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1 cutewithoutthe11th Dec 2010 08:09:08 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Am I the only one who can't help but listen to albums and think up a story in my head? For instance, to me The Beatles album magical Mystery Tour is obviously a sequel to Srgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club, where the "band" goes on tour. Is this weird? Also, what storylines for albums do you have?
2 Alucard11th Dec 2010 09:53:50 PM from Vancouver, BC , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I think The Sickness by Disturbed sounds like a man's descent into insanity. The first few tracks have him being hurt, and later he starts hurting people. He later falls off the slippery slope and has to deal with the repercussions of his actions. By the end his mind is twisted beyond repair.
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The Great Misdirect by Between the Buried and Me is, to me, a concept album about a society of Illuminati taking over the world and a small group escaping their oppressive, Orwellian regime:

  • Mirrors leading into Obfuscation is a sort of overture establishing the setting and themes of society being deceived and misguided.
  • Disease Injury Madness is about the rise of a cult leader who starts to establish control and becomes a key member of the secret society running everything.
  • Fossil Genera is about the secret society and their utter domination over Earth.
  • Desert Of Song - music has been outlawed by the dictators and bureaucrats. A small rebel group heads into the desert to create music, sparking a wish among the oppressed to rise up and escape.
  • Swim To The Moon is the finale in which humanity seeks escape and decides to throw off the shackles of oppression; a wider-scale rebellion begins. (The song's actually about an individual wanting to escape his mundane, controlled life, but I think that whole theme of escape makes for a nice conclusion to the album).

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4 cutewithoutthe12th Dec 2010 03:10:46 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Wooo! Then Im not the only one!!
5 DJay3212th Dec 2010 11:16:04 PM from Cornwall , Relationship Status: Less than three
I'm a huuuge fan of rock operas; they're my favourite kind of concept album. So naturally, if I spot any recurring themes or lines in multiple songs, I tend to think it's a story. Like Muse's "The Resistance." I thought it was a 1984-based story with love, drama, action and whatnot, all climaxing with the mini-epic "Exogenesis: Symphony." So it was a disappointment to find that the album was not even a CONCEPT album. =/

Genesis' "Duke" was another example of this, namely thanks to my hearing that it featured "The Duke Suite" on it, and.. I didn't know much about it. So I pondered if maybe the entire album is the story of a Duke, going on travels, meeting a Duchess, watching telly.. things like that. Though the actual Duke Suite is rather interesting, itself.

I know I once thought Dream Theater's "Systematic Chaos" was a rock opera, though that's mostly because of "In the Presence of Enemies" being split into two parts and placed on opposite ends of the album.

I also experienced the inverse effect with Mastodon's "Blood Mountain." I don't care how many times I listen to it; it just doesn't sound like a rock opera. If it's telling a story, it's in fragments, and has no clear ending. Actually, a lot of the parts of the story are unclear. It took me two years to find out what a birchman was, and I must say, I was disappointed.

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The lyrics for The Resistance were some stupid shit. Not a bad band, but their NWO / Rise Up Brothahs nonsense can be grating.

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7 SpainSun13th Dec 2010 03:22:18 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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In my mind at least, None Shall Pass is a fragmented story of a society's descent into A World Gone Mad status.
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8 cutewithoutthe13th Dec 2010 04:44:51 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Oh, heres one: All the 30 Second to mars albums are a slow Heel Face Turn for a villian protagonist. hes a villian in the first album, a neutral hunter in the second album, and a hero for the third album.
9 MikeK13th Dec 2010 05:41:33 PM from planet earth , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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I tried to do this with Skylarking by XTC (while it's not an actual concept album, they definitely paired off certain songs thematically): it'd be about how a couple's relationship changes as paralleled by the seasons. Thing is, the last handful of songs don't really make sense with that in mind, unless I really put on my wild mass guess hat on and posit that in the end they divorce ("Another Satelite"), he starts doubting himself ("The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul") and raging against the heavens ("Dear God", because I can't even begin to think how "Mermaid Smiled" would fit into that), then the next time he sees her, she's on her death bed ("Dying"), and he, um... becomes a pagan ("Sacrificial Bonfire")? or maybe just takes comfort in how his ancestors viewed change?

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Word of Mouth by John Reuben is the story of a rapper from blue-collar roots with aspirations of superstardom. As years pass and fame continues to elude him, he resents those who do succeed, and becomes increasingly aware that his own chances of success diminish with every year. Finally he gives up... then realizes that it's all a matter of perspective, that he can still have a happy ending without being a superstar.
11 cutewithoutthe13th Dec 2010 05:55:55 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Many of you may dislike Fall Out Boy, but all of their albums collected together can be read as a band's actual legacy (like IRL), but with a lot of drama and stuff. Their first album was when they were just starting in High School, the second one was when they actually started getting attention, their third one was when they started enjoying the benefits of superstardom, the fourth one was when backlash began setting in from them selling out, and the last album was a big Fuck You to the industry. At least, thats how I remember it when i listened to them...

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I read a review once that interpreted Woven Hand's Blush Music as a retelling of the myth of Orpheus. Which is funny, because Blush Music actually is a soundtrack, but for a stage show that, from what I read, had nothing to do with Orpheus.
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I like to think of Streetcleaner as the misanthropic thought processes of a Travis Bickle type figure. The title track is where the character enacts his spree kill/act of vigilante justice.
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14 pagad14th Dec 2010 10:25:45 AM from perfidious Albion , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Opeth's Ghost Reveries was originally supposed to be a concept album, and some of it can still be treated as such. I still like to pretend it's all linked together properly.

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15 cutewithoutthe14th Dec 2010 12:09:30 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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[up] Thats what i do with Say Anything's album, Is a Real Boy, and Was a Real Boy
16 Wicked22314th Dec 2010 05:02:57 PM from Death Star in the forest
In my mind at least, None Shall Pass is a fragmented story of a society's descent into A World Gone Mad status.

Interesting. You mind explaining further?
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17 YonTroper16th Dec 2010 09:38:18 PM from [DATA EXPUNGED]
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Deftones' White Pony. It starts with a rebel at school ("Back to School"), who is kidnapped and put in bondage ("Feiticiera"), murders his kidnappers ("Digital Bath"), and runs away with a reversed viewpoint due to his broken mind ("Elite"). Once he's home, he gets into a relationship due to his now "normal" view ("RX Queen"), but the girl goes psychopathic and he doesn't want to talk to her any more ("Street Carp"), and he moves away and leaves her sad ("Teenager"). She throws a fetish party and tries to kill him ("Knife Party"). However, he escapes into a strip club ("Korea"). Someone helps him attempt to escape, not knowing who he is, and he blindly trusts him ("Passenger"), but when he finds out who he used to be he turns him away ("Change in the House of Flies"). His mind breaks again and he turns into a psychopath as well, reflecting on his former personality ("Pink Maggit").

A bit broken, disjointed and nonsensical perhaps, but it's kind of a storyline.
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18 cutewithoutthe18th Dec 2010 09:06:40 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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Oh!! Another good one would be Taking Back Sunday's and Brand New's first albums. Both of them, being rivaling bands and albums(literally; look it up, the history behind those two bands could make up movie material), the two albums Tell All Your Friends and Your Favorie Weapon could be two different viewpoints of a senior and a sophmore, with TBS's guy not getting the girl, and BN's guy not even wanting the girl.
19 SpainSun19th Dec 2010 11:58:25 AM from Somewhere Beyond Here
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Interesting. You mind explaining further?

Well, I don't know what else to say, really. [lol]

I'll try to expand later if I can.
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I have tried justifeying the fact I like infamous Lil Wayne album Rebirth by interprating it as the story of a Playa who fall's in love,get's dumped and grevies until finnaly getting big as a musican and moving past it to the point of being able to call her a bitch

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21 cutewithoutthe16th Jun 2011 12:06:56 PM , Relationship Status: Star-crossed
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^_^ Indeed.

Say Anything's In Defense of the Genre HAS to be about two sides clashing; religion vs. no religion, old ways vs. new ways, love vs. hate, ect. ect.

And I love my old threads!

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Beacons by Cloudkicker has never claimed to be a Concept Album (or at least, Ben Sharp hasn't said anything to that effect), but given the song titles and the general atmospheres he creates, it's very hard not to imagine the album in the context of the crew of some kind of spacecraft or aircraft facing danger in uncharted territory.
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A lot of Pink Floyd's albums play like stories for me, even besides the obvious The Wall and Animals.

Right now Atom Heart Mother seems to me like the story of one band's stop in a town, wherein after performing a few songs, one member has a one night stand with a local (The title song represents the performance followed by the act of lovemaking). Afterwards, the songs "If" and "Summer '68" represent the regret said member has of making one-night stands ("If I were a good man, I'd talk with you more often than I do," "Tomorrow brings another town, another girl like you"), and the song "Fat Old Sun" represents the woman's answer to the question ("How do you feel?") repeatedly posed by the musician; in stark contrast, the girl found the encounter to be something magical (asking the musician to "sing to [her]" in a contented, almost ethereal tone). The final song is what it is; a recording of a roadie making breakfast as the band shoves off again.

Ummagumma (studio disk) feels to me like the stages of grief at learning of one's own upcoming death, followed by a period of introspection and enjoying the last days of one's life. "Sisyphus" are the stages up until "acceptance," which comes with the line "Icy wind of night, be gone, this is not your domain" in "Grantchester Meadows." Roger Waters' next song consists mostly of incomprehensible syllables followed by a rambling speech in a heavy Irish tongue, although clearly ending with the line "and the wind cried back..." which serves as an opening to the more "philosophical" song "The Narrow Way" and finally to the slightly nonsensical and very carefree sounding "Grand Vizier's Garden Party," which can symbolize simply cherishing one's final moments of life.

I usually imagine a story with Dark Side of the Moon and The Final Cut as well, sometimes Wish You were Here, but I think my post may verge on Wall of Text anyway :P

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24 professorquirrell1921st Aug 2012 03:43:03 PM , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Amanda Palmer's Who Killed Amanda Palmer? could be about a woman who has the ability to see events in other people's lives in the role of an omniscient narrator, mostly people with messed-up lives ("Runs in the Family", "Strength Through Music", "Oasis", "The Point of It All".) After witnessing the school shooting in "Strength Through Music", she has a breakdown in the next two songs. At the end, "Another Year", she returns to her own life for good, and is unsure what to do with it because she's seen all these other people's lives turn to shit.

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I like to think of The Who's Tommy, Quadrophenia, and By Numbers as one big story.

Tommy's son is Jimmy, and Jimmy has a midlife crisis in By Numbers.
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