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Ever since I bought the game, I was confused by the battle system in Chrono Cross. Sometimes when enemies interrupt your attack, you lose the accuracy you built up. Other times, you don't lose it. I wondered why, until I figured it out in my most recent playthrough. It seems that if the enemy interruts you and hit the character attacking, you lose the accuracy. If it hits someone else, you keep your accuracy.

I don't know if this is noted elsewhere, but I like finding new things in old games. Even minor things like this.
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According to this link Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger were salvaged from the real Final Fantasy IV when Square scrapped it and renamed the real Final Fantasy V to Final Fantasy IV.... Gilgamesh's Final Fantasy V is a FRAUD!!!!

You know what would be funny?

If one of Square's presidents were to restart development on the real Final Fantasy IV then merge the Chrono Trigger & Secret of Mana universes into one game and stuff all the famous characters from said universes(Primm/Purim, Charlotte, Riesz, Bogard, Bogard's unseen wife Mana, Chrono, Marle, Robo, Schala, Kid, Serge, Magus, Lavos and Queen Zeal) into the restarted true Final Fantasy IV!
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Whatever happened to that fan sequel that Square cease-and-desisted?
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[up]You probably answered your own question.
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One thing I would like to see is a version of Chrono Trigger that replaces the Developer Room ending when you beat Lavos in the first encounter with a real ending.
606 Cronosonic22nd Dec 2013 07:40:07 AM from Sydney, Australia , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
You know, I've been thinking... If I were to be in charge of a third game, I'd just disregard most of the mess that is Cross and have the game start off with the Guardia/Porre war, with the new main character being a young knight under Crono's tutelage. After learning the mechanics, the knight and his teacher run into a trap set by Dalton, who starts gloating and tries to kill them... Only for the knight to basically run him through, basically ending the Porre rebellion...

And this action basically breaks the timestream, because Porre was supposed to win the war, and it renders the entire series of events from Cross entirely moot due to widespread consequences and the butterfly effect.

Now, several characters are attempting to rectify this 'mistake' by killing the young knight, who is forced to flee through time and space in order to deal with the Time Devourer in order to get everyone off his back. And while he's at it, there's major hints that the Time Devourer's existence is due to outside influences, and even worse, the original progenitor of all the Lavos parasites from throughout the universe is coming to the planet to finish the job its spawn should have finished if not for the meddling of the original gang...

So, yeah. The actual premise would be far, far less complex and without most of Cross' wankery, while not entirely discounting its presence but doing a far better job of connecting with the themes and setting of Trigger.
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If there was a third game, I'd want it to have at least a couple characters from Cross. Not necessarily as player characters, though. Also, a writer who can deal with time travel in a consistent fashion. The Chrono series is really bad in that regard.
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I personally believe that the DS version is on a different time stream than Cross.

1: the Magus seen in the Dream Devourer fight seems to lose his memories at the end, so he may well become Gil. And if he was returned to his own time stream, that means that Cross is decidedly a different one.

2: the crew in the DS version encounter Dalton and hear his whole plan. I can't imagine he would succeed at that point.
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Yeah, it would be really easy to write Chrono Cross out. I mean, there's the stuff with Chronopolis, Dinopolis, the Terra Tower, FATE and the Frozen Flame all interacting with each other. Even the two timeline thing was a good idea because it was portrayed as a weird anomaly what with Chronopolis in one timeline and the garbled mish-mash that was the Dead Sea in the other timeline.

I think the biggest problem with Cross is just that it was in the same series as Trigger. If it was standalone, the All Humans Are Bastards stuff would still be annoying, but you wouldn't sprain your brain trying to figure out how it fits with Trigger.
610 Cronosonic23rd Dec 2013 07:39:56 PM from Sydney, Australia , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Adding onto my idea, I was thinking of adding some in-story 'commentary' on the very nature of mechanics and how artificial they can seem, by having the gameplay be an action RPG, but everyone but the main character initially act like they're in a turn-based RPG but not realize it, with the main character being the only person who is aware of it (including things such as damage numbers), with allies and enemies only changing their 'behavior' when the player is close by. When Dalton tries to kill the party in the prologue using an attack with a ridiculously long animation, the main character "'cheats" and runs him through, basically breaking everything, including the "mechanics". This whole thing is explained by having been put in place by some kind of cosmic entity billions of years ago, with the "rules" being changed by the events of Cross, and the main character's actions enabling him to change the rules again by virtue of being directly connected to the World, which itself has manipulated things so the main character's actions can erase the events of Cross, get rid of whatever is responsible for the Time Devourer existing, and take out the Time Devourer itself, and the original Lavos when it arrives (which is now far bigger and even more powerful than any of its spawn).

Just adding a little amusing depth to the narrative while not being overly complicated about it.

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611 Nikkolas22nd Aug 2014 09:43:39 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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So I don't have a DS. I intended to get CT and CC off PSN with my nice new PS3. (I don't care about load times) I've never played either game really but some people have told me the DS trnslation is more...faithful? Kinda like the FFVI Advance translation compared to the SNES one?

Also, I read Chrono Trigger has a branching storyline? Or at least multiple endings I believe. But a JRPG is not typically that short even if I know what I'm doing. Is it worth playing the game through twice in a row to try and unlock these different endings or whatever? Does it take a long time?

Also Chrono Cross has the same "you need multiple playthroughs" thing going on I hear. So I need to play both games at least a couple times?
It's worth playing through several times because TBQH you'll have more fun with the game the second time then you would the first. I know I did.

Just stay away from that pot of water first playthrough kay? as a side note I always found that incredibly strange in terms of game design. It doesn't even make sense.
White Hindu
I never bothered getting any of the endings except the normal ones in each game (non-golden, in Cross's case). Still, it might be interesting seeing a couple of those.

[up]I have no idea what pot of water you're talking about.
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Chrono Trigger is actually pretty short by JRPG standards, something like 15 to 20 hours for the first play through IIRC. And no branching story for it, but yes to multiple endings. Though I think you can only get most of them in New Game plus.

I'm pretty sure Chrono Cross is longer but I don't know by how much. And well, haven't played through it all the way yet myself. I need to relocate my PS 1 memory card. Really really hope I didn't lose it lose it. And its at least three play throughs I believe to unlock all the characters. And yeah its got multiple endings as well, though I don't remember much of the specifics.
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615 KuroBaraHime22nd Aug 2014 10:06:27 PM from Somewhere...I think
Chrono Trigger is not that long a game, at least not by JRPG standards. A first-time playthough would probably be 20 to 25 hours depending on if you do all the sidequests, maybe pushing 30 hours if you really get stuck or meander around at some point.

Also you should know it doesn't really have a branching storyline. The multiple endings are gotten by beating the final boss earlier than you're supposed to, with the ending you get depending on when in the plot you beat the boss.

There's 12 endings in all (with the main ending having a couple variations), but since you keep your stats and equipment in New Game Plus, it doesn't take that long to get them all if you want, especially since you need to beat the game quicker to get the endings.

Chrono Cross is basically the same, with other endings being gotten by beating the final boss earlier during New Game Plus. Though the game does have some storyline branching that affects what characters you recruit, and it takes at least 3 playthroughs get every character.
The pot of water in the end of time. The one that transports you to Lavos?

I just never understood why it did.
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Chrono Trigger have multiple endings, true, but thinking on it as one of its draw is bound to disappoint you. Most of them are just really possible in the New Game+, and they are not really consequences of your choices, but merely a result of you ending the game sooner than usual. There is only a couple of variations you are likely to see playing normally and even so it is mostly a matter of how many end game sidequests you did and how you decided to fight the final boss. At any rate, doesn't expect a "chose your ending" kind of game. It is not like that.

Great game otherwise, though. Awesome story and quite good mechanics.
618 Ryuhza22nd Aug 2014 11:34:59 PM from San Diego, California
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Great game, one of my all-time favorites, but I could never replay it. I went in 98% blind (I recognized the title and I had once seen the "frog opens the way" FMV cutscene out of context) and it was a very special experience. After beating the title, I tried New Game+, but you're so overpowered that almost all enemy encounters become a chore and a bore, and the story holds no more surprises. I'd recommend just watching the other endings on Youtube after you've beaten the game. Try to find the descriptions of how to get each ending for bonus context.

I've also heard that you should avoid the PS 1 version, because it has bad loading times. Unfortunately, the best version is the DS version in terms of completeness and quality. If you don't mind loading (I don't actually know how long it takes) and a slightly different translation (preferences seem to go 50/50), then I guess go for the PSX version. Otherwise, you could attempt to find a quality emulator.

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619 Nikkolas26th Aug 2014 04:07:14 AM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Okay one final question guys....

Read this post elsewhere:

" The DS translation has its strong points. It's more comprehensible, and more accurate to the original (Frog's and Magus's characters were badly distorted by Woolsey's translation)"

Is this true?

After years and years of waiting I'm finally going to play this legendary game andI just want to make sure I get the ultimate experience.

Is this Magus fellow another Kefka? A lot of people felt Kefka was helped by Woolsey's translation into becoming a lovable baddie. However his character was changed in the process. Same thing happen there?
620 KuroBaraHime26th Aug 2014 04:34:03 AM from Somewhere...I think
Frog is a knight in the middle ages, so the SNES/PSX translation has him talk in Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe, with lots of thou's and verbs ending in -th. The DS translation just has him talk kind of formally.

Magus though I don't recall coming off any different in the DS translation as he did in the SNES translation. It's been a while since I played the SNES version I guess, but the only differences I can think of are that some his lines are toned town in the SNES translation for censorship reasons.
621 Enlong26th Aug 2014 05:27:28 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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The SNES version also had a few jokes that sounded a bit off when coming from someone like Magus.

I personally prefer DS Frog if only because it was quite odd for Frog to be the only person in the medieval era to speak that way.

As for the rest of the translation, I like it. It managed to spruce up some lines that got confused, and info that was lost in translation.
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622 Nikkolas26th Aug 2014 09:40:17 AM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Thanks for your answers everyone.

I settled on the DS version because...why not.

1. What is this combat system? I did not expect this. I was picturing FF combat with everyone just politely staring at each other across a field. The "tutorial fight" I guess you can call it against Gato was an eye-opener. His always counteattacking you and only being able to hit you when he was close enough seemed to be telling me that the enemies moving about will be highly significant. Does them being closer to you increase the damage you and they can output? That would make sense. So basically time all your hits when they are close for maximum damage.

2. Speaking of Marle, could she possibly be the tomboy princess the king couldn't control? She doesn't seem very tomboyish to me... But it seems kinda blatantly obvious. I wonder if our name selection for her was her making up an alias.

3. Oh and one more note about Marle. Taban: MOVE ALONG AND ENJOY THE FESTIVAL! Forget you saw that girl probably being killed. (I know she's not dead but how the hell do any of the spectators know that? Someone call the police!)

4 oh yeah, police. What time IS this? Robots, matter transporters stolen from The Fly, yet they have a kingdom and a king and I just don't know. Maybe there are no police in this time period.

5. I know it sounds like I'm ribbing on the game but truth be told I'm enjoying it. It looks surprisingly good on my TV, the battle system is not quite what I expected and then there's that music. I've heard like five tracks so far and they've all been really good. I need to hear more of that song that played when Gato was talking before and after the tutorial fight.

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White Hindu
Distance from the enemy has zero effect on your damage output. There are enemy counters that hit those who attack close by, and someone with berserk or confusion will attack the closest enemy/unit, but I think that's it. It's the ATB system used in most Final Fantasies, but with a few minor changes.
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624 Nikkolas26th Aug 2014 09:51:31 AM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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So it was just trying to teach m about counterattacks? I figured the being able to move around a bit would have more effect on battles.
625 Enlong26th Aug 2014 10:21:11 AM from The Underground Facility , Relationship Status: is commanded toŚ WANK!
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Oh, it does. Monster positioning can be very important, as there are a lot of attacks that act on an area. So, some will strike everything around the target, or parhaps around the user of the move. Some attack a horizontal line centered on a target, or sometimes a line between the user and the target.

Monsters moving around can change your strategy.
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