The Aquila and the Rising Sun--The Imperium of Man Comes to Gensokyo:

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Futo regarded the proceedings with bemusement. There were six guardsmen left in the hangar with her. Six. She took it as a sign that she was to be trusted.

How fortunate.

Sitting down on the ground, she crossed her legs in something reminiscent of the lotus position. Letting out a weary sigh, she closed her eyes. Nothing to do now but wait. Wait until the inquisitor solved this crisis.

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Arcturus noted the trooper's request, and waved him up front as he gave a shot-up security station that they were passing by a cursory inspection. None of the surveillance equipment in there had survived, he noted - and though it was difficult to tell with the appalling gunfire damage to the entire office he could imagine the monitors, vox units and cogitators had been targeted on purpose. There were some unidentifiable chunks of gore that had presumably once made a security guard still scattered haphazardly in there, along with a broken laspistol.

"What is it, trooper? Let me see that."

He inspected the objects for a few seconds, turning them over in his hands, scowling behind his faceplate. A slightly disgusted huff at the crystal lattice turned into a strange mechanical growl through his helmet grille.

"Interesting. This crystalline structure must be Xenotech - perhaps Eldar in origin, perhaps not. Doesn't tell us anything new, exactly, but... Who in the Emperor's name are supplying these creatures? Perhaps the sector's resident Craftworld has finally decided to move against us... Or we're dealing with an entirely different sort of player. Both are bad news..."

He took the disk, hefting it a couple of times for emphasis.

"...This disk may be of more immediate value to us, though. If it's a storage unit, we could try to divine its contents. I hope Akusigos is still alright, I may require his services to pry this thing open."

As the sounds of orkoid gunfire and shouting echoed down towards them from Flandre, Remilia, Sakuya and the rabbit twins' direction, he handed the items back to Drake.

"Hang on to these. Don't damage them, don't lose them... And prepare for contact."

Gesturing for everyone to follow, the Inquisitor then broke into a run as they started moving in towards the combat area proper - barking orders as he did so.

"Spread out and check your fire, remember we have friendlies up ahead!"
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When beset by doubt,

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Fear me
-Trogg steals a glance at the object brought by Drayk. As it does not resemble food or a weapon, he pays no further attention to it, looking for the enemies the kwizittor says are nearby.-
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Don't forget the "The"
Flandre drifted back a bit to avoid the Ork's club-like swing of its weapon. As his arm passed, she grabbed his arm and used the momentum of his swing to turn him around. She held him there with her hand and used the ork as a living shield against the shots of his fellow boyz. She was glad she was at least distracting them from going after the kids and Sakuya. Then maybe she could cut loose without worrying about any crossfire.

She saw the Nob choosing to switch to close ranged weapons and knew that he was going to charge her. The young Scarlet brought her fett up and kicked the Ork she was holding in the back, knocking him away from her and towards the other shootas. Flandre used her smaller size and speed to sway and dodge through the Nob's flurry of swings. There were a few close cuts, but the vampire avoided any serious damage. When the window of opportunity showed its self, Flandre got in close and thrust her hand right up to the Ork's face. She wasted no time in letting lose a barrage of danmaku into the Nob's ugly mug.
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Sakuya looked up and signalled to her mistress as Remilia came dashing down the corridor, the vampire hovering one foot off the ground with the rabbit sisters scurrying along on foot behind her. As she could hear the sounds of combat just around the corner, Remilia wasted no time asking for a situation report. She could tell most of what she needed to know just from looking at Sakuya.

Sakuya, stay here with the children. Ichisen, Jisen, take cover here and stand by to give my sister and I assistance upon my signal, and fire at anyone that manages to get away from us and attack the children.

The rabbits and Sakuya nodded, and Remilia dashed onwards. Flandre had joined the battle, fighting the group of Orkz up close and personal. Probably the best idea, to keep control of them. She chose to charge in on the left flank, just in case anyone tried to reap some sort of advantage from attacking Flandre from her wounded side.

Do you mind if I intrude, sister?
A grunt of frustration escaped Akusigos as he observed the detonation of one of his data connections by the greenskin suicide packets. The Techpriest then noticed two more of the same suicide packets approaching, preparing to duplicate the same attack on more of his connections, a thought that caused a few beads of sweat to form around Akusigos' visor. However, Akusigos was nearly finished with formatting some packets with which to attack with, a simple change of a few key lines of code was all it took to change the packets into a crude, but effective counter to the greenskin's packets. Less then a second later, Akusigos sent a lance of bright red packets along the connections that were still open, these packets quickly moved towards the suicide packets and upon reaching them, attempted to incorporate their code into the xenos packets and take control, if successful, the new amalgam of both packets would then dissolve itself harmlessly.
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Upper Hallway

- With Flandre's move, an ork died. Greenskins had some of the worst aim in the galaxy, but to hit one of their own in front of a desired target was child's play. Their combined blows swiftly tore into its organs, though their efforts would not rid Flandre of her shield. Nor did that stop her makeshift missile from having its effect. Most of the remaining greenskins staggered back, a couple of them even fell.

The Nob dodged out of the way where his colleagues fumbled, looking increasingly frustrated as the vampire handily dodged his initial attack. -

" 'Ow. da. zog. are. yoo. doin.' dis?! Oi dun seez no rokkit pak on yoo, gurly-wor?"

- For a split-second, the greenskin's face bunched in confusion. In the next splitsecond, it shifted into what looked like a rueful sigh. -

" Aw, zz-"

- The subsequent burst of danmaku knocked him off his feet and sailing through through the air, to slam into the other greenskins as they began scrambling for cover far too late (the sound of them clunking together on the floor was peculiarly resonant). Flandre's spell lit the corridor with bright flashes of white and orange, giving her a proper look at her surroundings as they were meant to be seen.

Great vistas multifarious opened up in the light, each gradually shifting into the next in procession before repeating from the beginning; orchards of shining green foliage bearing fruit heavy with juice and flesh, apples deep scarlet and ready to drop from their branches, dripping dark plums hanging from another, mottled white and orange citrus from another still, and jet-berried vines twining themselves round the trunks; rolling hills covered in ochre grass as far as the horizon, leading down into shimmering blue ponds and brooks filled with thick pads in full yellow bloom; flat plains laden in bronze grain and broad fans of gencorn waving in the grasp of white-clad zephyrs; vineyards stretching across terraces taller than many mountains, their argentine tendrils reaching up to the heavens with fruit of red, green, burgundy, teal, and many other hues; lustrous coastlines with gilt beaches encroached by silver waves, towering spiny frond-trees with their hardened cargo loosing white milk.

None of these landscapes were devoid of life either, which came in myriad forms from across Sector and Imperium. Flyers of every sort made their way through the skies and rested among the branches, from Carybdi songbirds resplendent in bright viridian and deep blues, to imposing Proserpinan rohks soaring on wings of white and black over the plains, to piscine screekers serenely floating on diaphanous wing-fins over water, and especially including the Imperium's own green and golden eagles, stern and noble in expression as they watched the life below. Plenty of creatures roamed the ground and water as well, and in myriad just as varied. The most frequently seen of the beasts were the sturdy grox, great scaly hides rippling with muscle and fat, alternating between grazing peacefully on whichever vegetation was nearby and angrily chasing interlopers away. Among the trees, great blue-grey Demi-Pachyderms foraged for ferns and fallen leaves, some reaching up with their bristling trunks to snatch low-hanging fruit from the branches. Quasi-mustelid naugas snuck around the grasses, their hairless beige hides glistening. Over the meadows, horned caprine-esque dakdaks from the Tiraxus moon bounded, red and yellow coats agleam. In the waters too, aquatic life swam about. Bony fish and great spiny eels lurked about in the fresh water, leaping above the weedy safety before the lure. At the coasts, puce crustacean scuttlers clattered in and out of the surf in their annual dance, their clawed quartets menacing all who drew near, while carnivorous amphisauri watched hungrily from the shallows, six webbed limbs paddling and long mane-collared necks craned.

Mankind peopled these landscapes in its way. Farmers in straw hats and dungarees worked the fields with sickles and mowplows, mopping their brows before they took in a bountiful harvest. Laughing ruddy-faced alcomakers smashed barrelfuls of fruit with circular power-pressers, taking a merry swig of the result. Hunting parties hared after their prey on foot or mounted astride eight-legged destriers (resplendent in brocaded jackets of red and green), magnebows or longlas rifles flashing while mastiffs corralled the beasts. Halo-headed saints and didacts taught their wisdom to eager students standing around them in cassocks, holding up their hands in symbolic gestures of benediction to the heavens. At long tables covered in fine linens at the forest edge, revellers clad in every colour imaginable dined, danced, and caroused the day away at a tremendous banquet; with them too were musicians of all sorts, flautists, violists, lectrumpeters, pipers, lyrists, all moving with the merriment.

And above them all, shining down magnificent rays of golden light wreathed with energetic flame was the Sun, its stern and watchful visage unmistakable beneath its laurel crown. Such an orb hung over every scene, linked to each other by vast wings of bronze all the way down the hall.

Meanwhile, the two hostage children hid behind the ranks of retinue and stormtroopers (themselves training their guns on the greenskins warily for if the xenos rose again), watching Flandre's destructive power with oohs and aahs. They would not notice Arcturus and company until they were practically upon them thanks to this. -

Network Duel

- Akusigos' countermeasures collided and interacted with the greenskin suicide packets as he predicted. However, while the alien data dissolved, it also released power into the conduits back up toward the tamperer origin point. This had the effect of filling the conduits in that direction with transfer interference. The interference appeared to have halted the flow of further greenskin data packets, but a second later the tamperer extended tendril programs outward from itself in an effort to clear the way. -

Docking Bay Hall

For a time, this posting remained unmolested, the centre of the Imperial toehold on Persepolis filled with comms noise from the pickets and the Regnal Fist. Mononobe no Futo would be able to hear only snatches of it, owing to the Stormtroopers and their Lieutenant sticking strictly to commbeads in the presence of their "guest." For the most part, they watched her out of the corners of their eyes, not speaking a word to her unless they needed the Gensokyoan to move out of the way. They certainly didn't trust her.

Skirmishes were happening whenever the Tiraxans ran into greenskin bands, so the distant roar of bolters and hellguns was a semi-regular part of the background noise. The Lieutenant had even begun to relax his posture ever so slightly as he calmly listened (and responded) to his men's reports. From afar to the east came a loud crash, the sound of a heavy weapon blasting through plaster and marble, the muffled shouts on the vox prompting the Lieutenant to whirl toward the main hall clasping a hand to his ear. -

"Say again, Zerim? The interference is coming back-"

- Another crash echoed down the corridor, closer this time. The sound of many projectiles plinking off walls, ceiling, and floor came with it and followed incessantly afterward. If Futo listened carefully, she could hear the man on the other side of the line shouting something about 'wounded' and 'multiple Heavy contacts' before the officer barked his next orders, waving the men with him into readiness. -

"Zerim, fall back to ready point ASAP, leave Andropov if critical, we'll rally here!"

- At this point, one of the stormtroopers clamped a gauntlet down on Futo's shoulder. -

"Right, miss, you're coming with our formation. Any special talents you have would come in handy now."

- As if to prompt her, two stormtroopers scrambled into the frayed and battered entranceway, one leaning against the other in a near collapse with an entire arm and part of a shoulder missing. Hundreds of tiny needles and rays perforated the spot where they had just been. -
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Flandre smirked as the ork went flying back as he got a face full of danmaku. That was always satisfying. As the light from her attack filled the hall, she was caught off guard to see this intricate and huge mural. She knew this was a fancy ship, but she wasn't expecting to see something like this remain untouched. She didn't want to get distracted by the beautiful artwork, but it was constantly catching her eyes. There were a bunch of questions coursing through her mind, but one came to the surface first.

So thats what the sun looks like.

She was knocked out of her thoughts as her sister suddenly showed up and announced her presence. Flandre looked over her shoulder at her sister and blinked in confusion. She brought her hand up defensively and turned back to the pile of orks that were starting to pick themselves up. "I could handle it." She said as she flew at the orks. While they were trying to recover, she made sure to pepper them with more danmaku to disorient them.
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When Arcturus and his retinue rushed in towards the scene, joined by a squad of troopers, he first of all checked for immediate threats. There were none, but the bolt pistol in his hand veered instinctively towards the movement of the children rushing towards them. He quickly lowered the gun and hissed an order for the retinue to point their guns away.

His gaze drifted to the beautiful mural, with its idyllic scenes, but he had few thoughts to spare for the classic high Imperial artwork - he simply didn't have the aptitude or inclination for such things, even with the training he had received on his path to becoming an Inquisitor. Instead, the thought of those children caught in this Ork incursion made his mind veer off to a dark place. An old lurching doubt from horrific warzones past reared its head, a cold, dead whisper of a reminder that the enemy could have laden the kids with explosives, could have killed him and his retinue right then and there - as had happened to many good people he had known.

An angry flare of resolve extinguished the thought. That place was not this place, that enemy was not this enemy, he was done with that chapter of his life!

Yet, the memories remained. And until the Harvester - thrice-damned be its name - was hunted down and eradicated, so would the baggage. All the pain. All the guilt. Until it was gone, the number of dead friends would keep mounting.

Even with the Inquisition's resources and all of Arcturus' feelers deployed throughout the sector, he had barely heard a word of the daemon since those fateful days on Gensokyo, a century and a half ago. What had he missed...?

Deciding against further introspection, the Inquisitor gestured for the stormtroopers to push ahead a bit to the vampires and finish off the remainder of the orks, then turned his attention to the children who had rushed towards them. He grimaced briefly behind the face-plate of his power armour. He was... not entirely sure how to act around children - especially not normal ones - and he wasn't really sure where Zee stood on the matter either. The topic of children became rather difficult when they both knew perfectly well they would never, ever have any, barring a miracle.

He glanced at her, hesitating a moment. She would surely know his unease. Shrugging, he assumed a neutral, open expression as he unlatched his helmet seal and showed his face to the two small survivors - scarred and laced with bionics though it was, it was still a human face, at least.

"Do not be afraid. We're here to save you."

He wasn't certain what effect his words would have - he was a looming figure in black-and-silver armour, laden with weapons. Perhaps he could remedy that? He took a knee, reducing the height gap somewhat.

"I am Arcturus," he continued carefully. "What are your names?"

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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
Alas for Arcturus, his glance went unnoticed. Zee’s attention was fixed squarely on the two children taking shelter behind Sakuya and the stormtroopers, assessing them to make sure that they were alright. Physically, at least, they seemed unharmed; a minor miracle, that, and one for which the Living Saint was thankful. Orks were seldom kind to those they took prisoner, and that these two had managed to escape their clutches without getting hurt or killed in the process was nothing short of amazing.

Mentally, of course, it was another story altogether. It didn’t take the powers of a psyker to see that these children were scared out of their minds; their fear was written all over their faces, even if those faces were currently set in expressions of awe as they watched the danmaku-induced decimation taking place further down the hall. They were terrified, and she couldn’t blame them for being so, after what they must have been through; if they hadn’t been scared, she would have been deeply concerned.

As her husband spoke and knelt before them, Zee reached out with her powers, exuding an aura of good will to try and sooth the children’s jangled nerves and perhaps make him—all of them, really—seem less threatening to their young and frightened eyes. After all, words of goodwill were one thing, but that didn’t change the fact that most of them were covered in blood and battle damage, herself in particular.

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You’re coming with us.

Really now? Futo couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at that. She didn’t feel like helping these people, not in the slightest. Risking her life for very little in return, not an attractive scenario. Still, one must keep up appearances, and for the time being she was just another citizen of the Imperium.

“Very well. Do forgive my puisny though, but I lack skill in matters of combat. I shall endeavour to aid thee and thy fellow soldiers as best I can however.”

With that said, she got up, pushing the trooper’s hand away. She disliked being touched by these people. Her opinion of the Imperium was low, though not as low as her opinion of youkai. Still, her religion did not discriminate, so maybe she shouldn’t either.

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Fear me
-Trogg beams and waves cheerfully at the children, for he knows that they are often fun to play with, even if they do always win at riddles and must under no circumstances be hugged.-
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Upper Hallway


- Danmaku and hellgun bolts smacked into the pile of fallen greenskins, knocking those trying to get their footing back down. The Nob was out cold, if not already dead. His inferiors would soon be joining him. Still, one powered through the onslaught and lunged at Flandre with its choppa.

The boy with the sun emblazoned on his chest turned away from Flandre's spectacle to face the source of that deep and stern yet oddly deadpan voice... and froze. His eyes widened as he took in the sights before him, focusing briefly on the gilt =][= brooch on the stern man's dark and battle-rent armour before twitching over to another; the blonde lady in crimson with shining wings who would have been breathtakingly beautiful if it wasn't for the fresh blood caking her face, armour, and hair, or the red burn of her eyes; the soldiers about them, all armoured in black plate styled differently from the Tiraxan Guard, two of them bizarrely sporting long, real-looking rabbit ears; the huge grinning abhuman, like a terrible ogre of legend. A cavalcade of strange and stern and bloodied with battle. If he had known terror chased by greenskins, this was somehow even scarier. All the old tales he had been read about the Inquisition paled before what he saw now.

He was in the process of subconsciously pushing the girl behind him ("Hey!") when a new feeling arose in him. It was something warm, and filled with good intent. Fear waned before it. The sounds of battle seemed less loud. The boy blinked, looking on the Inquisitors and retinue with new eyes. Somehow, they didn't seem quite so scary now. The soldiers were simply guarding the rest (and those bunny ears looked so fluffy and pettable); the red lady with the shining wings looked relieved, and those unnatural eyes were surprisingly warm; and the dark man kneeling in front of him had a sternness that now reminded of a tutor back home; even the abhuman ogre looked something like a great gleeful Ursus plush now. He glanced to his side, saw that the younger girl simply looked curious, swallowed, and then spoke up. -

"Jon, Jon Movatio, sir. Thank you very much for coming."

- He bowed, a little awkwardly. The girl spoke up next with a small curtsie. -

"Jaklene Movatio, Mister Arcturus! Jon's my big brother, oh, and thank you too!"

- The boy tried to meet Arcturus's level gaze, but found it hard to do. Those eyes were old and intense. Something told him it would be unwise to look away, though.-

"Are you here for our parents? Only, well, you probably know their position. The Inquisition knows everything, after all..."

Further up the way...

- tunk tunk...whirrrrr-tunk...whirrrrrrrrrrrrrr-tonk...whirrrrr...-

"We'll see about that. Alright, move!"

- Just as the squad of Stormtroopers was about to get moving, however, the right-hand wall exploded outward with a whine of high-energy discharge. The Lieutenant and his squad threw themselves down among the rubble and sandbags, seeking targets in the smoke and fire. A hoarse and brutish voice came through a loudhailer, echoing off the remaining masonry.

" Armah Boyyyyyyyyyyyz! Toime ta 'ave us some FUN! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

- Some of the smoke blew away from the source of that voice to reveal a vehicle exactly like that which the Vampires had destroyed earlier... except this one was completely mobile. Riding astride it were another crew of greenskins, manning a pair of what looked like snub-nosed turrets, one of the Xenos wearing a helmet with antennae denoting it as a Weirdboy, or at least something in that order. It pointed a clawed finger squarely at Futo, and then both turrets loosed a storm of needle-like projectiles in her direction. -
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Arcturus looked up for a moment on hearing the clanking and whirring in the distance, expression hardening for a second. A hand signal and a psychic cue urged some of the nearby troopers forward to assume firing positions. Returning his attention to the children, Arcturus found that something in his brain clicked - Movatio - he knew of the house these children came from. He looked the elder of the two noble children in the eye, the information rushing back to the front of his mind after .

"Child, I know many things. I know your house has been blessedly free of heresy and insurrection, for which you should be immensely grateful. I know that your father, Lord Piotry, owns eighty-six percent of this system's manufacturing capabilities, under the guidance of... your great-grandmother. Lady Zoe, officially in retirement. I know he is mildly eccentric, respects military service - as he should, your uncle's in the Guard."

Arcturus spoke all of these things as simple statements of facts - as they were, Arcturus had examined the Inquisition's files on many of the potentially useful players in the Xerxes sector, and House Movatio was, while not the most remarkable of these, on the Sector Council - and as such, the demanded at least some notice.

"And while it may not be my place to say, I also know your mother, Lady Clea, ought to curb her enthusiasm for recreational space voyages. It's foolhardy at the best of times, even more so in times like ours."

An oddly amused smile crept onto the Inquisitor's face.

"But what I do not know, young master Jon, is where they all are right now. If you could point me in the right direction, I would be much obliged."

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When beset by doubt,

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The needles hurtled towards Futo, with a speed and precision that caught her by surprise. Naturally, the shock of the Ork construct bursting in didn't help matters much. Gritting her teeth, the hermit lunged towards the sandbags and the other men.

Three needles hit her, all in her leg.

It hurt. It hurt so bad! Giving a cry of pain, she ended up writhing on the floor next to the stormtroopers. The pain blocked out all thoughts barring that off making the pain stop. Slowly, with a grimace, Futo yanked out the three needles, drops of blood coming out each time, along with the blood trickling out of the wounds.

"Fie, fie, fie, FIE!" she cried, a pillar of flame erupting from her, soaring into the air before descending upon the weirdboy and his vehicle. It smote them with all the wrath one might expect from a pillar of fire. "Begone from here, and take thy wretched sense of fun with thee!"

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Life is toil

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Upper Hallway

- To Jon, the stern Inquisitor's statements confirmed just about all the tales he heard about the secretive organisation (at least, the ones which did not involve the burning of whole worlds; those others had to be nonsense). They really did know everything about the Sector around them. That thought was oddly both scary and reassuring. He spoke up, trying to muster his bravery in the face of such realisation. He might have overdone it, as the words flowed forth in a rush.

"As far as I know sir they're up in the highest levels of the resort dome but the greenskins separated us from them to the gymnasium and maybe they got moved too and poor Magos Sahm took a bad blow to the head getting us out and..."

His sister pouted at the mention of her mother's interests being frivolous. Nevermind that it really was not the man's business to say, she certainly liked riding in those pretty ships. There was no greater sight than the glow and glimmer of stars from behind void-sealed armour-crys. She wondered if maybe the stern man was missing out on that, and that was why he disapproved.

Jaklene certainly found no fault with the female part of the group. All those pretty wings and ornately-crafted battle armour reminded her of the Sisters of Saint Ptolemi back on Tiraxus. Much nicer than those stiff soldiers Jon and Father liked. She could do without the smelly blood, though.

She peered curiously (and not a little warily) at the towering ogre who called itself Trogg. He was huge! Big enough to swallow her in one gulp, and dwarf even the red lady with ease. Still, ugly as the giant was, there was something oddly simple and cuddly about it. The younger scion of House Movatio ambled closer to the behemoth, teetering a bit as she strained to keep an eye on that faraway face. How on Terra would it look from up there?

"...How did you get so big, Mister Trogg?"


At last, the source of the odd noises rolled haphazardly into view. It was a rectangular machine, low-slung on its four wheels and featuring an angular battered "hump" which housed its more complex and delicate components, the whole ensemble no wider than a doormat. With the exception of the space surrounding its dimly glowing red trifocal photoreceptors (two of which were cracked), most of the device was shod in shining black plates. From its rear chassis projected a long mechadendrite which wavered feverishly between air, wall, and floor as the machine's erratic course determined. Finally, atop the "hump" cast in somewhat tarnished silver was a graceful snarling felinoid captured in mid-lunge atop a small pedestal.

Upon spotting the assorted stormtroopers, Inquisitors, and children, the machine came to a halt, then loosed a high-pitched and inquisitive chirrup. Its "tail" curved about slowly in the air as it waited for some sort of response. -

Docking Bay

- Roaring fire was not among the things which the Stormtroopers expected out of their quirky charge. Certainly not for the trooper who reached out to drag Futo into cover, nor the Orkz. The greenskins had a moment of surprise before the flames engulfed them and their vehicle. A chorus of angry and pained shouts cleared the fiery crackle, joined by recriminations from further afield. Simultaneously, the Tiraxans raked their hidden target with hellgun fire, not prepared to leave it alone in case Futo's strike had not finished it.

Their caution proved correct, as the Orkish vehicle rocketed out of the pillar, its helmeted Weirdboy (sporting not so much as a singe) creating a psychic bubble around its stand which drove the flames back. Its fellows at the guns were rather worse for wear, their skin and armour smoking from spots blackened as if by soot. The vehicle itself looked as if it were melting in places, and its edges remained aflame. Damaged as they were, the Orkz now charged Futo with the sharp prongs of their vehicle, aiming to impale her.

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Seeing the damage wrought by her flames brought some satisfaction to Futo. That quickly disappeared when the vehicle charged at her however.

With a gesture, an array of marble spikes emerged from the floor, intent on impaling the ork contraption as it rushed towards her, similar to the wooden stakes used in ages past to stop cavalry charges. That said, these marble spikes were significantly larger.

Operating on the assumption that the spikes would stop the orkz dead in their tracks, or at least slow them down, Futo then proceeded to whip out a plate, break it, and summon a large orb of water. Willing the water forward, she submerged the construct and all it's passengers.

"Kindly do drown."

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Fear me
-Trogg knows the answer to that one, his brow furrowing with the effort of memory.-

It are becuz I eats a lot and kills badmen and always do wut da kwizitturz sez to do!

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Arcturus quickly assessed the strange machine as non-threatening, but he remained wary - he'd stayed alive all these years by fully expecting deathtraps around every corner, it could still be possible for this thing to deploy something deadly... But it seemed unlikely. The tech was Imperial, as far as he could tell.

The Inquisitor rose, standing intimidatingly tall with the added bulk of the power armour. He gestured for the two noble children to stay back, donned the helmet then moved forward towards the device.

"Now, what are you...?"

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Okay. Have fun.

Remilia smiled...and erupted into a cloud of bats. Moving quickly, she streamed through the straggling Orkz and kept going further into the station complex.

Meanwhile, the two Rabbits were in the process of giving Flandre covering fire, but Jisen stopped as the strange machine came into view. She trained her gun on it, just in case it tried something funny.
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Flandre watched the Ork charging at her a smiled. It was easy enough to dodge the attack of a single Greenskin. She grabbed him by the arm and flung him back over to the pile of orks before extending a hand. She didn't seem to respond to her sister as she blasted the pile with magic, hoping to incinerate the lot of them. Once they were taken care of, Flandre lowered down to the floor and looked around to make sure nothing else was attacking them.
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Upper Corridor

"Ah, wha-"

- Arcturus rising to his feet (and giant-like height) quickly silenced the Movatio boy. He scampered into the Inquisitor's shadow, reaching out for the boot, then promptly thought better of touching it. Jon peered at the machine, eyeing the feline icon atop it with a sense of familiarity.

The machine, meanwhile, whirred as it settled back on its suspension to give its quarry a proper look. Its trifocal lenses flickered from one configuration to another. They would all be flawed thanks to the damage, but at least one angle could grant the information it needed.

  1. Whiiine?#

The CAT dimmed its photo array by a few degree, almost as if it was squinting. It looked Arcturus up and down hazily until it focused on his Inquisitorial rosette. It continued to sit and stare for another five seconds, then sprang back into motion, its mechadendrite waving around in a circle.

  1. yeeee/ye/ye/yeeeeee!#

A tiny compartment opened up just below the felinoid ornament to reveal an equally tiny vox-grille. From it issued a tinny mechanical voice which masked the gender and age of the speaker. Though the tinny quality was something to be expected on such a device, interference fiercely stormed through channel, threatening to devour the voice at any moment

#H-ello? He—o-ZEEK-thIIZZZZZhelp—-an anyone hea- me? -ssiiuuuuuuuuuuuu-woop—ong buff-CK-just a prayer-tsss-#

The voice came through clearer, though static dogged it every other second. The Networker's Prayer of Thanks thus came through at a speed near equal to the Lingua Technis.

#Praiszzze the Omniss-ah, for-His-data-hhhh-networks-are-a-road-of -ny-paths-connecting-uss-all. The Inqui Zzzition has come to Persepol-zzz. Good. Zzzomething — dreadfully wrong here...Not just the Xenos...-fsssht-Transmissions with—- their purpose here...ion. Can't tell through this... Dear-Machine-God-they-are-mo-ing-fassst. Can't-let-them-know-which-is-me-but...beaten-us-to-rust—I-think-Leader-is—-#

-Suddenly the monotonous machine-voice rose in volume, its words betraying something akin to fear. -


With those words, the transmission ended, and the compartment slid back into place. The CAT moved to something like a standby mode, no longer operating under a guiding command. Jon looked stricken, staring at the machine. He quietly spoke after a moment's silence.

"...That's Magos Sahm's CAT. She always liked to bring it with her at meetings and inspections. Let us ride it once."

Jaklene's lip wobbled, the young girl having turned away from Trogg when the CAT had started making more noise. Though she had not understood much of what the voice had said, the child easily understood that someone was in deep trouble. Greenskins weren't just mean and filthy xenos. They were bad, and did bad things to good people. Surely Mister Arcturus and the rest would help...that was what they did, surely. Casting around for something more reassuring than the heap of muscle and armour that made up Trogg (though he was a strange one, reminding her of the servant cadre children around her age), Jaklene settled on the lady in red with the shining wings. Like her brother, she had seen the blood and battle damage first. Unlike her brother, she was more interested in those pretty wings and hair, and that armour just like (well, mostly like) the armour she had seen the Sororitas of Tiraxus use. Of course, she also felt inexplicably warm, so that helped too.

The younger scion of House Movatio ambled over to the lady's side, suddenly feeling very small indeed as she looked up. The lady was easily as tall as Arcturus, if not taller! She reeked of copper and iron and fire, too. And was that a fang she saw, glimmering amongst the red? Maybe this was not one of her good ideas. Somehow, though, this amazonian tower of a woman felt safe to be around. She decided that those wings were like the jets of flame that the Sororitas sometimes rode on. Wings of light, wings of fire, they were the same to her. She wondered about that though. Were these too hot to the touch? Unlike her brother, Jaklene reached out and did not withdraw the hand, cautiously putting a fingertip to the nearest pinion.

By this point, the greenskins were not going anywhere. Hellgun volleys, concussive blows, and purging flame all reaped their tally from the pile, until they all lay still. One of the Nob's power weapons remained, severed in the attack, hissing and fizzing upon the floor.

Remilia may have been able to hear the CAT's relayed speech with her vampire hearing, but whether she heard it or not, the motifs of the wall made it clear she was going in the right direction. The wings on the frieze linked from one pinion to the next, each left wing slightly larger than the right, gradually leading upwards with the hallway's contours. Eventually, all of these led to a pair of huge double doors made with white petrified wood and gilding (both dented in multiple spots), a great gothic-lettered 'GYMNASIUM PRIMUS stenciled in silver on the frame. This was the point where the smooth floor and simple red carpeting transitioned to a flight of stairs leading yet higher into the station.

Something Flandre and Remilia might have noticed as they moved about was a second constant throughout the repeating frieze: that of a young girl in a red dress with short blonde hair skipping happily along, a set of blue, green, orange, and red balloons trailing from her hand on their strings. Though her eyes were closed, the vampire could tell well enough that she was smiling. At the seashore, heading onto a dock, she was accompanied by three more figures: a dark-haired (carrying a nearly bluish cast) and slightly older girl clad in pinks and whites, also smiling, her eyes hidden by her hair; an elegantly-dressed blonde woman (also in red, but deeper, pale face partly hidden by her hat, taking the skipping blonde girl by the hand; and a tall dark man in a flowing black cape and red robes, featuring a normally fierce bearded face softened with slight detail...


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Docking Bay Hall


As Futo had hoped, her marble spikes proved an effective obstacle. Smooth plastic and metal plates both shrieked as the spikes bent them upward, forcing the vehicle to hover at an odd angle. Its riders seemed to stop and mutter among themselves in puzzlement, before one of the greenskins had the presence of mind to peer over the side... Only to have that side of the vehicle disintegrate in a blaze of melta fire. Futo's spikes had slowed the vehicle down enough for one of the stormtroopers to land a shot, and the rest followed suit with hellgun fire directed at the cockpit canopy (which quickly glowed red-hot under the onslaught). This reinvigorated fire faltered again with the sudden materialization of an enormous globule of water around the Orkz and their platform, the wild xenos flailing around and clutching at their throats (one of the gunners even losing its footing and ending up in a weightless twirl above its post). The enemy psyker faired worse, clawing at its helmet which issued growing streams of bubbles. From the canopy came a dull KRUMP slightly after its glass had imploded in a spectacular plume of white bubbles. All of the greenskins writhed now, mouths open in silent yells of electrocuted pain. -

"Keep going, hold the melta fire!"

- Hellgun fire cut down the Orkz like so much chaff, and as the Weirdboy fell limp, an invisible force smashed their vehicle down into the spikes like steel through tin. It also popped the "bubble" Futo had made, resulting in a sudden dousing deluge which drenched everyone and everything in the hallway. For a moment, there was silence save for the drip of water, the sputtering coughs of ruined xenotech, and the quiet breathing of the Stormtroopers through their masks. -

"...Contact 1 eliminated."

- Thanks to the impromptu inundation, all the fires which had raged in the hall had been extinguished. Where there had been choking smoke was now billowing steam. The curtain of vaporized water particles did little to conceal the two large shapes which sat further up the incline of debris where once there had been a wall. It seemed that the greenskins had paused in baffled silence at what they had seen and what they were continuing to see. -

...Roight. Waddah. Onna spess stayshun 'allway. Ow da zog do ya-OH FERGIT IT! KILL 'EM!''"

Both Ork hover-tanks gave a rising whine, the front prongs of their vehicles glowing white, and then they released beams of searing light which cut through the steam at the group, surrounded by clouds of razor-sharp needles... -
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Dreams of Revenge
Upper Hallway

Drake had been stunned into silence by the murals. They were entirely unexpected, but made for a welcome reprieve from the somewhat oppressive atmosphere that had thus far been present. He admired each and every detail of the artwork, appreciated each subtle choice that the creator had made. Briefly he forgot that he was an Imperial Guardsman working under an Inquisitor, far away from home and fighting Greenskins, and felt his fears melt away. Drake almost felt like he was back on Arcadeus, being tutored in the arts.

The appearance of children quickly shook him out of his reverie, but he hung back, silent. He didn't want to scare the children; a Guardsman probably cut an intimidating figure to kids even when they weren't in the employ of a shadowy agent of the Imperium. When the CAT appeared he had raised his Hotshot instinctively, worried that the Orks had yet another mechanical monstrosity in the wings. Thankfully, it was not to be.

For now he didn't dare utter a single word. The Inquisitor would have a far better idea of what to do than he would, he always did. Drake gripped his lasgun uncertainly, less than thrilled at the prospect of having to charge into the jaws of whatever awaited them. However, he understood that a Guardsman's duty was to die standing, if it came to it. A grim, but necessary task in these dark times.

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