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Looks like we have a big page lock coming. Big in the sense of many pages and big in the sense that the pages to be locked are too big.

It looks like pages over 500,000 characters (html formatted, that is) are crashing the server when someone tries to edit them. programmer's whine 

They need to be fixed, anyway. Way too big for one page. They need to be broken up into subpages of a reasonable size.

I'm trying to get better about communicating before big changes, so we'll let this one run for a while before taking the action. The server crashes do come under the heading of 'urgent', though.

See this page: Overly Long Pages

another programmer's thing 

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Never noticed the thread before. I blame the title.note 

A question. I usually divide up pages into subpages based on the length of a section. About how many characters should each subpage have at least?

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I usually maintain whatever sceme there was before on the page.
[up][up]As seen in the OP, it was originally about locking big pages; now it's just about making sure we never get to that point again.

I'm not sure if there's any consensus on when to just split especially large folders and when to split all of them. I'd tentatively say split out folders into their own subpages in descending order of size until the main page falls below 200k.
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Okay, since a new page started since I edited, I got Friendship Is Magic-Antagonists done. If anyone cares, there's a bit more elaboration in my previous post.
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Not sure why there are duplicates. I'm looking into it.

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Goal: Clear, Concise and Witty

Why does Films Discussed By Moviebob have descriptions of his coverage of each movie? I get that some of them weren't actually reviewed, but I'm sorely tempted to just turn it into a list of movies reviewed like the That Guy with the Glasses lists.
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I have messaged the troper.
Hmm. Fast Eddie, is it relevant to the duplicate problem that Friendship Is Magic-Antagonists is on the list after Nightflame split it and reduced it to just over 200K? Granted, that was only about an hour and 45 minutes before you posted...

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Characters.Cerberus Daily News is done. I think. note 

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I was gonna split ShoutOut.The X Files which lists Shout Outs to all episodes of all seasons and films and games... I thought according to seasons would be ok.

However, reading the page, it will need a major clean-up and perhaps it can stay as one single sub-page. The formatting is all over the place — I'm now in the middle of making quotes standardized and correcting some Example I Ndentation.

However, tropers who set up the sub-page list all possible connections that are not Shout Outs at all. For example, episode named "Arcadia" is clearly a reference to pastoral idyll genre. There is no use of listing all towns that are named Arcadia.

I suspect there is more shoe-horning.

Or they mention all series that had similar plots as certain episodes. Some of them might have come out later and could be in fact inspired by The X-Files the other way round.

Any consensus on what we do with Surprisingly Similar Stories? The most popular suggestion so far is that we split it by medium, with a separate page for entries which involve more than one.
Split off two relatively Woobie-tastic franchises off Woobie.Video Games. That only brought it down to 390k; should I have split off one more? Or, considering neither of the two new pages are over 20k and any more pages would be smaller still, should I be looking for a different solution entirely?

Edit: Never mind, Mortal Kombat turned out to use a surprising number of characters for its apparent size on the page.

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Right now Literature.Honor Harrington is at 399474 characters. I did read How to Split a Page, but it doesn't say anything about splitting for size so I'm not sure where to split HH.

My first, least-effort thought would be splitting it in half, alphabetically speaking, but some trope entries are longer than others, and given that it's an ongoing series with no immediate end in sight I'm not sure that would be the best path to take.

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I think someone familiar with the series could break up the page by book and keep the main page of tropes generally found in the series.
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[up][up] You could also split it into 3 or 4 pages, by alphabet, to give more slop room on the pages. Splitting examples off alphabetically is a normal way to split over-long work pages.
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Breaking down by book plus a series tropes section, as Mikurufan suggested, sounds like a lot more work than it's really worth, even before accounting for new books later down the line.

Now to see if anyone's paying attention to the HH discussion page so the regular HH editors can hash it out without taking more time of the uninterested. tongue
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Neon Genesis Evangelion has been split,but it's still over 400000. I can't do it now, so I'm gonna have to do something about it later.
Someone by the name of Lightflame did Characters.Spider Man.
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[up]I mentioned that on the last page. The latest just has duplicate entries.

Any chance of a new one soon?
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A question: Star Wars: The Clone Wars recently got over 380Ks, and Star Wars The Clone Wars Nonaligned over 360Ks. Is it OK to split them at this point? I would do the split gladly, just not sure if I should. I'm asking because it's getting a bit hard to navigate on them while editing.

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Yes, it would be fine to split them. We generally aim to not let pages go over 400k characters (things start breaking at around 450k), so they're close to the point where a split would be deemed necessary anyway.
Thanks for clearing it up for me smile

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