jan 2011 05:53:12 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
@ Chagen: The D Ses are most certainly Nintendium, the hinge just don't have enough nintendium in them.
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The GBA was Nintendium-deficient. I saw one take a drop of about eight feet onto cement, and though it still worked, the right half of the screen was borked.
25 Cider6th Jan 2011 06:16:14 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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As I said on the video game forum, the Game Boy Pocket made me a believer, next to the graphically superior but structurally inferior Game Gear. Years later it made me believe again against the graphically superior, but structurally inferior DS and PSP. The DS battery life and sound quality hasn't deteriorated like the PSP's but I think that's main due to the latter being junk, the former still lacks Nintendium as my screen has a small scratch from Metroid Prime Hunters.

The Game Boy Advance SP, is pretty tough too though. I've dropped it more times than I'd care to admit and the shoulder buttons look like chewed up gumballs, but it still plays fine.edit, though I've never dropped it when it wasn't closed. I don't know if its durability holds up if opened.

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