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On that note, I found out that apparently the main channel I've been linking to for PC-98 music was closed.

Typical Windows-supremacist prejudice. It makes me sick.
227 StarkMaximum13th Dec 2010 02:27:41 AM from someplace funny i dunno
I missed this avatar.
fine here

Reimu ~ Red And White Make Jade

Reimu has seen it all. She's spent years in Gensokyo keeping people and the land itself safe. She's the closest thing Gensokyo has to a war veteran. She's seen a vampire cover the sky in a bloody red mist, seen the moon stolen from the sky, seen rival gods step in to attempt a takeover, seen celestials cause hellish weather patterns out of sheer boredom, and seen friendly parties turn into near barroom brawls, just to name a few. At this point, it takes a good deal to faze someone, and Reimu's no different.

This doesn't, however, mean Reimu doesn't care. Every time an incident occurs, it's always Reimu coming to the rescue (although usually old friend Marisa joins the party). Reimu has a good heart and a strong sense of what's right and what's wrong, she just often wishes she had some more time to sit at the shrine and just let life take its course. When Reimu hears of yet another incident threatening Gensokyo, she might whine, she might complain, she might mutter about how THIS time she's just going to let everything go to hell and let someone else take care of it so she can rest. But it never lasts, because Reimu can't bear to see innocent people hurt and unhappy. So she heaves a heavy sigh, stands up once more, and heads out to see what she can do.

Reimu has been up against cruel vampires, vengeful ghosts, selfish princesses, capricious celestials, and nuclear madmen, just to name a few. Each of them have tried to threaten Gensokyo and even Reimu herself, and each time have given Reimu new obstacles to overcome. Reimu is used to the unsettling thought that sometimes, people just want to hurt you, and they don't always need a reason. This has left Reimu a bit cynical and more than a little pessimistic. However, every time someone has threatened Gensokyo and its people, Reimu has always eventually seen them in her shrine opening their heart to her. Reimu's justice is quick and harsh, but it has always been tempered with forgiveness and acceptance, and it has won her more friends than enemies.

Reimu may be a little old-fashioned, in that she's perfectly fine with the fact that monsters exist and there has to be someone standing up for those who can't protect themselves, but her many years protecting Gensokyo has left her very hard to offend and opened her mind a good deal. The Hakurei Shrine has a bit of a reputation as a sanctuary, both from monsters and from oneself. Reimu's doors are always open to anyone who needs someone to talk to, and she'll gladly shut out the world, brew some tea, and let them talk. Though she rarely has all the answers, she gives people an alternate viewpoint, sometimes a harsh reality they have trouble coming to grips with, sometimes gentle reassurance, but always spoken from the heart with utmost care to their well-being. People can speak their mind to her, because they know she doesn't judge. People can reveal their innermost secrets, because they know she's trustworthy. People can crash into the shrine and burst into tears, because they know they have a shoulder to cry on and a steady hand to guide them.

Lazy, but trustworthy. Cynical, but hopeful. Reimu would be more than happy to step down from the hero's pedestal to live a normal life in peace. But until that day comes, she'll be ready to stand up and fight.
228 Tacitus13th Dec 2010 11:26:13 AM from year 2016-III
I think I missed a step in the logic here.

You cannot miss what was never there to begin with.

Man, so few pictures of Reimu smiling.

Given the choice between parsing 16,920 Reimu pics and 61 pages of Reimu + smiling pics...

Pet theory: when Reimu gets powered up, I mean really powered up, her hair turns purple. A Super Saiyan Continuity Nod, if you will.

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229 Durazno13th Dec 2010 11:47:44 AM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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So owing to Fantasy Heaven, Reimu is basically unbeatable in a serious battle. Question: in more action-oriented stories, how would you choose to maintain narrative tension? I mean, there's the spell-card time limit, but I see no reason for her to observe it when Gensokyo is threatened with nuclear annihilation.

I think my chosen method would be to make it somehow dangerous for her, so that it's something she really wants to avoid using. [up] And yes, when she uses it her hair turns purple!

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230 Fluid13th Dec 2010 11:50:49 AM from The Netherlands
Either there would have to be some kind of external limiter that only allows Reimu to use it under specific circumstances, or there would have to be a negative consequence connected to using it.

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Or we could just ignore it, as it's only ever mentioned in a dubiously-canonical spellcard comment.
232 Fawriel13th Dec 2010 01:50:37 PM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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fine here
So you almost didn't post what is possibly the best write-up yet because it might be vaguely similar to mine.


Given the choice between parsing 16, 920 Reimu pics and 61 pages of Reimu + smiling pics...
... Now choose three!

Or something!

Let's see... these two appear to be of the same style as the one I liked from Hylarn's batch. Since a cute style like that is well suited for a smile, I'd replace it for one of them.

This one, I won't really choose, but I like it. It's almost approaching Ugly Cute, if you really stretch the definition. At least, the style isn't so clean and overly sweet, or... maybe I'm just imagining it. Point is, it makes me smile, although it doesn't really bring "Reimu" to mind for me... ... or does it? ...

Also very pretty. Quite sweet. Maybe we'll use that one for some sweet depictions, and have this pretty and extremely "cool" one as another counterpoint... If I counted correctly, that would put us at 2 sweet and 2 sour depictions?

Also of note would be this one. Realistic Reimu. Huh. Not sure if want. It was weird at first, then it looked good, then I looked closer and it seems a little Uncanny Valley-ish...


Or we could just ignore it, as it's only ever mentioned in a dubiously-canonical spellcard comment.
Something like that, yeah. Or modify it to be less powerful, perhaps?

I'm not sure if I get the mechanics of this thing anyway. So Reimu enters a different plane of existence or something? But then how would she even be able to touch her opponents in order to damage them?
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233 Fawriel13th Dec 2010 02:36:46 PM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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I feel a little about about apparently giving so much attention to Tacitus' picdump and less to the others, so let it be known that I also like this very bleak-looking picture of Reimu, but didn't really consider it for her profile because it is ... a very bleak-looking picture.

Also: The discussion seems to randomly pick up every once in a while, but I guess it's time to move on. How about up to about three votes for any character of lesser popularity?
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234 TheChubbyDestroyer13th Dec 2010 04:03:11 PM from Stage 1 Underground
I think I did something last night...
Ghosts' Poet
Should we pick a specific tier?

Also, Meiling
you'll then have a grave in the clouds where you won't lie too cramped
236 Chagen4613th Dec 2010 05:11:54 PM from I don't really know
Hey, random useless musing:

Do any of you guys think that Reimu is rather narcissistic, and as such, would quite often take people on in otherwise ridiculous challenges just to beat them and say "HA HA I BEAT YOU"?

This is part of my "comedic" chracterization of her; in Ea CM, she quite often comes up/takes on ludicrous challenges for no other reason than beating them and gloating about it even though she rarely beats them in the first place.
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237 Bocaj13th Dec 2010 05:52:40 PM from Here , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Funny, but not helpful
I dunnae. Reimu is not really the challenging herself type.
238 Durazno13th Dec 2010 06:07:05 PM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
All business!
I'll bet she can really come across as arrogant, though.
239 Chagen4613th Dec 2010 06:07:46 PM from I don't really know
But I feel that the chance to beat someone at something and gloat at it is too good for her to pass up.

And I portray her not as lazy, but simply unmotivated. Once my Reimu wants to do something, she does it.
"Who wants to hear about good stuff when the bottom of the abyss of human failure that you know doesn't exist is so much greater?"-Wraith
I'll throw a write up later but I do think the idea that there is only one continuous shrine maiden interesting.
241 Fluid13th Dec 2010 06:53:28 PM from The Netherlands
If that is true, it would at least remove the question of where Reimu would find her (eventually necessary) successor. Given that she's a regular human with a human lifespan, of course.
242 Durazno13th Dec 2010 07:03:32 PM from Academia , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
All business!
I find the idea of Reimu being some kind of immortal being or construct fascinating. Would she know this? Would anyone else?
243 Fluid13th Dec 2010 07:08:08 PM from The Netherlands
If she did not have the lifespan of a human, she would have noticed a long time ago, barring any sort of reincarnation deal.
If Reimu decided to avoid procreating, I'm certain there's some sort of boundary Yukari could tweak to ensure the survival of the Hakurei.

I vote Komachi.
245 Bocaj13th Dec 2010 07:28:48 PM from Here , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Funny, but not helpful
[up] Manipulating the boundary between pregnant and not?

The catfish, like I said.
Or young and old, to 'reset' her, or the boundary between bloodlines to pass the necessary traits to someone else, or any number of other things.
247 Raz_Fox13th Dec 2010 08:05:28 PM from Riding the Lightning
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@Chagen: No, not really. I can't see Reimu as the kind of person who would care so much about winning. She's the bloody red-white miko! The gohei that cleaves evil! She has beaten up a vampire, the ghost-princess, a nuclear hell-crow and a war goddess, not to mention Yukari herself. She points and laughs at challenges. Or grimly sets down her tea and beats the living Makai out of it. Honestly, I'd see Reimu as the straight man in the insanity of your Gensokyo, facepalming and giving out sardonic barbs. Perhaps play up the "jaded danmaku veteran" interpretation? Of course, I'm not writing your series, so all I can offer is hopefully helpful suggestions. (Out of curiosity, do you have any OCs paired up with Kanako or Suwako? I can't remember, and now that I'm wondering I can't get the idea out of my head.)

Amyway, I vote for Suika, the other resident (part-time, at least) of the Hakurei Shrine.)
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248 Fawriel13th Dec 2010 11:28:15 PM from the bottom of my heart , Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
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... See, at this early stage of the thread, you guys really should have more than one vote, or we're never gonna have overlap between them. tongue
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I'll second Meiling, then.
250 Clarste14th Dec 2010 12:08:25 AM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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And I portray her not as lazy, but simply unmotivated. Once my Reimu wants to do something, she does it.

As much as it pains me to agree with Chagen, I think this works for me too. She's clearly not actually lazy, given how many times she's saved Gensokyo, even from threats that were not immediately obvious (or not even threats). When she wants something, she goes out and does it, and she's damned good at doing things. Well, I don't think she's the kind of person who will get into competitions to prove that she's better though. She knows she's better; she doesn't have anything to prove to anyone.

Fantasy Seal -Concentrate-

I... don't actually have a full write-up for Reimu. I think the important things have been covered already, and honestly I find it very hard to muster interest in her. So, spellcard themes.

Her basic shots are amulets and talismans and needles, which seem to be standard exorcism gear. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but the impression I get is that she's using the Shinto equivalent of holy water and crosses and whatnot to drive away evil and purify things. It is forever a mystery how this damages "pure" people.

Expanding on this you've got her spellcards. "Evil Sealing Circle" "Fantasy Seal" "Duplex Barrier". Most of her other spellcards are variations on these basics. The barrier is easily explained, she is the Hakurei maiden, the Great Barrier of Gensokyo. Like Yukari, she has the power to block things off. What's more interesting though is the other side of that. She's "sealing" evil or fantasy. Closing it off. Shutting it away. Putting in somewhere where other people don't have to look at it again.

So while she loosely has the same powers as Yukari, unlike Yukari who uses them to cross borders and change things around, Reimu is more interested in closing them. She's separating good from evil, fantasy from reality. She's sealing away the things that she doesn't think should exist. Well, this is fitting for an exorcist.

Anyway, voting for Kasen. Is she on the list? Failing that, Komachi works.

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