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Warcraft 4: A New Age Interest check/ signups:

 1 Makugan, Sun, 2nd Jan '11 7:29:07 AM from Somewhere in the world Get RP Mod
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This will be set after World of Warcraft: Cataclysm and for the purpose of the thread, lets just say that Deathwing has been defeated, as he would interfere too much in the game.

In the wake of the Cataclysm, the whole of Azeroth was scarred for eternity. With the defeat of Deathwing, the Alliance and Horde finally come to true realisation about what has happened to their land. This will be the spark that is to finally set of a total war between the alliance and horde.

Garrosh Helscream, current ruler of the horde, has prepared the horde for a major attack on the Alliance. A mix of the races of the Horde have double attacked, Stormwind and Gilneas. The reason being that of their lushous surrounding landscape and Garrosh's hatred for humans. Elsewhere there has been a conflict in Uldum for the Alliance of the Tol'vir, neither faction being able to gain advantage over them. The Tol'vir have been caught in the middle of this battle and have teemed together for their own survival as rage absorbs their once peaceful land. Alliances will be made! Pacts will be broken! Come one and all to Warcraft 4: A New Age!

Warcraft 4: A New Age will be divided up into 3 threads, the battle for stormwind, the gilneas front, and the Uldum wars. I will start off with one of these threads (The Uldum wars, it being the most eventful) and if it is succesful enough I will make the other two available. Please note that this will not be like World of Warcraft, You play as your main character (and you can be allowed 2 characters if you wish, there will also be extras, for example, if you play as goblin, you may be paired with a hobgoblin) but you will be allowed to control trash otherwise this would be a very tiny battle (E.G orc grunts or Human footmen). For purposes of the Game you will start at level 85 and you dont have to say what you cast you can for example, say, if you where a mage '(name) aims his hand at (so-and-so) and fires a jet of flame from his hand at them'. Here's a template as to make things easier.

Name: Gender: Race: Class:(hunter, etc, etc) faction: (this is for like extra races, extra races require approval, for example a tribe of murlocs and you play the chief, now thats unlikely to gain approval, but its there, you may chose from alliance, horde ot survival, survival is where you fight for your lives as your caught in the middle of the catastrophe, or some other means) Pet:(only available to classes or races who can do this thing (remember the goblin hobgoblin)) Description: (what you look like)Equipment: (you dont need to go into too much depth with your armour, but you may need to with your weapons) mounts:(obvious) (please remind me if theres anything I missed)

Tol'vir are not banned, but you cannot ally with the alliance or horde, I may add more rules in another post, as I think things up and remember other things I've forgotten.

The question is, would anyone be interested?

 2 Makugan, Tue, 4th Jan '11 12:41:11 PM from Somewhere in the world Get RP Mod
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I suppose that mounts should be able to atrack as well, unless anyone has an objection. Also, one of the general rules I forgot to mention. When attacking, you post what you want to do, then your enemy posts whether it hits or not. Please note that this rule doesn't apply for the trash that people control. Any questions?

Christmas Pikachu.
Yeah, sure, I'd be interested. Heres my character sheet.

Name: Charles 'charlie' Silvermane Gender: male Race: Worgen (worgen can have human names as well you know) Class: beast mastery hunter Pet:(what're those two headed hound pets called? Gore hounds?) Appearance: standard worgen really. Equipment: Dwarf-made combat gun, a frost axe and a dagger. Mail armour. Mount: drake of the north wind and a razashi raptor.

Would that be ok, i didnt really do good weapon description but it is hard.

 4 Makugan, Wed, 5th Jan '11 5:12:00 AM from Somewhere in the world Get RP Mod
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Approved, next!

By the way, I shall be playing as a Tol'vir character in the first thread.

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