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26 Risetteer12th Nov 2011 11:47:33 AM from from from from from from , Relationship Status: Crazy Cat Lady
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28 eternalNoob5th Mar 2012 03:48:26 AM from yer mum , Relationship Status: Longing for my OTP
Platformer/2D Shooter : Super Mario, Castlevania, Megaman, Contra, Bionic Commando, FPA, Crash Bandicoot, Spongebob, Battle for Bikini Bottom (Don't judge me)

RPG: Fallout series, Pokemon, Epic Battle Fantasy

FPS: Half Life, Team Fortress 2

Unclassified, so called "Action-Adventure" : Psychonauts, Zelda

Puzzle: Portal

Sandbox: Spiderman 2, GTA

Fighting: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Street Fighter, Soulcalibur, Marvel Vs Capcom

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29 ued1995th Mar 2012 03:55:26 AM from Philippines
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FPS- Call of Duty series, Left 4 Dead 1/2

RTS- StarCraft, WarCraft, Command and Conquer, Sacrifice

TPS- Ghostbusters Videogame

Card games- Yugioh, Tyrant

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31 SgtRicko6th Mar 2012 03:13:59 AM from Guam, USA , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Real Time Strategy: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and it's expansion Yuri's Revenge. Although Wargame: European Escalation is proving to be quite the strategy game as well...

Turn Based Strategy: Dai Senryaku VII: Modern Military Tactics (man, why won't they release this one as a DLC game for the 360 or PS3? I'd play the hell out of it!)

Puzzle: Tetris. Nuff said.

First Person Shooter: For multiplayer it's Battlefield 3, hands down. But for singleplayer... that's a tricky one. I suppose I'd nominate Metroid Prime, but that's honestly more of a First Person Adventure/Exploration game, really. Guest I'll choose GoldenEye 64 then, I still remember that game fondly.

Role Playing Game: The Mass Effect franchise, hands down. Can't wait to start playing it tonight (though I'm really hoping they release a patch to fix that issue with importing your previous character's face)! Fallout 3 would come in a close second though.

Best Racing Game: When I have friendss over, Mario Kart. Any of them. But when alone, I prefer F-Zero GX.

Best Fighting Game: Super Smash Bros Melee. Never played Brawl though, since I never bought the Wii.

Best Sports Game: Never touched them, and never will.
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32 MrPoly6th Mar 2012 10:18:58 AM , Relationship Status: Browsing the selection
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FPS: Doom 2, Serious Sam

TPS: Uncharted 3

2D Fighting: Guilty Gear XX, CapcomVsSNK 2

3D Fighting: SoulCalibur III and IV

Western RPG: Mass Effect 2, Skyrim

Eastern RPG: Digimon World 2

Action/Adventure: Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Hack & Slash: Dynasty Warriors 5

Platformer: Crash Bandicoot 1-3, LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2

Sports: skate. (if this counts as a "sports" game)

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33 Narmer7th Mar 2012 01:22:11 PM from some state in Mexico.
Fighting: Mortal Kombat Deception

ERPG: Final Fantasy X

WRPG: Knights Of The Old Republic

Action: Devil May Cry 4

Hack & Slash: Lord Of The Rings Return Of The King

Survival Horror: Silent Hill 3

Tower Defense: Dungeon Defenders

Sandbox: Minecraft
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