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 51 downpourguy, Mon, 8th Jul '13 10:52:37 AM from A Thrift Store
He's a bear!
Ryan Davis has died.

It happened on July 3rd, merely days after his wedding.

No cause of death has been given.

This is so sad.
Between the seasons we find room
Mah Headphones
So all those jokes made about Ryan looking like he was about to collapse in the Kinect Quick Looks actually came true? Oh jeez, talk about a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.

RIP Ryan Davis, even if I didn't always see eye to eye with him in a lot of things.
I need HoH SiS
 53 downpourguy, Mon, 8th Jul '13 10:59:28 AM from A Thrift Store
 54 Marioguy 128, Mon, 8th Jul '13 3:07:35 PM from various galaxies
WHAT THE FUCK!? And it happened right after he got married? His wife must be devastated. sad
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 55 Odie From The Oz, Mon, 8th Jul '13 3:41:12 PM from  Everwhere Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I think Ryan was married a few months ago. It's still really tragic but at least he managed to hit that milestone.
 56 downpourguy, Mon, 8th Jul '13 4:50:51 PM from A Thrift Store
He's a bear!
No, he was married the Saturday before he died.

He literally died on his honey moon and that makes this all the more tragic.
Between the seasons we find room
 57 Psyclone, Mon, 8th Jul '13 11:20:19 PM from Somewhere else
A Superior Spider-Man

...I...I am honestly stunned. I can't freaking believe this.

Any child can follow rules. True adulthood is knowing which ones to break and when.
Mah Headphones
I'm really amazed by the outpouring of support from so many people in the industry, within the GB site, and in many other places since his death. The news item that was posted on GB has over 6000 comments, and quite a few people in the industry have made their tribute videos for the guy, such as Harmonix and The Cynical Brit, to name a few.
I need HoH SiS
 59 Odie From The Oz, Tue, 9th Jul '13 11:51:59 AM from  Everwhere Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Ryan was easily one of the biggest names in Games Journalism. It's hard to get better coverage than Giant Bomb and he was integral to the growth of the site, not too mention he was the face of the site and in general the reason it was run so well.
Mah Headphones
I just want to ask: what do you guys think of Patrick Klepek the news guy? He's the one who posts quite a few interviews, weekly Worth Readings / Watchings, and the occasional controversial feminism-leaning article. That last one has been a large point of contention within the visitor base for a long time, along with the perception that Patrick keeps on sneaking in his liberal political views in many of the opinion pieces he makes.
I need HoH SiS
Mah Headphones
I gotta say: I really like how all their recent videos on their site run at 60 fps for games that normally run at it. Gives me a much better idea of how the game runs normally than watching it on Youtube.
I need HoH SiS
 65 Azure Seas, Wed, 21st May '14 5:37:52 PM from Pennsylvania
Vinny's movin' to New York

On one hand, seeing them finally getting this expansion plan underway is cool. On the other hand, man, am I gonna miss him regularly interacting with the SF crew. He brought a whole lot of optimism and goofiness to them.

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