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276 Vorpy12th Jan 2011 01:54:20 AM from from from from from from from from from , Relationship Status: Two-timing
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So I made a sockpuppet and haven't posted with it yet. It's name is Zalgo.

It doesn't show up on the Sock checker. Is that because I haven't posted with it yet and got an IP attached to it?

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277 Fighteer12th Jan 2011 06:03:01 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Pretty sure that's the case.
So the profile is now apparently deleted when an account is. Does this include posts, or do they still stay?

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280 FringeBenefits3rd Sep 2011 07:09:33 PM from in your basement
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I need to delete my sockpuppet TheSuccessor but I've lost my password. Could one of the mods help me out, please?

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281 ShadowBender9th Oct 2011 11:07:06 AM from a world of my own.
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I'm planning on creating one sockpuppet for keeping avatars, as an emergency one and maybe for RPG, but for now this is my only account.

The IP and Sock checker shows that I have accessed the forums with about 18 IP addresses, and 4 other tropers share the same IP addresses. At least one of the tropers has a sock that I know of, but said sock is not listed.

I've only used my laptop, a friend's laptop and my phone(which I am posting this from) to post on the forums.

My question is this: How many socks does the list say I have? And can I create another sock without fear?
Sanity? Why would I need a useless thing like that?

Now posting as Motor-Runner.

I would like to have a sockpuppet for an RPG character, but whenever I try to make one, it tells me that my IP address- both of them -can't make any more accounts. According to the puppet checker, only four accounts total use the two IPs that I've used in the forums, and one of those IPs is for my home, of which I know for a fact am the only user. I tried my home on my 3DS and it did not work* , ruling out the possibility that it's a problem with machines.

And apparently, we are allowed ten; I thought we were allowed five. I did not know that.

I feel bad for raising this problem and can't help but wonder if this was due to that edit ban I had about a week ago, but I'm curious and admittedly a little perplexed as to why six more accounts can't be made on either IP.
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[up] The policy has changed (I'm not sure why it hasn't been made an official announcement). Only one account is allowed to be created per IP address. This thread has discussion on it.
Question, why is it that, if one removes a sockpuppet, somebody else can create a new account under the same name? What about the risks of impersonation?
Hm? Only one per IP now? That's fine. I'll just go to the local elementary school, which has Wi-Fi for the teachers. Thank you.
"Whenever I feel like I know how computers work, I go to class and leave feeling like I'm wearing my pants on my head, eating paste."
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