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12276 tclittle26th Oct 2012 10:24:22 PM from Somewhere Down in Texas
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The only paid DLC I can see in SMB 4 would be new stages' new character costumes, new items, and any new story based modes. Usually in big packages.

Anything else would be free.

My only worry with the advent of DLC is how games get rushed out and then add in stuff later on. My only hope is SMB 4 won't do the same thing.

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12277 Nap110027th Oct 2012 04:33:03 AM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
I'm almost positive that won't happen. Sakurai always seeks to put as much content in the game as possible, even with the advent of DLC.
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No, Sakurai won't purposely avoid content. Brawl is a huge indication of that. There was a lot that didn't make it in, but we all know he was pressed for time, considering they had to set the date back twice.

He won't omit anything. If something doesn't make it in on time, he'll ready it later if he wishes to do DLC.

You see, unlike Sega screwing over any hope of fixing Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sakurai actually gives a crap about quality and if he could do DLC, definitely would. If he could've done it for Brawl, trust me, there's no doubt he would've had the other stuff finished and implemented via DLC. Of course, Brawl was already beyond filled up with space, so it was probably hard to put much more into it. There's also the factor that it was all on one disc, which requires two layers to work. If it was on 2(which thanks to saves wouldn't be a problem, but would be a slight pain to switch between the two), more content would've worked, and the best part... there would be a much less amount of slowdown.

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If you want an example of Nintendo's attitude toward DLC, check out the new Fire Emblem. It was released in Japan in April, and they're still releasing a new DLC map every few weeks. All of which are bonus, and all of which have some sort of point to playing them, be it a bonus character, or new conversations between the characters, or getting to play a new side-story.
12280 Nap110027th Oct 2012 09:09:58 AM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Hey, I got some interesting news for competitive Smash. *flame shield*

So the guys in charge of EVO 2013 put a poll up on Facebook to determine what the majority of the audience wants to see played. Guess who's leading? Not Street Fighter IV, not Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but Super Smash Bros Melee.

This might be an interesting EVO year.

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12281 Anomalocaris2027th Oct 2012 09:50:35 AM from Sagittarius A* , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
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I hope the DLC isn't uber-expensive though, like Capcom making you pay 5 dollars for a set of alt costumes or something. Free DLC is best DLC since it's essentially like the game being released over time instead of all at once, and can respark a waning interest.

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Personally, I don't think a fighting game is the best platform for DLC, and since we're dealing with Namco, not Capcom, the devs probably agree. Like I've said, all the DLC in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is free. And Nintendo has firmly said that they aren't interested in doing DLC unless it truly adds to the game experience.
12283 0dd128th Oct 2012 08:47:41 PM from Nowhere Land
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Y'know, after seeing this Brawl in the Family strip, I finally realized: Stone Kirby should totally take damage from Charizard's Rock Smash. If anything, it can be the one thing that damages him in that form, or at least it should take him out of it. It'd be a nice little touch at least.

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[up] Jigglypuff should take more as well. And Mewtwo(if he comes back), less. Lucario should take more too.

As for DLC, I have yet to see a game where it's bad to have. As long as they don't purposely omit stuff, it's a very welcome thing. Worst that happens is you can't get online, but if it was not originally planned, it also means nobody is purposely being screwed over. Likewise, it does not hurt games either.(outside of the metagame at best)
New challenger approaches

  • attack: 1/10
  • jump: 4/10
  • speed: 3/10
  • weight: low
  • size: small

The the prophetic fish Pokémon steps into the ring to show us what it can do. Which is not much. however if it ever gets a hold of the smash Ball look out.

  • (B): tackle an attack that thrusts the fish forward and up a little.
  • (Smash B): Flail Magikarp thrashes around it actually does a lot of damage if you're managing to keep the fish alive at high damage ratio.
  • (Up B): splash: propelled the fish up but doesn't do any damage
  • (Down B): bounce Magikarp bounces off the ground and does a comparatively strong amount of damage.
  • FINAL SMASH!: Evolution it evolves simple as that.

a challenger approaches

  • attack 10/10
  • jump 10/10
  • speed 10/10
  • weight superheavy
  • size massive

we told you not to let pathetic fish get a hold of the smash Ball now look what happened. This massive sea creature has some of the best stats in the game but the only way to actually play him is to get of Magikarp to final smash. however if you do manage to become Gyarados you're Gyarados for the rest of the match.

  • (B): Flamethrower*
  • (Smash B): Aqua Tail a powerful tail swipe covered in water energy
  • (Down b): earthquake: shakes the area around the massive creature causing a lot of damage.
  • (Up B): waterfall becomes in cloaked in water and swims straight up
  • FINAL SMASH: giga impact. Pretty much terms Gyarados into a freight train that you control sort of like Super Sonic or Volt Tackle only earthbound.

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12286 0dd129th Oct 2012 11:28:59 AM from Nowhere Land
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You've managed to make Magikarp overpowered. Not even Gyarados, Magikarp. Just, what. Also, we have a separate thread for this.
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[up]I thought people thought the new topic was a bad idea sorry. What happened to it?

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This thread is fine for character ideas too.

That thread didn't do much. I was the only that thought it was unnecessary, but if people want to post in it, it's fine too.

It's just more dedicated to movesets, but it never much took off for whatever reason.(yeah, I'm sure my discouragement of the extra topic didn't help, and I apologize if that felt rude or whatever. Sorry about that)
So is my idea out of the box? and all right?
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Flamethrower can become Bubble, which is a move Magikarp was given via one of the Download Events in the actual games. Flamethrower doesn't even make sense for it.(I know you love it, but...)

For Waterfall, I'd probably go with Flail instead. It's some it actually learns, and can have similar properties. Also, why not have Bounce for the Up B? It's a learnable move...

As for Down B, I'm not sure Earthquake fits for him. It's hard to say, really. Other than Muddy Water/Surf, is there another area move for Water types? I'm thinking something like Shockwave. Alternatively, Dive, which he goes into the ground, and comes up after with a watery attack.

I like the Final Smash the most. Any plans for the A moves and throws?
12291 WackyPancake29th Oct 2012 01:40:29 PM from My computer. , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
[up][up] There's only one way to describe that moveset: 9_6
[up][up]For which one you suggesting those new moves?

How about Ice Feng instead of Flamethrower? And Dragon Tail not Earthquake?

[down] DO you know which one is Magikarp and which one is Gyarados?

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Well, what I mainly said. I have no idea for a good Earthquake choice, so I won't go into that.

Bounce is Up B, as mentioned, Dive was Down B, Bubble was B, and Flail was Forward B, to clarify.

I like Dragon Tail, but he has a tiny tail. Will it have a small hitbox but good damage(Fiery Super Jump Punch)? Or a tiny hitbox with immense damage(Rest)?
DO you know which one is Magikarp and which one is Gyarados? You seam to think the lame fish is Gyarados.
I'm an Irene!
I won't lie that I misread which is which. I first saw it on my phone, only seeing the Magikarp part.

My bad.

Anyway, after Giga Impact, Gyarados should turn back to normal to balance it a bit.

As for Gyarados, I don't like Waterfall as a choice, since it's the exact same as Squirtle's. There's other possible ones, IMO. Surf, could be used, which has a better hitbox, but could do far less damage and more range. It does work, but eh.

Why not Bubblebeam instead of Flamethrower, out of curiousity?
I don't want to many water type moves Need some other types.

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Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Charge Beam, Icicle Spear, Energy Ball. Just some ideas. Even if he can't learn them(but when has that stopped Sakurai before? XD)
So while I was searching around for ideas on how Alex Roivas would be like if she were an SSB character on the interwebs, I came across someone saying that Sakurai doesn't want any "real" guns in SSB.

Can I have a link to where he says this?

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12299 Pulse30th Oct 2012 12:11:38 AM from Yadayadaville , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
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Eh, Alex doesn't really have a connection with guns- Sure, she can pick up a revolver and a shotgun, but most people just stick with the gladius, or the permanently-enchanted one you get if you follow that convoluted sidequest in the Tomb chapters.

As for that Sakurai quote- I vaguely remember something like that, but darn if I knew where to find it.
I sure said that!
12300 Nexus30th Oct 2012 01:47:15 AM from The Other Side , Relationship Status: Singularity
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[up][up]I've heard people say that too, I don't know where they're getting it from, but it would explain why Snake doesn't use any of his guns in Brawl, despite it being a major part of his arsenal in his home series.

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