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Looks like we have a big page lock coming. Big in the sense of many pages and big in the sense that the pages to be locked are too big.

It looks like pages over 500,000 characters (html formatted, that is) are crashing the server when someone tries to edit them. programmer's whine 

They need to be fixed, anyway. Way too big for one page. They need to be broken up into subpages of a reasonable size.

I'm trying to get better about communicating before big changes, so we'll let this one run for a while before taking the action. The server crashes do come under the heading of 'urgent', though.

See this page: Overly Long Pages

another programmer's thing 

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I put out a call on the discussion page.
You can just split by the current set of folders. They're broken because of length, but the headers are still there.
Rhymes with "Protracted."
Musicians accounted for.

The alternative/indie performers make up the single-largest category, followed by Rock and its derivatives (of which Metal also has its own subpage), Pop, Electronica and Rap.

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I'm working on Fallout 3's Headscratchers. EDIT: Done.

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Seconding what FELH 2 said about giving types to new subpages.

Also, when you want new pages to be indexed on the main page, please enclose them in index tags and change the page type to trope+does indexing or work+does indexing. Then do a null edit to activate it. Otherwise the subpages will be unindexed.

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^Or change the page type and then add the index tags to save a step.
Earl, did you do the Mass Effect 3 WMG page?

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Nope, just did the work page (it did get to more than 400000 at the time).

Someone who knows the game can take care of the WMG page. Work pages are much easier to sort out, since you merely have to be alphabetical, but you'd have to categorize things like WMGs, so I'll leave someone else to it.

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I now go by Graf von Tirol.
How do you know if a page has gotten too big and should be divided into smaller pages? Is there a way to count the words on a page?

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1035 SeptimusHeap22nd Dec 2012 07:03:48 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
The lettercount is on the bottom left corner. The smaller number is something else.
We usually split when the big number crosses 400k. When it hits 500k Bad Things start happening.
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I'm sorting the Villain Whitewashing Service; I should split it today or tomorrow.

Edit, three hours later: Done. Agh, my hands...

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Starting Chekhov's Gunman.EDIT: Done.

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I have split Pathfinder.
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Thread moved.
Disney Villains, Mass Effect 2 Party Members, Narm/Film and World War II have been done.

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I don't know if this is the place, but I was redirected here after a TRS suggestion to split Surprisingly Similar Stories. Originally, I was suggesting a soft split, but it's creeping towards the 400,000 mark. Should it be hard split anyway?
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[up] we even really need that page?

[down] Cool, nevermind, then. [tup]

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It's flagged as Just for Fun.
If it helps, my suggestion would be to divide the main page into folders where all of the works in an entry of of the same medium, and split off cross-media entries onto a separate page. I haven't checked the maths of it yet, though.

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1047 SeptimusHeap7th Feb 2013 08:07:45 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Folders don't affect whether the page is too large.
I know. I suggested splitting off the "category" I'd guess would be the biggest, were it to be sorted that way. I'm not sure whether the others would be large enough to warrant their own pages. I might be wrong about that being the biggest and the others being too small; someone would have to go through the page and count them.
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It's been almost two months since the last page length report. Can we get new one to get things moving again please?
Here we go: latest
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