Naruto's World is so Technologically Weird BECAUSE...:

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26 HungryJoe9th Apr 2011 01:19:49 PM from Under the Tree
It isn't in and of itself, but the technology needed to make your basic musket, decent metal work, carving, springs, etc. etc. are made entirely obsolete by the fact they can have outboard motors.

There's a composites industry, and a decently large and advanced engineering industry in order for that item to exist. An assault rifle, even an M-16, is much simpler machine than an outboard motor. I've seen scaffolding, so they can make long metal rods.

Everything needed to produce weapons of a modern caliber is present.

Hell, find me enough uranium and I could make you a nuke with their tech.
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only uranium, I can do far better, get me the materials to make a regular nuke, and lithium deuteride; I could make a neutron bomb, all I need is time and some money, I study nuclear physics and I'm in highschool. or if you want cheaper, I would teach them to make explosives from household chemicals, much more satisfying...
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What really got me this idea is the bad guys the heroes were facing are wearing something like Powered Armor and that their technology is like they were from Fallout.
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29 TheDogSage21st Sep 2011 07:11:06 PM from wherever there be nerds , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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Because if there were guns, then there wouldn't be ninjas. Why would they bother with several years of ninja school plus years of training from Jounin if they could put out many more gun-wielding non-ninja soldiers in a few weeks?

Makes more sense logistically too, considering that a ninja school can't be cheap.
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As I understand it, at one point in the Narutoverse they had guns and standing armies and nukes and all that...but once people realized that they could use ninjutsu instead, nations decided it was far more cost effective to keep an elite team of ninja rather than mobilize the entire nation during wartime.

It's kind of like that one Star Trek episode, where instead of fighting real wars they would just let their computers calculate the death tolls and then select a random bunch of civilians to take at trip to the local incinerators, only with more ninja involved.
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