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Hello everybody. Sarge here. Just wanna let you know that my long-running RPG "The World Of Skara Brae" is once again accepting applications for new players.

This is medieval fantasy role playing: No steam-punk, no cyberpunk, no sci-fi. The game is set in a world that is about the technological equivalent of the early-to-middle part of medieval Europe, with some notible exceptions. Gnomes, the tinkerers and inventors of this world, used to frequent the lands of humans and elves in giant fantastic airships of their own design, but after the upheavals and wars of the last number of decades, the Gnomes have withdrawn to parts unknown. So, while one might find some rare and fantastic mechanical inventions of Gnomish design lying around, the Gnomes themselves seem to have gone away, taking most of the secrets of their inventions with them.

Player-characters must be within a certain power level: Any one player-character who is too much more powerful than the other player-characters will unbalance the game, so I have to be careful what kind of characters I allow and what kind I don't allow. We do not require your character to fit into a certain "class", but all the classic player-character types are open to you. From the soulful healer to the shadowy rouge and the mysterious mage, to all the fantastic medieval character types you can imagine, it's all good. I do allow players to play a non-human (or even non-humaniod) race, but I do draw the line at things that are inherently over-powered and thus game-breakers. So, while I can let you play a lizzardman, I'm not going to let you play as a dragon. Capiche?

To check out the game, go to and read the intro (the first post). Some of the initial player have left, so there's some opening you to join up, if you're interested.

To sign-up, say respond below with a brief outline of the character you'd like to play, and I'll let you know if the character you have in mind is acceptable or not. Happy role-playing!

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I'm debating whether or not to sign up.
Ah to hell with it, I'll sign up.

Name: Elarsarus Vinyigore, goes by El
Race: Elf
Personality: Elarsarus is quite chipper, always willing to joke about things, no matter how dire the situation. He has no reason for doing anything, other than that he thinks it's fun.
Appearance: Elarsarus is tall and thin. His skin is pale from months upon months of magical study. His eyes are a dull green and his ears point straight up, as expected. He wears blue robes and has a spellbook chained to his thigh. He carries a staff, a piece of warped ash topped with a red crystal.
History: Elarsarus grew up in a small elven community. He was taken care of by loving parents, taught in the ways of archery and swordsmanship. Life was good for young Elarsarus. Good and boring. He enrolled in a magical academy, as far from his home as he could find. He spent years practicing the arcane arts, focusing primarily on destructive spells. When he graduated, he took to the road and he now wanders the land, looking for adventure.
It's good to know one person has already signed up. Welcome aboard Monkeyface! (Though Sarge has yet to approve your character I just wanted to be welcoming...)

I just have to say that the players have put this RP to the direction of Deconstruction towards Heroic Fantasy, so it would be nice to have a genuinely happy character.
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Thanks for the warm welcome Jau. I've always found a niche in playing wizards who like to blow things up and characters who do everything on the principle that it's fun.
Edvin's gonna end up calling you Tim if you do.
Alrighty, Monkeyface (can I call you Monkeyface? I've always wanted to be able to do that without it being an insult.) Your Character is approved.

If you've read the last few pages of the RP, you've seen that our intrepid adventurers are currently sitting in a campfire about a hundred yards or so from the main road they had originally intended to be traveling on. They're recovering from the several fights and hostile encounters they've had since they set out earlier this in-game day. Although smoke from the campfire could be easily seen from the road, the campfire itself is not, due to intervening foliage and hills. The road itself leads from Glenarbour (the large sea-side port town that our heroes originally set out from) to Skara Brae City (capitol city of the Kingdom Of Skara Brae).

Time-wise, it's late in the afternoon on this fine early-spring day.

So, with this in mind, you can now think about how it is that one Elarsarus "El" Vinyigore shall meet up with the rest of the player-characters. Shall he wait until morning (which could be a very long time away in real-time) or shall he stumble upon them somehow? O Irt did you have something else in minmd? It's up to you. If you need me to throw an NPC or a monster your way to help move things along, PM me and we'll chat. Now get out there and role some plays.
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I'll just have him stumble across them.
Bump to prevent deletion...
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Hello. I join... to make Aaron smile. :P

Name: Deimos Polemistis

Race: Human

Age: 46

Occupation: Warrior - ex-mercenary

Personality: Deimos is a harsh, grizzled man, very blunt and to the point, to the point where it often gets mistaken for impoliteness. He is firmly committed to the ideals of justice (a true Lawful Good), but is not naive, having seen far too much combat for that, and is not afraid to shed blood. In combat, he is a deadly foe, picking out the enemy's weaknesses and striking there.

Appearance: He is an imposing, tall figure, with a black beard streaked with flecks of grey, like his hair. His eyes are cobalt blue and piercing. His complexion is tanned, and many scars cover his body, including a prominent one on his left cheek. He often wears golden armour, with an engraving of a stylized sun on the chestplate. When he speaks, it is in a harsh, uncompromising tone.

Background: Deimos has known bloodshed from an early age, having fought since young for survival. Born to a clan of warriors in a far-off land, at age thirteen he killed a man from a rival clan who was threatening his mother with his own sword. He later became one of the clan’s most successful generals, directing it in numerous victories – until they were all wiped out by a crushing attack by the forces of 7 other clans combined.

As the sole male survivor, he was taken prisoner along with the women and children, and was placed under horrific tortures – but finally managed to escape by killing both guards when they were unaware, using his bare hands. Stripped of his status and all that mattered to him, Deimos snuck out of the prison camp, the rest of the survivors already dead. He arrived in Skara Brae a mercenary for hire, doing several jobs from time to time, mostly for money, sometimes for food. Finally, he settled down for a life of peace after over a decade of work – but it was not to be. He was called on one last mission – and barely escaped with his life. He had angered powerful foes, and they in return took everything he had. Now he wanders once again, looking for anything that will sustain him and give purpose to his life.

Abilities: Deadly warrior. He fights with mostly crushing weapons like the mace and morningstar, and is deceptively fast and agile in combat, while being at a level of peak human fitness, strength and skill. He is a good tactician, and fights with a focused abandon of sorts - tricking the enemy into thinking that he's just another slow warrior - then snapping their necks with a well-timed blow. He has gathered many survival skills from his journeys, and has incredible fortitude and strength of will - but he does not possess magic of any kind, and is in all other respects a normal human.

Hope it's okay.

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Wow...someone signed up...I thought I would need to bump this thread before we got another player.

Anyways, welcome!
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Hello. We've met before. Your sig worked, by the way. smile

Will my signup be ok?

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13 TheSarge8th Jun 2011 09:16:15 PM from location, location Get RP Mod
Sorry I missed this. I wasn't checking this page for a long time. Signup approved!
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Thank you, Sarge.
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  • Name: Gerard Fendavinde

  • Race: Human

  • Occupation: Magic Knight

  • Personality: At times, he seems like the perfect little Nice Guy, always trying to do good for the sake of doing good, but at other times, in fact, most of the time, he is a much darker figure. He is Gerard, the Grandmaster of the Nimzian Order, a group of decidedly villainous people dedicated to exterminating evil in the land and enforcing their own variety of salvation, with Gerard as their Heroic Sociopath in chief. He maintains that Nice Guy personality as a part of his act, and as a part of a truly strange Memory Gambit he uses on himself. While he is committed to doing good, he has the track record of Luca Blight. He suffers in True Gerard form from Black and White Insanity, resulting from his sister being brutally stabbed in front of him when he was little, and the resulting Ax-Crazy resulted in a Dark Messiah dedicated to expunging all hints of the medieval world which resulted in the extremely political almost-murder of his sister. Almost murder? Kallua is alive, and he is insanely protective of her, keeping her inside a castle made of crystal to make sure she is never hurt again. And Good Gerard is very confused indeed as to why his sister has been entombed within that weird castle. He acts, though, no matter which personality is dominant, as a person one hundred percent sure of their righteousness. but for most of the RP, Gerard will be in Light Mode, and unaware he is even a Magic ANYTHING

  • Appearance: He is a very handsome looking man with dark blue hair, a snow flake shaped tattoo on his cheek, which only seems to arise when he becomes Dark Gerard. He is quite lithe and muscular, and seems to have a preference for tightly fitting black shirts, black pants, boots, and a Badass Longcoat with a color scheme of lighter blue and white, with red trim. He has a lot of scars on his back from his traumatic past and trying to protect his little sister from Sangou. He has very sincere blue eyes which match the drapes, but they become cold looking when he switches to Dark Gerard.

  • History: Gerard and his family were the only people in the history of a nation to the far south to master the infamous Light Magic called The Aura, which is very appropriately Battle Aura which can be used for a number of powerful attacks. It was due to this and the fear of retribution for an earlier wrong that a noble sent Sangou to kill them. Sangou almost succeeded until Gerard manifested The Aura stronger than anyone else in his family ever did, and he destroyed the whole area in a flash of energy. Ever since then, he gathered the Nimzian Order around himself, and formed the Ice Queen Castle with magic, and then he went and killed the Emperor of the southern country in one strike, when the Emperor was a famously powerful and avaricious, evil mage. Gerard has since gone deep underground, though he has left Phantom Knight in charge. His own men want him to just end the whole thing and come back, and as such, are pursuing him. Oh, and he is having nightmares about evil deeds done by...himself!?
Nick I see a few flaws in your sign-up. But my job isn't to point them out, my job is to report sign-ups to Sarge.

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You obviously put a lot of thought into your character, Nick. He'd make a good enemy for the group, if you'd be willing to play him that way.
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I did, and sorry I left so abruptly the last time, I...started college. So, homework was a bit of a chore.

As for playing him that way, he will be actually played two different ways, depending on the personality in control.

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OK, see if you can find a good place to work him in. I'll see if I can engineer an opportunity for you.
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Alright, thanks.
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Is this still open?'s rare we get another player.
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Nice. Then I shall just decide on which concept I want to use (perhaps the run-away noble)

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Always happy to see a new player who wants to join, Clawthewolf. Let us know when you decide what kind/type/style/etc. of character it is you want to play. You can PM me when you decide, that's usually the best way to get my attention.

In the meantime, you may want to read some of the story so far. We have 112 pages, and that's a lot to read. You may just want to read the first few entries on page 1 and then skip to the last entry on page 111.

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Very well, I have decided [lol]

  • Name: Kalan Belimus
  • Race: Human
  • Occupation: Run-away
  • Personality: Kalan ain't quite right in the head, he regards death and pain extremely casually, perhaps he even ejoys it and is often the one that suggests it first as a solution to problems, that along with his cunning and somewhat wild imagination regarding of ways to inflict it can make him quite scary. Kalan does however realize how wrong this is and genuinly seeks betterment but that comes second to his goal of survival and to seek the death of his father. He also holds an great and deep hatred for generally abusive people that regards others as lesser beings.
  • Appearence: Kalan is very femenine and attractive looking, both in face with blue eyes and blonde shoulder long hair that frames it in and body build in addition to being rather short and lightly built, so if he dresses like one he really looks like a girl. He dresses mostly in more expensive but still comfortable clothes if he's able to
  • History: Kalan's father was a cruel merchant who traded in everything. He didn't care if it was legal or not, as long as it could bring profit and inorder to be able to conduct his buisnesses in peace he often had people killed or threatened. Now Kalan himself was the result of the union between his father and a woman that Kalan's father had bought for some pleasure before selling her away.

Seeing what an oppurtunity he had to get a weapon that wouldn't cost that much he decided to raise Kalan as his son. He had Kalen trained in the arts of killing through various means, but seeing as he would probably not live forever Kalan's father also taught him economics and manipultaion techniques.

At the age of ten Kalan's still unnamed father bought him a girl of equal age to keep him company and to make sure he wasen't completely socially inept, but they became friends and she thaught him that not all people are bastards. This friendship lasted until Kalan turned twelve which was when Kalan father picked up on the girl actually teaching him to be a human, then he confronted Kalan with a choice, kill the girl with his own hands and be tortured or let her be tortured to death. Kalan chose the latter though there was a condition that they didn't tell him about, he had to watch. After a year he saw his chance and ran away.
  • Abilities: Kalan has an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the various civilized spieces and the domesticated animals that might act as their guardians, in a highly lethal way of course along with poisons and antidotes. As for weapons skills he prefers his large number and variety of knives that he keeps hidden on most of his body and is highly skilled with but he can make due with a shovel if need arises. In a fight he relies heavily on his high speed, agility and presicion rather than brute force to inflict damage (For example, he would have no chance to pierce a knights plate with an unaugmented knife, but he might be able to dance around the foe and stab in a chink in the armor such as the neck, armpists and groin).

And then we have his economic skills. This was the part of his tutoring which he cared the least about but he has still chaught some snippets from it, amongst such is the knowledge of how to tell which gems are fake and which are not, haggling and appraisal of goods. Kalan also have a talent for acting

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