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[up][up] 8 inches the same as Kirby.

I know Unova will be represented by Zorark if at all but I wish it was Haxorus and or Excadrill.

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The best and the worst.
Remember how I said I said that the 3DS game could be preordered through Best Buy? They pushed the 'expected release date' back to the end of 2013.
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12128 HeavyDDR11th Oct 2012 12:30:22 PM from Central Texas
Who's Vergo-san.
I don't know if it's been said recently, but there really needs to be a Chibi-Robo stage, sort of in the same vein as Pikmin's stage. Just a lot of big furniture and household objects, and the family walks around and drops things, or Chibi Robo (if he doesn't make the cut as something else) goes around and fixes it.
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The best and the worst.
And as I said earlier, some sort of crossover with Custom Robo would be hilarious.
Me and my friend's collaborative webcomic:

Forged Men
Alright folks! I said I was going to do this, and so I will! This is Part 1 of my list of Pokeball abilities for every single Pokemon in the original 151 - Pokerap style. You just do the critiquin', I'll take care of the hard part - let's get it on:

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  • Atk: Explosion
  • Effect: Same

  • Atk: Dig
  • Effect: Diglett will show up, cry, and dig under the ground. It will then pop up at a random point on the surface in which it was summoned sporadically but constantly - the rises are telegraphed, but happen very quickly. The attack knocks opponents directly up, and does more knockback than damage. Diglett only travels to ground connected to the one on which it was summoned.

Nidoran (M):
  • Atk: Tackle + Poison Sting / Poison Point
  • Effect: Runs around the stage, jumping occasionally (similar to Samurai Goroh). Deals damage to whoever touches it. It's attack does no more damage or knockback than a Mr. Saturn, but anyone touched by it will be poisoned for a short interval. This presence continues for 8-10 seconds.

  • Atk: Rage
  • Effect: Runs across the stage, occasionally jumping up onto platforms. Will latch onto any character who touches it, smacking them on the head and dealing damage, similar to Metroid but without flinching or reaction. Can be attacked and knocked around, including off the stage. Every hit it takes increases the damage of it's attack, however. At higher levels of Rage the attack can cause flinching.

  • Atk: Earthquake
  • Effect: Same as Super Smash Bros Melee. Unlikely, with Pokemon Trainer as a character.

  • Atk: Tackle. Random Hyper Fang.
  • Effect: Similar to Nidoran, runs across the stage, lunging occasionally. However, unlike Nidoran Rattata can only deal damage while lunging. Also, while Nidoran is invulnerable, Rattata can be attacked and in fact takes a great deal of knockback. Tackle does very small amounts of damage, but only below average knockback, similar to being hit with Diddy's popgun. 8% of lunges will instead be a Hyper Fang, which does 20% damage with only slightly greater knockback.

  • Atk: Drill Peck
  • Effect: Attacks similar to Auroros: with a dash of the Legendary Birds. Flies back and forth above the stage, searching for a target, and then dives downward.

  • Atk: Gust
  • Effect: All three Pidgey evolutions have Gust, with increasing power. Pidgey's Gust is as follow: flies to the side of the stage, and then periodically shoots a small whirlwind projectile level to the ground on which the Pokeball landed. The attack does minimal damage but knocks upward with mild knockback, leaves the opponent flying in a prone stance (similar to being footstooled), and continues to go forward until dissipating. Pidgey shoots four or five such projectiles, which may combo into the next projectile at lower damage levels, before disappearing itself.

  • Atk: Horn Attack
  • Effect: Functions similar to Porygon's Tackle, except it takes longer for the attack to start as it rears it's head and says its cry, the attack travels a much further distance, and the attack does less damage and knockback. Unlike Porygon's more "surprise Smash" effect, Seaking's Horn Attack has more of a "sweep the stage" function.

  • Atk: Discharge.
  • Effect: This attack has two effects: first, Jolteon says its cry then creates a small "bubble" of electric power around itself, similar to Spark Kirby. The bubble does minor damage and knockback to all who enter (typical "shock" damage), but eventually pushes the opponent out of it. The secondary effect is visual and somewhat meta, as the electric "interference" causes the screen to warp slightly and turn fuzzy.

  • Atk: Dragon Rage
  • Effect: Dragonite flies to near one of the upper corners of the screen, then dives - razing the ground across the entire stage level to where it was summoned and flying to the other upper corner, then back again several times. The effect is similar to Latios and Latias, except Dragonite always flies at the same arc and is slower. However, the the attack trades greater ease of predicting Dragonite's flight pattern with high damage and knockback.

  • Atk: Spite
  • Effect: Gastly appears and does its cry. The screen then flashes and Gastly disappears. All opponents within a certain radius of Gastly have the damage and knockback of all their moves temporarily greatly decreased. The attack is dodgable, should the opponent do so at the moment the screen flashes.
  • Atk: Astonish
  • Effect: Gastly does its cry and disappears. A random period of time passes before anything happens - then, the screen flashes and Gastly suddenly appears in front of a random opponent, phasing through them. The attack does no damage, but causes the opponent to flinch and/or fall into a footstooled position if in the air. Gastly does this several times to several random opponents (possibly the same one multiple times) before disappearing.

  • Atk: Fire Spin
  • Effect: Ponyta appears and runs extremely quickly in a circle of moderate size, creating a kind of fiery if smallish area of effect. Though not reaching higher than Ponyta's height, this area has a "vacuum" effect, sucking the opponent in should they be hit by Ponyta's running. The final few hits will knock the opponent away from the center instead, such that when Ponyta stops and disappears they will be sent flying away. If summoned close to an edge, Ponyta will run in the opposite direction of the edge and create the circle in that direction. If summoned on a platform too small to do so, Ponyta will jump off, possibly falling off the stage in that way.

  • Atk: Water Gun, Acid Armor
  • Effect: Vaporeon creates a flow of water on either side of itself, traveling along the ground and covering the ground and covering it entirely, then melts out of view. The flow of water fallows physics - dropping to lower platforms and only effecting areas that it travels to, leaving other areas unaffected. If caught in the current, all players including the summoner of Vaporeon will be pushed slightly towards the edge, similar to the conveyor belt in Pokemon Stadium 2's Electric stage. However, this effect does no damage or true knockback and can be countered simply by walking in the opposite direction. It has no effect on airspace, can be circumvented by jumping. If the stage in which Vaporeon is summoned has water already, this attack causes that water to form a current towards the edge of the screen.

  • Atk: Hypnosis, Focus Punch
  • Effect: Polywrath creates a small hypnotic area in front of it, similar to Mewtwo's disable. It then begins a very long wind up for a powerful punch - the wind up for this attack is longer than Ganondorf's Warlock Punch, however the opponent will not awaken until just before the attack occurs (thus, the attack can be blocked or even dodged if one's reflexes are good enough). This attack is powerful enough to K.O. at 40-50% and does a great deal of damage to shields, though it is not a shield breaker.

  • Atk: Poison Powder / Sleep Powder / Stun Spore.
  • Effect: Butterfree flies above the stage and sprinkles spores down below, covering the entire area. The spore is most commonly Poison Power - which, naturally, poisons for a short amount of time. Less commonly, the effect is Stun Spore, which has a slight slowing effect: nowhere near as drastic as the stopwatch, perhaps only 5-10% slower. Most rarely, the effect is that of Sleep Powder, very briefly putting opponents to sleep - the effect is brief enough that unless positions are fortuitous it is unlikely that the user will have the opportunity to hit more than one opponent with an attack. The effect can be blocked by shields, and may or may not be blocked by certain kinds of platforms.

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  • Atk: Signal Beam
  • Effect: Similar to Starmie, Venomoth flies across the stage towards a single opponent and fires a single, quick beam. If the beam makes contact it does damage and minimal knockback, but temporarily reverses the player's directional controls. Should the player have tap jump turned on, jump will be redirected to down.

  • Atk: Bubble
  • Effect: Polywag takes a deep breath and blows many bubbles, which cover the area around it and rise high up into the air. The initial breath blows any player, including the user, out of the general area before the bubbles appear. This effectively causes a barrier between either side of Polywag, as the bubbles can only be popped by contact or attack. They stop any projectile that touches them (except those that do not stop when making contact) and when touched the one touching them takes minimal damage and knockback. The user is not immune to this effect. The wall of bubbles is not so high that it cannot be jumped over, though many characters would require use of their recovery move. After some time, all of the bubbles remaining will pop simultaneously and Polywag will disappear.

  • Atk: Toxic Spikes
  • Effect: Nidorino does a cry, then surrounds the summoner with an aura which covers them in purple spikes and gives them the Poison Point ability temporarily. Every hit done by the summoner while under this buff, including B Moves and grab attacks - does additional Poison damage, and they will impart some small damage when hit.

  • Atk: Wonder Room
  • Effect: Golduck will concentrate for several seconds, and then the stage will dim temporarily. While this attack is in effect, neither shields nor dodges can be used. After some time, Golduck says its name and disappears, removing the effect from play.

  • Atk: Player Character
  • Effect: Already a player character, unlikely to appear as a Pokeball

  • Atk: Sludge
  • Effect: As Grimer appears is flings a wave of sludge into the air around it, with about the same radius as Weezing's Smokescreen. This is a single hit area of effect attack - doing about 15% damage with moderate but not substantial knockback, and poisoning. Grimer's appearance is very quick: it appears, flings the sludge and disappears.

  • Atk: Swallow, Spit Up, Gastro Acid.
  • Effect: Similar to Gulpin: Victreebell stays in one spot for a lengthy period of time as a present hazard. Anyone knocked into or straying too close Victreebell will be swallowed, and after a second spit back out. This attack does damage, but spits the player in a preset arc which can be escaped from (though the spit player can hit others) - the true deadliness of this attack likes in Victreebell's acid, which temporarily prevents players from using B-moves. If done to Olimar, this attack will never harm Pikmin already in existence. Victreebell stays onscreen for quite some time, btw 20-30 seconds, and can effect multiple players in one sitting.

  • Atk: Sky Attack (apparently)
  • Effect: Same

  • Atk: Earth Power
  • Effect: Nidoking charges up for a moment, then punches the ground causing two tall spire-waves of sand to project on either side of it. These waves do much greater damage and knockback the closer to Nidoking the opponent is, and can be easily dodged or blocked. In addition, the waves stop at the edges of the platform on which Nidoking was summoned. Nidoking creates waves in this manner three times before disappearing.

  • Atk: Slash
  • Effect: Farfetch'd makes a pose, then raises it's leek and lets loose a mighty slash to the area around itself. Anyone caught in the general area will be Slashed, with "cutting Smash" sound effect and zoom in a-la Light Arrow or Critical Hit. The attack itself does no damage and only knocks back very slightly.

  • Atk: Teleport
  • Effect: Abra appears, then immediately teleports away. A "null/psych" option that does nothing. If the player can hit Abra before it uses teleport, it immediately disappears but may also drop a sticker.

  • Atk: Player Character
  • Effect: Is a player character, and thus is unlikely to appear as a Pokeball.

  • Atk: Crabhammer
  • Effect: Kingler appears, raises it's hammer arm menacingly, holds position for a moment, then slams downward with extreme force. Extremely short range attack that does very high damage and knockback. Comparable to Porygon's

  • Atk: Rock Blast
  • Effect: Similar to Blastoise: Rhyhorn cries stomps the ground, causing a fly up from under it, then hits that rock forward in a straight line. The time between these projectiles being launched is fairly lengthy - long enough for Rhyhorn to cry and stomp the ground and for the rock to fly into position - but the attack itself is somewhat powerful. The projectiles break on contact. Rhyhorn shoots five projectiles in this manner, cries again, and disappears.

  • Atk: Meteor Mash
  • Effect: Rare. Causes four or five small meteors to fall from the sky and fall onto the stage. These meteors are fast, but not as fast as - for instance - PK Starstorm, and only do about as much damage as a thrown Pokeball itself does. Though the initial drop of meteors is easy to avoid, one the meteors land they can be used as items by anyone against anyone, even the summoner.

  • Atk: Metronome
  • Effect: Unlikely given Jigglypuff, however: Wigglytuff's Metronome has a long start-up, and consists of four attacks which buff or help the summoner (or in one case whoever is lucky enough to be on hand).
  • Wish: Wigglytuff shoots a star-like projectile into the air. When it comes back down, whoever touches it first will regain comparable to a Maxim Tomato.
  • Light Screen: Whoever is closest within Wigglytuff's radius at time of activation temporarily gains total immunity to projectiles.
  • Reflect: Whoever is closest within Wigglytuff's radius at time of activation temporarily takes much less damage from hits. Only slight decrease of knockback.
  • Protect: Rare. Whoever is closest within Wigglytuff's radius will temporarily gain one hit of superarmor while charging smashes. May fail: look like it works and then doesn't.
  • Thunder Wave: A rare trick - all of the others result in players running to Wigglytuff to gain a perk. This attack has a radius similar to the others, and causes all within it to slow by %25 percent.

Catch 'em, catch 'em, gotta catch 'em all! Gotta catch 'em all, Pokemon!

I'll have the next set later!

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12131 Anomalocaris2011th Oct 2012 06:02:51 PM from Sagittarius A* , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
No offense, but the order you're listing them is sort of confusing.
12132 Nap110011th Oct 2012 06:05:43 PM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
It's in the order of the Pokerap. AKA the biggest Ear Worm you'll ever hear this side of Yakety Sax.
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He's listing them by the Poke Rap. The lyrics made it obvious to me.
12134 Anomalocaris2011th Oct 2012 06:12:32 PM from Sagittarius A* , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
I see.

Not a Pokemon anime guy, so it's an unfamiliar order for me.
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I was also ninja'd.

Eh, you can find all of 'em on YouTube or just the lyrics if you look hard enough. I at one time had 'em all memorized and could recite them. It was fun.
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Just awesome like that
[up][up]For thine edification, unfortunate sir:

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No thanks. I've heard the rap before, I don't like it.
12138 0dd111th Oct 2012 06:19:52 PM from Nowhere Land
Just awesome like that
Really? How come? (Though personally I think the reason most of its fans like it is for nostalgia's sake.)
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12139 Anomalocaris2011th Oct 2012 06:21:42 PM from Sagittarius A* , Relationship Status: Love blinded me (with science!)
I just don't, I dunno. I'm sorry.
12140 Zeromaeus11th Oct 2012 11:49:01 PM from Neo Arcadia
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That was a faux version of it anyway. It just said Jigglypuff over and over.
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I think you linked the wrong video.
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12143 Ukokira12th Oct 2012 06:43:31 AM from Debin , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
If Neku gets in the next one I'm certain he will have a fire based attack (it is his first pin after all) And maybe a Mr mew assist trophy..
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12146 WackyPancake12th Oct 2012 07:04:01 AM from My computer. , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
Wait, but that's made by Square...
12147 Ukokira12th Oct 2012 07:06:46 AM from Debin , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Snake was made by konami and Sonic was made by Sega. So far Neku has appeared on 2 Nintendo games and 1 IOS game. [down] Indeed.

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12148 Sabbo12th Oct 2012 07:06:50 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
So? He's definitely one of the more reasonable Square possibilities (although yes, I know there are other series' character which some people are wanting moreso)
12149 WackyPancake12th Oct 2012 07:08:04 AM from My computer. , Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
Really? Even more than a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest character? Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess, but...
12150 Ukokira12th Oct 2012 07:09:43 AM from Debin , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Yes more then dragon quest. Although Kingdom hearts is ahead of TWEWY. Neku is a great possibility because of his pin powers which easily fit into Brawl.
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