The Aquila and the Rising Sun--The Imperium of Man Comes to Gensokyo:

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Milady, if I may?

Yes, Sakuya?

If the two of us were to use our combination Spell Card, we would be able to traverse the battlefield unhindered until we reached the location of the distress call.

Remilia nodded slowly. The two had developed a special Spell Card over the years, inspired by the double finisher employed by Princess Houraisan and her doctor. However, it was only good for one use; it would take them to the beacon, but not back again. If it turned out to be a trap, they would be stranded on their own. Also, it would disable from using it the rest of the mission, and it was a very useful spell.

...however, what was the use of a such a high-level spell if she never played it?

She turned to Arcturus.

Arcturus, Sakuya and I will go alone. We will require no covering fire on our way there. Once we have reached the site of the beacon, we will report back and plan for our return. However, we will require an exit to the outside through which we can leave unhindered.
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Arcturus looked quite surprised at "young" vampire's suggestion.

"Are you sure?"

Then something clicked, and he nearly smirked as he corrected himself.

"...How silly of me. Of course you are. It should not be difficult for you to leave from another level. The drones out there will likely be focused on this particular entrance a little while now that we escaped them."

He wanted to add that the rest of them would come running if anything went wrong, but that was reassurance the newly minted Inquisitor didn't need.

"Governor Mortis. You may question my wisdom in urging to send someone to the beacon, and indeed you are right to. This decision is not guided by reason and good sense, I am afraid. So forgive my sentimentality, but I will not in good conscience throw my support behind any motion to potentially sacrifice more lives 'just to be safe'. I have seen quite enough of that before."

He makes a small gesture towards Sakuya and Remilia.

"Besides, as you may have noticed, the decision is no longer mine."

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There was quiet, as no one wished to speak against the two Inquisitors. In the end, Remilia just nodded and started walking. She smiled to her sister, as if to say that she would be right back, then she was gone, not looking back.

As she passed through a doorway, she took a deep breath of air after having left the tense situation behind. She hoped that it would not come to blows back there while she was away. Not having Sakuya or herself there would perhaps make Bickerstaff believe that he had the upper hand, and try to attack. It was terrible thought, but she almost hoped that the forces of Chaos would attack again, forcing them to put the feud on hold while they fought the warpspawn.

However, she discarded those thoughts for now. She had taken on an important mission, and it would not do to let herself be sidetracked. With Sakuya leading the way through the corridors, they found another exit, safely secured. The corrupted Chaos-machines were not watching this one, but that did not mean that they would not come the moment they sensed movement or picked up on the heat-signatures of the vampire and the maid. They would have to move fast.

Opening the door only for the space of half a minute, the two rushed outside, making sure that the door shut behind them. Immediately, the drones started to head their way. But Remilia and Sakuya were prepared. Remilia took Sakuya's soft left hand in her own smaller one. The twin Spell Cards already prepared, they raised the enchanted pieces of paper up high at the same time and deployed the Spell Card.

World Sign The Coils of Chronos and Ananke

Time stopped.

Everything went quiet. Completely quiet. Silence rushed in, filling the air and deafening the senses. White and grey shadows painted everything around them as they entered a world of their own. The corrupted machines froze in the air, left stranded by time.

A band had appeared around the hands of Remilia and Sakuya, stretching up and coiling itself up their arms. It looked like a serpent's body, and the scales were eerily cold to the touch. Slowly, the ends started melting away, burning away time as they made their way down their arms. When the ends met, the spell would finish, and time would return.

Remilia looked at her servant. Even after all these years, Sakuya kept surprising her. The vampire had only walked in this silent world outside of time three times, and every time, the unnerving silence and unnatural stillness disturbed her. Yet there was no sign of discomfort on Sakuya's perfectly serene face. The maid might just as well have been walking the hallways of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, so perfectly at ease did she seem.


Her voice called Remilia back to reality. Her mind had been wandering again.

Yes. Let's fly.

The pair took off, and holding each others arms, they flew out into the open air of the silent planet. It was a strange sight to behold. Even this ravaged and Chaos-infested hive was quiet, almost serene. The grey-white shadows painted the Imperial Hive World in their colour, making it look like a black and white picture of the Imperium's glory. Here and there, Remilia could make out the signs of the forces of Chaos, and she did not like having to fly past them without doing anything.

Their destination was clear, however. And soon they would arrive at where the distress signal had come from.
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Something had happened...

Jania awoke with a start. Then she cursed herself for falling asleep. Something could have sneaked up on her while she dozed.

She wasn't a space marine, a being who could go on fighting constantly for weeks at a time. She was human and she needed her sleep damnit!

But something had woken her up. Jaina carefully eased her head up to look down the hallway that led into the shrine. So far, it seemed that no further chaos forces were pushing in, but something had happened.

She moved then, positioning herself behind the Heavy Bolter as she kept it leveled on the hallway. She also made note of the various grenades she had piled up beside her. They would come in handy if she got rushed again.

Something was coming...

Jaina aimed the Heavy Bolter to one side of the doorway and waited...
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Spotting no enemies, Remilia and Sakuya landed outside the shrine. Together, they looked inside the Shrine, carefully picking their way through the bodies of the Warpspawn that had fallen in the previous assaults. Remilia smiled when she saw the Sister frozen in time with her Bolter at the ready. So far, so good. Of course, she could merely be bait or possibly a traitor, but Remilia trusted her instincts.

However, appearing right in front of the trained combatant would most likely just startle her. Carefully, Remilia and Sakuya retraced their steps, standing out of Jania's field of view, but still some distance inside the Shrine. Then, they let go of each others hands.

Colour returned to the world, and Remilia was relieved as the hum of life finally became audible again. Sakuya kept an eye on the exit as the vampire inquisitor hid her wings and carefully raised her voice.

Hello? Is there anyone there?
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Jaina cocked the Heavy Bolter at the voice that called out from the end of the passage. She carefully aimed the weapon in the general direction of the voice and bellowed (in her best pissed off battle sister that doesn't have enough caffeine voice),

“Halt and declare yourself. I've killed enough Emperor Damned heretics today but I'm always willing to add more bodies to the count!”

Okay, that sounded suitably defiant. She hoped it would work in scaring off these new heretics...assuming they were heretics. She hadn't seen any other friendly faces since her fellow sisters had fallen.
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— Throughout his long service in the Imperial Guard, from simple guardsman to stormtrooper sergeant, Corollianus knew that he would be subject to obeying the orders of far greater individuals, all without question. Superior officers and Commissars were the first of those he worked under with that idea in mind. Obeying the former was an obligated mandate, obeying the latter a question of whether he wanted to keep body and soul as one. That had been only the tip of the iceberg, though. Inquisitors were worked under with both ideas in mind. He had heard of whole companies of men entering into their service, and never being seen again, even when the Inquisitor was. He had heard that they were the ones who truly made things go, under His will. He had even heard that they were the ones who watched worlds burn.

Needless to say, when he had been picked for service by one Inquisitor Arcturus years ago, the ageing stormtrooper had been taken it with the resignation all Cadians who survived into adulthood felt when they were sent on suicidal missions. Here he was, a tool of one of the most dangerous individuals in the Imperium, yet another henchmen to keep the enemies of Man of his back.

What he saw then had surprised him. While his new employer was often professional on the job (taunting beings much larger and more powerful than he excepted), his behaviour off the job nearly bewildered him. Aside from his Saintly wife and how Anestor had been asked to treat her (he'd been surprised enough to ask, fortunately, before the impulse to genuflect could hit) , the Inquisitor also had a peculiar affinity with a trio of the famed Gensokyo abhumans. The two "Vampires" he treated almost like his very own daughters, even though Trogg was closer to being human than they. The core Retinue was more like a family than just an Inquisitorial team of killers. Ruthless as any such team should be, but also fair in jurisdiction and prudence. Half of all the rumours fell to nothing after just a year working for them.

Sergeant Corollianus Anestor was loyal to his employer on a personal level. He was a retainer of this family, these strange servants of the Emperor. So it was only natural that he had taken up the grudge of the Inquisitor, towards the other, Bickerstaff. The man was just about everything a zealot should be, then pushed beyond even that. His followers were like-minded, from what he could see, or at least one was vocal about it. Worse than all of them was the Blank, the wiry, dead-eyed monster. Just being in the same room as the thing was almost as bad as being within striking distance of the Rot. That weird combat servitor was almost a relief, by contrast.

He stood at one of the corners of the room, watching the blast doors past them, ready to fire if any of them so much as twitched wrong. As far as he was concerned, the other team were marked as enemy combatants under armistice. A single word from Arcturus, and the battle would be joined. Now would be a poor time for the feud to turn hot again, but Corollianus was taking no chances. He hadn't switched targets fast enough to deny the daemon engines advance, but he would have no trouble now.

His employer and fellow retainers spoke to each other what the governor advised, versus the distress signal sent out from afar. While it would indeed be far less risky staying in here than mounting an expedition to the source, it was unlikely that Arcturus would permit the death of a potential survivor. That, and from what the old stormtrooper could see, Governor Mortis would be far better off in a psyk-soothe ward than commanding the defences of this place.

Things looked just about settled, when the new Lady Inquisitor and her knife-maiden vanished with not so much as a "poof". Hidden as his face was behind the helmet, Corollianus allowed himself a faint smile.

She's learned well.

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I am Inquisitor Remilia Scarlet, of the Ordo Malleus. We have come to help you.

Remilia hoped the Sister would believe her words. Sometimes, when meeting with squads that had been fighting demons for a long time and endured countless ruses and attempts at trickery, it could be hard to prove beyond reasonable paranoia that you were not just another attempt at their life.
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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
Outside of the chapel, Adept Luca of the Primus Observatii paused. The Dark Mechanicum tech-priestess' augmetic sensors had returned a discrepancy; mere nanoseconds earlier, her scans had revealed the disappointing fact that the house of worship contained only a single lifeform. Now, however, two more were suddenly and inexplicably present; they had simply appeared over the course of a nanosecond, far more quickly than even a teleport could have accounted for. Furthermore, she had not detected any sort of energy build-up prior to or following the appearance of these two newcomers; however they had managed their entrance, they had not done so by conventional methods.

Adept Luca brought up a hand, and the skitarii following in her wake came to an immediate halt; the gesture had been redundant, as she could have issued the command wirelessly in the blink of an eye, but it gave her time to think and assess the situation. Further scans indicated that the two unknowns deviated from 'baseline' humanity significantly, one moreso than the other; abhumans, perhaps?

Intrigued, the young woman's spread wide in a predatory grin. Most interesting...perhaps the abhumans had been able to appear so suddenly due to a quirk in their genetic make-up...a quirk which, perhaps, could be isolated, dupicated and exploited given careful study. This would certainly be a great deal more fun than simply ending the life of a lone Sororitas; she was certain

+Revise orders,+ the dark priestess transmitted to her cohort. +New targets labeled as primary objective [acquisition]; they are to be captured intact, preferably still alive, for dissection and/or vivisection. Original target now labeled as secondary objective [termination]; chapel structure labeled as tertiary objective [demolition/desecration]. Confirm receipt of new objectives.+

+Objectives confirmed,+ came the wordless reply of fifteen black-robed tech-guard.

+Then we may proceed. Commence operation. Armature-Tonarus, you may begin.+

Some distance behind Adept Luca and the dark skitarii under her command, the monstrous form of the daemon engine known simply as Armature-Tonarus pawed the ground in anticipation. Finally, it hissed, shuddering and trembling with barely-repressed bloodlust as it trained its weapons on the ponderous front gates of the chapel. Immediately the tech-priestess and her subordinates parted and moved behind the towering war machine, giving it a clear field of fire while at the same time removing themselves from danger; it simply would not do for Halgalor Septim's favoured acolyte to get herself killed by friendly fire, after all...

As the weapons of Armature-Tonarus began to power up, they let out a piercing, metallic whine so high-pitched as to make teeth resonate painfully in sympathy and bones to shudder, and Adept Luca could barely manage to repress a shudder of distaste; even with sonic dampners in place, she could still feel the nauseating effects of the Debaser's weaponry. She had never been fond of the sonic weaponry favoured by the minions of the Prince of Excess; there was no skill, no artistry to them, and more often than not they produced collateral damage that was simply unacceptable in her eyes.

Still, in this case such collateral damage could be overlooked; soon, there would be one less temple to the False-Emperor blighting the face of the galaxy...

Then Armature-Tonarus fired, and all thought and all other sound was immediately obliterated as a single, ear-splitting bass note tore through the air and blew the chapel doors off their damn hinges:

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Jaina was about to bellow to let her see the Inquisitor’s sigil of office when some idiot blew the doors off the chapel.

Ironically, her first through was not that she was going to kill all the bastards (that was the second one), it was that putting those doors back on would take damn near forever, considering how heavy they were.

Back to business.

Whatever had blown the doors off had used Sonic Weaponry. And sonic weaponry was pretty limited in which chaos faction used it. Her ears were still ringing, even through her helmet.

Shifting the Heavy Bolter, Jaina aimed right out the doors, right into the face of the thing that had blown the doors off. She squeezed the trigger, sending a flurry of bolts screaming out of the dust that had kicked up when the doors hit the ground and right into the Defiler's 'face'.

She bellowed to the 'Inquisitor',

“Actions speak louder than words here!”
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Remilia winced as the sonic blast left her dazed for a moment. Sakuya did not look much better, but they both recovered once the sound has passed.

The Gungnir materialized in Remilia's hand, and she found herself a good position near the doors. Equipping a grenade in her off-hand, she waited for a moment to see what their enemies would do. To show off her magic abilities right away would put her at a strategical disadvantage. Sakuya stretched her mask over her mouth and disappeared into the shadows.

Now then, what would it be? The declaration of war had come forth, but what would be the first move?
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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
As the dust cleared and Sister Jaina opened fire, the forces arrayed against them gradually came into sight; of the Heretek forces, however, only one was readily apparent, the others having taken advantage of the confusion of the initial attack to conceal themselves.

The Debaser was an utterly horrendous thing, a six-legged monstrosity of gangrenous metal and corroded flesh that seemed to glisten in the smoky light as though it were covered in a thick sheen of unwholesome secretions. Painted in varying hues of black, purple and gold, the daemon engine of Slaanesh was difficult to focus on; the angles which made up its vaguely-crustacean form were so sharp and harsh that they made the eyes water, and sinister runes that had been inscribed into its armoured plates with meticulous, mathematical precision seemed to flow and writhe across its heat-blurred form like a vast nest of glow worms or the seething cracks in a flow of magma.

Thanks to the strange optical distortion which seemed to hang over Armature-Tonarus, not all of Sister Jaina's bolt rounds managed to strike the possessed warmachine's face; some instead struck its torso chassis, while others went wide to detonate against the side of a hablock across from the chapel. Those that did hit the daemon engine's distorted visage made the monstrosity move back half a step, as though it were taken aback at being attacked in this fashion.

You would dare to marr the perfection of a servant of the Dark Prince? it hissed, its words underscored by the harsh sound of metal scraping against metal as it trembled faintly in barely-repressed anger. Such an affront cannot be endured! Come then, daughter of the Corpse-God; I shall teach you the exquisite agonies such that only the Lord of Excess can provide.

Once again, an ear-splitting metallic whine began to build as the Debaser's sonic weapons started powering up; as the daemon engine prepared to attack, a black-robed figure edged out from one side of the sundered door frame and hurled what was clearly some manner of grenade towards Remilia, Sakuya and Jaina before swiflty ducking back into cover.
There was a pause, as though Governor Mortis were about to contest Arcturus' decision; as Remiliar left, however, the former Inquisitor left out a heavy sigh that made clear he understood the futility of arguing with a member of the holy Ordos.

"Very well, Inquisitor," said Mortis. "I shall respect your decision, and that of your former acolyte, my personal sentiments on the matter notwithstanding. I would ask Lord Inquisitor Bickerstaff for his thoughts on the matter, however..."

He began to say more, but at that moment the faint sussurations of white noise began creeping into the channel; at the same time, the floor trembled slightly beneath the feet of the two Inquisitors and their retinues. Zee glanced at the ground, frowning; the tremor had been brief and barely noticeable, but for a building as enormous and as sturdy as the governor's palace to have experienced such a tremor at all likely meant that whatever had caused it had been very strong indeed.

"What was that?" she asked of no one in particular.

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Sister Jaina didn't respond to the Chaos monstrosities taunts and threats, even though she would have loved to shout down the insane creation.

Instead she was spending too much time ducking as the grenade flew inside. Okay, sticking her head up at this point was suicide. And she really didn't want to die. So she improvised. She wedged the Heavy Bolter in place, pointing out the door, and then she reached over to one of the sacred tables and grabbed a broken candle stick holder that had been lying there since it had been smashed by a stay shot.

Then she wedged it into the trigger guard of the heavy weapon, which caused it to start blazing away out the door in the general direction of the enemy.

Now she had to plan to get out of here. While the Heavy Bolter continued its random firing out the door, Jaina was moving to her Canoness' body. With only a slight hesitation, she took the Inferno Pistol and the sacred blade and their scabbards/holsters and managed to attach them to her waist. She couldn't leave these behind.

Nor could she let the enemy claim her sister's bodies.

So she had a backup plan. She moved as fast as her power armored legs could go, splitting up the piles of grenades, melta-charges, and remaining ammunition she wouldn't need in the four corners of the room. Then she grabbed the only krak grenade left and held it in her right hand as she made her way back to the heavy bolter. It was almost out of ammunition. She shouted to the smaller figures,

“We need an exit out of here and we need it fast!”
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Dreams of Revenge
Drake darted back a few steps as he felt the floor begin to tremor. Fearing the worst, the Guardsman aimed his weapon at the floor (or rather where he thought the source of the vibrations would be) and murmured, " Not again... "

Silon, for his part, glowered at the ground as though that might force the earth to cease its' shenanigans, and when that failed to work he tensed, ready to react if something unfortunate should happen.
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Arcturus' expression remained unreadable as his mind ran the possibilities.

Explosives? Probably wouldn't affect vox all the way up here. Warp-related? Maybe. With the inhibitor and Emperor damned Silon in place I wouldn't be able to tell if Magnus the Red himself was standing behind me, looming shadow notwithstanding. Enemy forces outside? I hope not. I really do. Either that or there is some rather powerful machinery waking to life down here somewhere.

...It's probably not a good thing that I can't come up with a single optimistic prediction for this situation.


Alright, -one- attempt.

The Techpriests have probably made a fantastic technological discovery that solves every single one of our problems on both a local and a galactic scale, preferably without me or anybody else I give a damn about getting shot at or otherwise assaulted. Lord knows my medical record is already looking like a casualty listing from a major engagement. Actually, make that without our intervention entirely, and just direct us all to a nice, classy, comfortable lounge or something. Someplace with something to drink and without that stench of death haunting the premises. It's a bloody palace, it can't just be filled entirely with gunmetal grey corridors and ancient, foreboding architecture. Oh, and the amazing discovery is a weapon that causes all of our enemies everywhere to commit ritual mass suicide, that would be absolutely peachy.

Hang on. I screwed that up. Nothing involving Chaos and ritualized suicide is ever good.

That entire train of thought was just terrible from the first ten words in, anyway.

I need to stop spacing out like a peasant.

He hoped his neutral expression had held up during the few seconds he was distracted. And if he didn't have to accomodate Darius' input, he certainly wouldn't complain.

"...Whatever it was, we need to find out, want to or not. Governor, are you still there? Do we have clearance to the dig site?"

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Sakuya reacted instantly, and a spark of time magic flashed from the Lunar Dial to stop the grenade mid-flight.

We have twelve seconds.

This way, Sister. We shall head through the east wall.

The Sister was secure, but they were far from safe beyond that. The situation outside was too dangerous to call for Arcturus and the Lysander. And they were in a very disadvantageous spot in here as long as the cannon was outside.

Remilia rushed towards the east wall, readying her weapon. The enemy had great forces outside, but if they could break through the enemy lines and disable the cannon, Arcturus could help them clean up the rest.

Are you in fighting condition, Sister?
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“I'm Fine!” Jania shouted,

“But the shrine is coming down!” Jania slung the Flamer she had grabbed and pulled the Inferno Pistol from its holster on her hip. She hoped to the Golden Throne the thing worked.

See, she hadn't exactly seen her Canoness use the blasted thing, so she didn't know if she was hauling around a live weapon or dead weight. Hefting the pistol sized melta gun, Jania pointed towards the wall,

“I'll blast a hole then you run! In ten seconds there won't be a shrine to hide in! The dust will obscure us when the structure collapses.”
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Remilia nodded.

Sakuya, take care of the Sister and try to find somewhere safe. I will try to call in the Lysander.

Yes, milady.

Remilia readied herself, gathering magic power to blast out of the opening.

Ready when you are, Sister.
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Crazed Lawrencian
— Brother Terminator Avant Morrowheim did not approve of the situation at present. The forces of Chaos were outside, baying for flesh and souls, in numbers uncountable. He and the Lord Inquisitor were made to stay in this blighted corridor, part of what was surely the last bastion of His will on this planet, unable to do anything at present. Worse, the Lord Inquisitor's Retinue was not alone here. The wretched Inquisitor Arcturus and his band were standing across from him, and it rankled severely that he could not bring the Emperor's Mercy upon their heretical hides.

As an Argent Crusader, Morrowheim was a man of piety and righteous hatred, moreso than a goodly number of the Adeptus Astartes. It was why he had volunteered his service to the like-minded Lord Inquisitor, whose zeal and determination made him a righteous man worthy of following. He knew, like an ideal Inquisitor should, where heresy was to be found and dispatched it with swift brutality. Admittedly, some of the man's other followers were strange (and in the case of the Blank, abominable), but the Terminator had no doubts in Bickerstaff's judgement, nor did he find their loyalty suspect. They were all righteous servants of His Majesty the Emperor.

On the other side of the hallway stood the would-be arch-heretic Arcturus. While the man had worthy deeds to his name, his heresies out numbered them significantly. Worst of them all was his ghastly mismanagement of the Gensokyo Primaris Crusade. A world with soil from Holy Terra itself, blessedly still inhabited by humans... but also tainted irrevocably by the swarm of vile mutants, xenos, and heretics surrounding them. It would have been better to save them in blessed fire and purification than to leave them be, so that their souls could at least be reunited with the Emperor's grace. But no. Instead, Arcturus had worked alongside them as allies, making those troops at his disposal do the same. Alongside the insane fool Thomas and the still-traitorous Marines of the Steel Judicators, the arch-heretic murdered the Lord Inquisitor's own son, and signed treaties of peace and recruitment with the indigines soon after, becoming a hero amongst their wretched race all while noble blood stained his fingers.

More abominable still, he recruited vampiric monsters from the past, their blasphemous existence plain as day to the Terminator. Their forms meant little to him. They were as human as the calumnious parasite xenos he had fought not long ago, and were just as deserving of His purifying Mercy. Further, their maidservant, human though she appeared, had a great wrongness in her control of matters temporal, power which looked to him more feats of a daemon than those of a psyker. The Indigines' magic was a heresy all its own, seemingly drawing no power from the Empyrean, and unworkable by many loyal Imperials. Those Guardsmen whom worked with the Inquisitor were little better, following the man without question, and even with loyalty!

Vexing too was the Inquisitor's wife, Saint Zelenin. Morrowheim had meditated a great deal on how to regard this most powerful of Arcturus' allies, whose affiliation and past told him that she must be destroyed with the rest, but whose holiness was true and worthy. This was the sole major point where the Terminator thought the Lord Inquisitor was incorrect. The woman had clearly been chosen by the Emperor to be one of his Living Saints, and who was he assert that the Master of Mankind would choose one of the unworthy for such a state? No, as far as he could cipher, the Saint was under the foul influence of her husband, honoring her marriage over the natural task of seeing such a heretic for what he was. An open heart, like an open mind, was not unlike a fortress with its gates unbarred and ill-guarded, after all. The solution would be a simple one, and would only rid His service of a traitor, not a chosen servant.

The floor shuddering neath his feet shook him from his thoughts. He readied his storm bolter, eyeing the door.

" Your orders, Lord Inquisitor?"

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Jaina fired the Inferno Pistol, halfway thinking the damn gun might explode in her hands. Luckily, the thing worked as advertised, creating a bright white light as it literally melted the wall out of the way. The edges of the stone was reduced to a pale orange slag as Jaina leaped through, landing in a roll and coming up, pistol held at the ready. She gestured for the two smaller beings to follow her.

It was at that moment, as the Skitarri charged into the shrine and the three still loyal beings exited, that Jaina's improvised bombs went off.

It shattered every last window in the place, and each corner of the massive structure shot outwards as the various melta charges and left over explosives went off in one massive BANG. The building started to collapse when the steeple, bearing a stone carving of Him on Earth in an upraised poise, started to topple forwards...putting the chaos machine and all enemies around it in shadow as it slowly, ever so slowly, started to topple.
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Wait, he isn't dead! Shia Surprise!
Outside of the chapel, Adept Luca would have blinked had she still possessed eyelids. Again, her sensors had picked up that peculiar discrepancy; scant nanoseconds earlier their primary and secondary targets had all been located within the killzone, and if nothing else the latter of them should have proven easy prey for the pulsar grenade one of her skitarii cohorts had hurled into the breach with mathematical precision. Now, however, in the time it would have taken for a single neuron to fire the three targets were not only no longer in their killbox but not even within the chapel itself; they were currently moving away from a hole in the east wall that had not been there a picosecond ago.

She did not have long to puzzle over this quandary, for at that moment a series of detonations rang out from within the chapel; the dark priestess raised a hand to shield her optic sensors and what remained of her organic face from the dust which blew out through the doorway, and then she looked up with what might have been dread as the awful groaning several hundred tonnes of steel and masonry which had suddenly found themselves bereft of support filled the streets. The edifice was coming down, and if her calculations were correct its steeple—wrought in the hateful image of the Corpse-God—was following a trajectory that would see it landing atop her task force, crushing them all to paste beneath its immense bulk.

There was no time to wonder how such an impossibility had happened; such questions could wait until she was out of danger, assuming that the adept and her warriors survived the next few seconds.

+Armature-Tonarus, destroy this debris!+ she canted frantically. +All other units, disengage and fall back immediately! Abort mission!+

Her skitarii immediately moved to comply, wordlessly turning and running as quickly as their genhanced and cybernetically-augmented musculatures could manage; and the Debaser, though growling with fury and anger at its would-be victims managing to escape, brought up its sonic cannons to take aim at the plummeting effigy.

Again came an earsplitting BZAAAAAMMMM!!! as the horrendous daemon engine's primary weapon discharged, deadly waves of hypersonic noise erupting from its barrel to obliterate all other sound as they streaked towards their target.

Being a steeple, the statue of the Emperor was understandably hollow; it had been built to inspire the tawdry masses who inhabited this hive, not to withstand significant bombardments from heavy artillery. It shattered as the invisible sonic bolt slammed into it, fragmenting into a thousand shards which tumbled this way and that, turning something that would have crushed Adept Luca and her forces into a more-or-less harmless rain of debris. The priestess and her dark skitarii were thus able to escape without significant injury, but the same could not be said of the Debaser; the daemon engine's efforts had left its reserves of power drained, and before it could charge up its sonic weapons for a second blast an enormous chunk of the chapel itself fell upon Armature-Tonarus, squashing the abominable war machine like a bug.

Several blocks from the destroyed church, Adept Luca finally ordered her force to halt with a snarl of furious binaric cant. The mission had been a colossal failure; not only had they failed to complete their primary and secondary objectives, but their tertiary objective had only been accomplished because of their targets' own actions; to make matters worse, the Primus Observatii had just lost one of their newest and most potent daemon engines.

"Lord Septim will not be pleased," she muttered under her breath...
In answer to Arcturus' question, there came only the hiss of white noise; were he listening intently, the Inquisitor might have caught brief snatches of what might have been heavily-muffled screams or gunshots over the vox. The floor shook once again, far more forcefully this time, and when it stopped a dull, descending whine split the air as every light in the corridor suddenly went out.

With the sudden darkness came a sudden in-rush of sensation, ones that Zee knew all too well; though muted by the nauseating field produced by Darius' loyal blank assassin, her psi-senses had returned.

"This isn't good..."
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Arcturus too felt the sudden reactivation of his senses, and while that in and of itself was comforting, what it signified was certainly not.

"...Whatever just happened, the Inhibitor is is offline - it's been the only thing that allowed this place to be defended successfully."

The Inquisitor's face tightened into an expression of grim focus.

"We have little time. We have to get down to the STC and extract it before they can trap us here."

Or destroy it, if there is no other option.

He hurries over to the cargo lift at the end of the hallway and summons it, still hearing the swarm of daemon engines outside.

"We can not allow the Lysander to get destroyed or fall into enemy hands. I'll need some of you to get back there and keep it secure. Volunteers?"

Even as he asked the question, he brought a finger to his earpiece to browse through the remaining Guard and PDF vox bands - if there were any defenders remaining, he should be able to listen in. Every asset would count.

When in deadly danger,

When beset by doubt,

Run in little circles,

Wave your arms and shout.
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— Immediately, Corollianus stood to attention, ready to move at the Inquisitor's word. Much as he disliked the idea of leaving his employer anywhere near the other Inquisitor without a little extra firepower, their exit needed to be protected now that everything was beginning to come down. —

"Sir. Will not let them pass."
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Remilia noted herself the destruction the statue had inflicted upon the enemy forces. That would buy them some time. She activated her voxcom and tried to contact Arcturus.

Arcturus. This is Remilia. We have found a survivor, a Sister of Battle who seems to be untainted. There are daemonic forces nearby, but we are in the clear for now. We will start to make our way back to you. What is your situation?
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"I will trust you to keep the defense of my ship organized, sergeant."

As the cargo lift arrived, Arcturus stepped on board and tuned in to the customary channel for communications between the retinue members in time to hear Remilia's message.

"Remilia, Arcturus here. Situation's taken a turn for the worse, the psy-Inhibitor is offline and governor Mortis is unresponsive. Will make an attempt to extract the STC, in all probability the enemy will now converge on our location in far greater numbers than previously possible. If you can't reach us while we're underground, I suggest you head for the ship."

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When in deadly danger,

When beset by doubt,

Run in little circles,

Wave your arms and shout.

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