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Sapere Aude
Since the old thread was eaten I made a new one. For all those who don't know him, SF Debris is an excellent reviewer of (mostly) Star Trek. He's pretty funny and knows what he's talking about.

In a recent a announcement he said that ... Oh, I'll just embed it here. Watch it yourself.

Link to his YouTube channel.

Link to his new blib.tv channel.

So, does anyone here want to recommend anything non-Star Trek to him for reviewing?

Edit: Forgot to give the link to his website.

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The Web Wanderer
Anyone want to chip in for him to review The Lost Room?
I made a request for Sunshine, and he wrote back that he's very much looking forward to reviewing it.
Sapere Aude
just bugs me S Fdebris threads only get so few replies. just bugs me

We need to pimp this guy some more here on the wiki. I'll see if I can get his page some more wicks.

Well, first off we need to get the page name changed. He's on record as saying it no longer stands for Sci Fi Debris.
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I really like his stuff.

Outside of the movies, I am not to keen on Star Trek myself and it is nice to see somebody riffing the two aspect I like the least - technobabble and weird space phenomena of the week that doesn't involves timetravel. Also, unlike other Internet reviewers, he doesn't do this for the sake of making jokes, but for stating his opinion, and thus, can actually review good stuff from time to time  *.
Sapere Aude
I moved the page to SF Debris, which was already a redirect anyway.
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If it doesn't stand for scifi, what does the SF stand for? Does he actually want to pull a "Syfy Channel" on us?
mudshark: I don't expect Nate to make sense, really.
Sapere Aude
As far as I understand it his name used to be Sci Fi Debris at the beginning, but people began to call him SF Debris until he himself did so too. It remained unclear what his One True Name(TM) was until he explained it in a recent video.

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Isn't SF Debris just the name of his show?
The name of the show is The Opinionated Guide to x or - to take it directly from the blip page - SF Debris' Opinionated Reviews, SF Debris is his nickname.

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Sapere Aude
SF Debris is also the name of his website, his blip.tv channel and his YouTube channel. Yeah, let's say things were never really clear...
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I just brought it up because in one of his videos, he answer some fanmail and upon one addressing him as "SF Debris", he said to just call him Chuck.
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Fight it Out!
Gotta love the newest review. Lifesigns. 10 outta 10 for a Voyager episode with "Alert TV Tropes!" as note when it happens.
15 NateWinchester2nd Feb 2011 07:39:45 AM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
He's expanding into movies too. http://sfdebris.blip.tv/file/4706727/

TGWTG better absorb Chuck into the collective soon, or he'll be a competitor.

I still say we need to get a donation drive going for a crossover between Chuck and Linkara.
16 Fusionman2nd Feb 2011 08:08:30 AM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Well seeing how they never absorbed the AVGN it could be the same thing with Chuck and Linkara. What would they review though?
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17 NateWinchester2nd Feb 2011 08:35:28 AM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
^I talked with Linkara before over it. He says he has something ready, it's just getting Chuck to agree.

So I calculated. Chuck says it's about $50 to get him to do a specific episode. Linkara has 8,202 followers on twitter (including me). If we can get all of those follwers to donate $2 (representing 2 reviewers, get it?), then Chuck would almost HAVE to do the crossover.
18 Fusionman2nd Feb 2011 08:38:59 AM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
[up] How did you get a conversation with Linkara? Was it during MA Gfest or was it a one on one thing?

Also we don't need to give Chuck 16,000 dollars to do the review! tongue

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19 NateWinchester2nd Feb 2011 09:06:22 AM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
[up] I'm just saying, it would be impossible for him to resist.

As for the question: sorry, I'm not at liberty to say.
20 Fusionman2nd Feb 2011 09:20:59 AM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
OK then. Seriously I did the math. You want to give him 16,404 dollars or something around that. Chuck only needs 50. That's 328.08 times more than we need.tongue
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94. Grandmaster of Shark
The question is, why would we want a crossover?
22 NateWinchester2nd Feb 2011 09:28:20 AM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
[up]Did you listen to that podcast show chuck & Linkara were on together? They'd be hilarious.

No, actually the answer is: While you may look and ask why, we should be asking, 'why not'.
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Could you link to that cast?

I was asking because crossing over to reviewers just 'cause, or "because it would be awesome" is generally not a good idea and rarely produce something noteworthy. Most of the time, it isn't horrible either, but you just don't get the feeling that the other reviewer broad in something particular interesting. Especially if it is written by only one person, it often feels like you get two people saying what otherwise only one does. However, if the two do mix well and you get something that is more than its sum, I'd fully support this.
24 NateWinchester2nd Feb 2011 09:42:31 AM , Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
[up]It will take some research. I'm not confident the podcast was archived publicly (maybe only live cast) but I'll see what I can do. Give me an hour.

EDIT: Podcast found, linking difficult. I'm going to see if I can save a copy myself. It was the 1/5/11 show: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp;jsessionid=271451C86C0325903E58152F4A8BB291.prod72_4?masterId=45815&pageNumber=1&pageSize=15

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25 Fusionman2nd Feb 2011 09:43:39 AM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
This does sound like comic gold. We also know that Linkara asked Chuck to use the Under Permission montage for the In Space review.
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