Final Fantasy Type-0:

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Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon
Is this what Nomura teased?
Jonah Falcon
3 dmysta300030th Dec 2010 09:24:41 AM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Big Smoky
Inb4 all of the "lol FFXIII sux" comments. tongue

But seriously, I think that this could just be Final Fantasy XV. Though a sequel to XIII would be nice....

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Jonah Falcon
Could be a strategy/RPG for a handheld like Tactics.
Jonah Falcon
Hmmmm....."Type 0" seems to be written in a Military Game-font.
6 Bur30th Dec 2010 10:03:15 AM from Flyover Country , Relationship Status: Not war
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Dang. I was hoping for some kind of Final Fantasy "patient zero" plague scenario.
i. hear. a. sound.
7 Customer30th Dec 2010 01:44:26 PM from Georgia , Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
Though a sequel to XIII would be nice....

I thought there were supposed to be two other XIIIs (Versus and some other game with a latin title)... Did they stop production of them? And yes, I'm aware these aren't actual sequels to the main XIII and are more or less like side stories.

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You mean Agito? They're still going, actually. Info on the series here.
Speculation at this point is useless. With only a name and logo (and only in one region!), it could well end up unreleased. We all remember Chrono Break, right?
At least this has a logo.
The Leading Man
I'd rather get Versus XIII then another true sequel.

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I don't know, I think XIII is pretty well set up for a sequel. With all of the world-building done, they'd have room for a decent plot.
13 IndirectActiveTransport30th Dec 2010 05:14:45 PM from Chicago , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
You Give Me Fever
Another one? Already?
That's why he wants you to have the money. Not so you can buy 14 Cadillacs but so you can help build up the wastes
Left Eye
"Could be a strategy/RPG for a handheld like Tactics."

They're already doing that with Tactics Ogre.
15 Rebochan30th Dec 2010 07:00:47 PM from Soaking up Rays
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So. From the article.

It appears Square Enix has another Final Fantasy spinoff in the works. By searching Europe’s trademark database, we discovered Final Fantasy Type-0.

Yea, that's DEFINITELY worthy of a whole news article! A trademark! In Europe! Clearly, this is a game announcement that has tons of details forthcoming.

...nobody in the gaming press really does care that they just make up the news, do they? - Filthy Digital Ramblings, musings on media.
16 thatother1dude30th Dec 2010 07:35:37 PM from continuous state of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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[up][up]But that's just a remake.

[up]How is that making something up? It's not even a whole article, just three short paragraphs.
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This could be XIII-2, XV, another installment of Co FFVII (VII's the only one in the series that did that Blade Runner kanji-mixed-with-english thing), another portable spinoff, anything. Keeping my fingers crossed that it's XIII-2, though. There's so many Sequel Hooks in XIII's ending, it's ridiculous.
The Leading Man
I just traded in FFXIII and a couple of others to get Brotherhood for free.

Worth it.
19 Customer30th Dec 2010 08:17:55 PM from Georgia , Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
Something tells me I'm gonna have to trade in my PS3 version of XIII and just buy the 360 version.
The Leading Man
Why would you do that?
21 Customer30th Dec 2010 08:22:28 PM from Georgia , Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
Because I still haven't bought a new PS3 yet (currently saving for a better laptop) and my save data is gone anyway.

Well, there are my player trophies or whatever that's associated with my PSN account, but I don't care about those.
The Leading Man
No, I mean why would you buy FFXIII again?
23 Customer30th Dec 2010 08:32:20 PM from Georgia , Relationship Status: Charming Titania with a donkey face
It wouldn't be the first time I've rebought games (i.e. some of my PSP games and then rebuying Bayonetta for the 360 after my PS3 died). And at this point I just want to be finished with XIII so I won't have to worry about spoilers anymore.
I've rebought plenty of games before, when I got the urge to play them again.
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25 Rebochan30th Dec 2010 08:51:02 PM from Soaking up Rays
I've got Sunshine!
Back to the op:

This could be a game. Or...this is exactly like Chrono Break - a trademark leading into a pile of nothing that the press trots out because they know fans desperate for news will give them hits. This is far more likely, since patents and trademarks are registered all the time and go nowhere. But they show up a lot during slow news cycles because it's a great way to pretend that a major game got announced with the right spin.

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