Henry Selick opens new studio:

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And he's looking for writers to work there. Very exciting news, just don't read the comments.

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2 punchy22nd Dec 2010 03:57:58 PM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
Wasn't he back at Disney?
3 Shota22nd Dec 2010 08:02:49 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
He is. His new studio will be a satellite studio that will work under Disney.
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This sounds pretty cool. But you weren't kidding about the comments though (Yeah, I read them against my better knowledge).
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5 Playedforkeeps31st Dec 2010 02:36:24 PM from Not ur damn bussiness
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Hopefully... It better scare the pants out of kids. A PG 13 film thats stop-motion from Selick would be interesting to see.
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6 MrW2nd Jan 2011 06:35:37 AM from some place
Selick has a long history of scaring children, so it's obvious that this one is gonna follow suit. And I also hope he pushes the boundaries of stop motion even more so than Coraline.
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If you hadn't heard, Disney turned down the first of the two projects Selick was developing at his studio, a film called Shademaker (the other being The Graveyard Book).

Fortunately, Disney left Selick the option to shop Shademaker around and see if other studios were interested (as the deal with Disney was more of a distribution one then full ownership) and Laika might end up helping him out.

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9 Shota26th Sep 2012 04:25:18 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Bad news.

LAIKA will not pick up Selick's project.
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Shadow King (Shademaker was a working title) is, as of now, considered dead

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And it looks like the project is back on again


Best animation news I've heard this year so far.
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Well, might I just say: FUCK. YES.
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