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Just had an idea for one of my WI Ps that I'd thought I'd seek a second (and third, fourth and even fifth) opinion on. It's rather tricky to describe so please bare with me. You know how when you see a picture with something superimposed onto it it often doesn't look quite right even when the superimposed image suits the background? Well imagine coming across something like that in real life, something which in itself seems normal enough but for reasons you can't quite put your finger on just doesn't belong there, like it's been superimposed on the world around it. Would that be creepy and what would your reaction be?
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Google Creepypasta. I'm pretty sure you'll find plenty examples.
Weaver: I think it would be creepy, and I see where you're coming from. Human beings, like all animals, have pretty well-honed "creepy-detectors". That uneasy feeling you get that gets your heart beating and makes you want to run and hide even though there's nothing overtly wrong has probably saved many lives.

But if this is for a story, you need to give a specific example. Are we talking vaguely supernatural, like a face in the woods, or totally mundane, like going to a restaurant where the patrons are all just a bit too formal/casual/quiet/loud for it to feel normal? Because depending on the genre, both could have some pretty scary implications.
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While it does sound something that would creep me out, I think it would be difficult to make it feel creepy to the reader. These things scare us subconciously, and you have to translate it to words.
Truth be told, it's not really meant to creep out the reader so much as other characters for plot propelling purposes.
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sounds creepy
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