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Warren Ellis uses talk like Warren Ellis:

Pleb, for the moment.
After fallowing WarrenEllis's twitter feed for some time I have come to the conclusion that he uses

Which one is a genuine Ellis?

good morning, my little erectile tissues
Good day, deathmonkeys of the interweb.

 2 Seamus, Thu, 9th Dec '10 5:00:10 PM from the Quantum Savanna
Another Perfect Day
The first one, it isn't capitalized. Warren can't use proper capitalization until he's gotten to the pub.
Pleb, for the moment.
Right you are.

 4 Gvzbgul, Thu, 23rd Dec '10 1:54:07 AM from Middle Earth
Bbut if talklikewarrenellis uses his twitter thing and the twitter uses talklikewarrenellis then they'll create a loop and reach some point where something happens. Though I have no idea what.

Pleb, for the moment.
Something sinister is afoot!

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Total posts: 5

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