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Tool-assisted speedrun. This stuff is fun to watch.

Here's a recent 5-minute run of Super Mario 64:

My favorite one is a Harmony of Dissonance one.

Let me see if I can find it...

Ah. Here it is.

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Fractally long
That one's terrific. I like ComicalFlop, he did that one and both of the fastest Donkey Kong Country 2 TASes. Also he did commentary over a Banjo-Kazooie TAS which was interesting. Let's TAS?

4 Marioguy12821st Dec 2010 11:19:59 AM from various galaxies
What about the original TAS that started it all?

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5 SparkyLurkdragon21st Dec 2010 11:57:35 AM from Southeastern Oregon, USA
This one is my personal favourite - Zelda II: Adventure of Link in about 6 minutes by breaking the game in two.

Pika is the bombchu!

Be sure not to get lost in there.


Out of bound glitches mean you can complete Ocarina of Time in under an hour.
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This is Bored On Board at its finest:

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Here's a Brain Age TAS with a similar idea.

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If you are at all interested any of the movies on this list are worth watching (some of them have already been posted).

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[up][up]It's like that Paint Panic game in Kirby Canvas Curse.
[up][up][up] On the subject of hilarious abuse of an answer-recognition system:
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Broken. Again.
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Brain Age has been improved.

Video Game Census. Please contribute.
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^ What.
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Nice to see interest in these. Pokemon Yellow and Chrono Trigger are two of my favorites.

I also make some of my own, though they're mostly shorter things for demonstration purposes. And mostly involve Majora's Mask.
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Here's one of my own creation:
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I wish I knew the mechanics of that game so I could tell you what I thought. There are many pretty colors and things happen very fast!

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Hey sweet, there's one for Pilotwings now.

20 AceOfScarabs10th Mar 2011 04:37:19 PM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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My all-time favourite was Megaman X and X2 being done at the same time. (that is, both games played with the same input file!)

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21 RocketDude10th Mar 2011 06:55:12 PM from AZ, United States
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This really has to do with Speedruns in general, but if a Driving Game has a Time Trial mode, does that count as Speedrunning?

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22 Kerrah11th Mar 2011 12:58:56 AM from Helsinki, Finland
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I thought TAS meant "The Animated Series".
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23 Firebert11th Mar 2011 05:14:07 AM from Somewhere in Illinois
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Or "The Abridged Series", which actually sorta fits it a bit tongue

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As far as I know there wasn't much overlap between the Doom people or the Quake people (or the NESvideos people) and the racing game communities, so early speedrunners had no inclination to call their runs "time trials". A time trial and a speedrun are the same thing though.

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Gamecube TA Sing is now possible. While "TAS"es of GCN games have been made before, they mostly weren't played back from input files like a true TAS. Now playback from input files works for nearly all games. Work on full game TA Ses has already started, but obviously that will take some time. In the meantime, some examples...

Sonic Adventure 2 Final Rush in 1:43.65 Dry Lagoon in 15.45 City Escape in 1:27.40

Metroid Prime X-ray visor in 21% Omega Pirate battle

Super Mario Sunshine The Boss of Tricky Ruins

This is gonna be awesome.

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