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Vandalize the above troper's page.:

 1 Mr W, Sat, 25th Dec '10 11:56:11 AM from some place
Exactly what it says on the tin, now go.

{Probably not a really smart idea to assume that everyone who comes into this thread will understand that in this case, "vandalize" means "add something preferably funny, witty, or complimentary", not "damage or destroy". — Madrugada

edited 25th Dec '10 11:37:44 PM by Madrugada

 2 Balmung, Sat, 25th Dec '10 12:00:55 PM from Omaha, Nebraska Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Harkinian & The Bois
lol i vandalize you.
-wipes hands- Done and... done!

Also, I'm a ninja on everyone.

edited 25th Dec '10 1:33:17 PM by Counterclock

I call vandalizing the page of whoever is above me. Man, it'd be awkward if I vadalized someone's page before doing this and got nija'd Then it wouldn't make sense, my edit would be all "hey, just poppoin' in!"

Unwinning Ranger
-attempt vandalizing-

This entry is checked out until 01:50 Pacific Standard Time by Counterclock.

What is this.

EDIT, oh dammit. Ninja'd.

Double edit: Wait, dammit, this isn't working. Ignore me, do the post above me, plz.

edited 25th Dec '10 1:38:10 PM by Ralphrius

I feel so smart now.


Edit: I"m the smartest, took my 3 trys T.T

edited 25th Dec '10 1:41:59 PM by Counterclock

A Pheasant Experience
I left a little something on your page...
And "Reality" is unveiled. What did it want...? What did it see...? What did it hear...? What did it think...? What did it do...?
 10 Mr W, Sat, 25th Dec '10 1:46:24 PM from some place
Me too.

I felt like I cheated. since I already Vandalized it once I saw this thread ^_^.

edited 25th Dec '10 1:50:34 PM by Counterclock

 12 inane 242, Sat, 25th Dec '10 2:00:13 PM from A B-Movie Bildungsroman
Anwalt der Verdammten
Vandal U!!! (hope U like it) :3
Permanently Banned
Muahahaha. Fix that.
Requiem ~ September 2010 - October 2011

[Banned 4 Life]
Rape humor. It never gets old except when it does like.. right now.
 15 Mr W, Sat, 25th Dec '10 2:14:06 PM from some place
Alrighty then.

 16 Firestarter, Sat, 25th Dec '10 2:16:48 PM from over the rainbow Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
Sorceress Bookwench
Here ya go.
Everything happens for a reason. The reason is a chaotic intersection of chance and the laws of physics.
 17 betterthanstrawberry, Sat, 25th Dec '10 4:23:37 PM from back in the atmosphere.
Dreaming out loud.
^ Done (^_^) Rather pathetic attempt on my part though.
Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.
I can't breathe in this
Hello again tropers
That wasn't hard.
There we go...

And I got ninja'ed,

Oh well, 2 vandalisms for the price of one ^_^.

edited 25th Dec '10 4:39:32 PM by Counterclock

I can't breathe in this
Done and done
Hello again tropers
 22 Balmung, Sat, 25th Dec '10 5:07:21 PM from Omaha, Nebraska Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
Checking out wannabeotaku's page now. Commencing vandalism.

Vandalism complete.

edited 25th Dec '10 5:09:45 PM by Balmung

Balmung, are you above me?

edit: Yes!

edited 25th Dec '10 5:10:00 PM by Counterclock

Gonna vandalize now. :D

 25 Mr W, Sat, 25th Dec '10 5:12:49 PM from some place
Since I already vandalized before, I'll add a trope to your page...

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