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Jonah Falcon
Another threat in Skyrim comes in the form of the malevolent priestess of Lorkhan, Jsashe, a leader of the local witches coven.
Jonah Falcon
I'm honestly wondering if we'll be able to play as Argoninans and/or Khajiit, considering that supplemental materiel suggests that their respective nations have betrayed the Empire and are now openly hostile to everyone else.
Black Inches
That depends on how long after 4E 1 (The end of the Oblivion crisis) the game is set. We don't have any concrete dates (only knowing that it happened during the 4th Era) for when Black Marsh and Elsweyr left the Empire, and considering that the Nords and the Orcs ALSO attacked Morrowind...

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Ghost of Hatter
I'd probably know more about TES lore if the delightful non-player characters in Oblivion had given me more than news about how the Nerevarine is in Black Marsh to hunt lizard people. Fortunately, they've seen fit to let me know everything I'll ever need to know about mudcrabs and goblins.
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Black Inches
Most of the lore is listed in the books, rather than spoken. The problem with that is due to how many accounts of the same event there can be in the TES world, it's pretty unreliable. Especially if, as I mentioned earlier, you're listening to the Daedric Princes or Tribunal.

Also, NPCs don't mention the Nerevarine going to Black Marsh, but to Akavir. ...And then not being heard from since.

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I find the best way to learn about Elder Scrolls lore is to use the UESP. It's a lot more convenient than searching through the gameworld looking for that one book when you have a search bar right on the side of the screen. But that's just me...
Who thinks the Dragon Born mentioned in the trailer is the next heir to the septim throne?

And also, I want the madgod to show up.
Black Inches
Considering who the Madgod now IS, I find that highly unlikely to happen.

And also, at any rate, the original Dragonborn was General Talos, AKA Tiber Septim.

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It would be more suiting if they included a Daedric quest for Jyggalag.
Wasn't Dragonborn generally accepted to mean anyone of the Septim line? If so, that would mean the trailer does refer to a new heir to the throne.

Also, a Jyggalag quest would be awesome. I mean, they couldn't have the full Daedric pantheon without him, could they?
Black Inches
^ To the best of my knowledge, the line of Dragonborn died with Martin Septim (obvious Oblivion spoiler). But who knows? *shrug*
Very true, but the trailer was pretty blunt with its Dragonborn reference. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
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[up]x3 But... He's dead...

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Bloodmoon meets Dragon Age?

mite b cool
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If Skyrim is NOTHING BUT BROWN OMG SO SOOPER DARK N MACHOOR GUIZE like Dragon Age was, then I'll be quite annoyed.
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I'm interested to what state the empire is in. I wouldn't be surprised if the protagonist character is a lost Septim heir.

Also, is the PC from Oblivion a true Daedric lord, or just a mortal on the throne? I'm guessing the PC would've gained all the powers upon assuming the mantle of godhood. So for a full Daedric Pantheon, you would need Sheogorath.
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117 TotemicHero13th Dec 2010 02:57:40 PM from the next level
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The original pantheon did not have Sheogorath, just Jyggalag. So technically Sheogorath could be kicked out of the family, so to speak, with no problems.

On a side note, I give you my personal wild mass guess: wild mass guess The new Sheogorath is canonically female. wild mass guess The ultimate plot twist! tongue
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Well I haven't played the first Elder Scrolls, but I know Sheogorath has been there since Daggerfall. Which is a long time.

Also, in all the previous games the PC has been Nameless/raceless/and sexless (at least when mentioned in later installments). So I wonder how they will handle the mad god.
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119 HellmanSabian13th Dec 2010 04:01:05 PM from The United Kingdom , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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What do you want to bet that it will turn out to be a decent game that has a crapload of bugs, glitches and problems that they won't bother to fix?
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120 LizardBite13th Dec 2010 04:16:32 PM from Two Galaxies Over
Also, in all the previous games the PC has been Nameless/raceless/and sexless (at least when mentioned in later installments). So I wonder how they will handle the mad god.

If I were the writer, I'd just have the new mad god come into god-like powers, alter his/her form, and be convinced that he/she is the true Sheogorath.
The Leading Man
If I recall correctly, the PC in Shivering Isles didn't actually become the Mad God, just a regular human with the Mad God's duties and powers (well, some of them). If Beth feels like it, they could probably just kill them. Or transform them into an actual god, like turning them into a Sheogorath lookalike. The other gods are responsible for the whole Sheogorath / Jyggalag   [1] thing, weren't they? I could see them just transforming the mortal into a god like they did with ol' Tiber Septim. Granted, it's through glasses with panes made of acid, but I can dimly see it.

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It's also possible that Martin bumped uglies before he died guys. Before he was a monk he was a cultist.
Well, I have to say I'm a little wary of the art style wading into Dragon Age territory, but there is a bright side to the inevitable wave of desaturation.

They will have no choice but to find another look for glass armor.
The Leading Man
What are the chances that I'll run into a Highway Man in Glass Armour who could probably take the Imperial City by himself in this game?

I'm so glad OOO fixed that. I'm also sad OOO bumped everything's levels up so high that I stand absolutely no chance in the Shivering Isles if I run into more than one Grummite.
[up]Seriously? Highwaymen are total pansies no matter what level they are.

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