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My first liveblog! Yay! I made this to celebrate I finally got my computer to work again.

So in this liveblog I'll be looking at some MADs found on Nico Nico Douga, Youtube's japanese crazy brother.

A MAD it's a video where the sounds of a determinated source are mixed together to recreate a melody, in short, the same as a YTPMV, but japanese, which means that normally those sources are anime or Nico memes such as KBC or Matsuoka's videos.

Also, as the title may suggest, I'll look mostly at MA Ds using Nanairo no Nico Nico Douga as a song. The first one we'll see uses Angry German Kid (known as Keyboard Cruasher over there) as a source. And it's freaking awesome.

I'll list the songs separately.

01: Black Rock Shooter

We start with AGK yelling "Black Rock Shooter" at us via sentence mixing, also that highly stylized anime character is supposed to be Leopold. At least they didn't put him in a bikini...

02: Heavenly Star

7 Keyboards! Also, "Shining Spiral Manco". Such a beautiful concept. He shoots a hadouken because....well, hadoukens are cool and after some masking fun we pass to...

03: Do-Dai

Urgh.... I hate IDOLM@STER. At least Leopold it's shouting at them. Yeah Leo, tell those bitches!!

04: mi(w)na(w)gi(w)t(w)te(w)ki and 05: Under My Skin "アッーウッウッイネイネ"

Awwww... Paffendorf KBC it's cute. The transition with the keyboard smashing sounds pretty good too.

06: Night Of Nights and 07: Dancing Samurai

Weird, because I can only hear Night Of Nights in here, but the two songs are supposed to play at the same time here. I guess that since I've listened to it more times it makes me recognize it better or something. Oh, and LOL WMM rainbow effect.

08: Sand Canyon

This one is one of the few parts of this MAD I don't like. The screaming sounds way too high, and obscures the music instead of going with it. Fortunately, it gets better in...

09: Sky High

It's weird that this video by him isn't used more in MA Ds, since it seems a perfect source. And it shows here, even the munching sounds sound great

10: Pop Star

Well, nothing really relevant here. Good pitch shifting, visuals, etc...

11: Got The Groove

Well, him leaning towards the keyboard it's funny and it sounds quiteHOLY SHIT WHAT ITS HE DOING HERE. Also, Unreal Tournament it's there because it's the game he's supposedly playing in his video.

12: A Septette for the Dead Princess

More sentence mixing. And Flandre KBC scares me.

13: Bad Apple!!

At first the sounds don't quite go with the music, but when the dog punching gets it's perfect. The lack of silhouttes disappoints me, though.

14: Ora Tokyo Sa Igu DA

Another portion that doesn't follow the song to a T, but sounds good nevertheless. Him dancing with the stereotypical japanese farmer it's a good touch. That and "Ran ran ru"


More sentence mixing, though here his voice has been really high-pitched. Nice visuals, and that "2D" made me laugh, even being a really simple joke.

16: Starry Sky

Such a wasted chance... Even if it still sounds good, I was expecting some pitch-shift, not just Leopold talking over the music BAIDSU.

17: Hello Windows

I absolutely ADORE this part. The breathing is perfectly timed, and the use of the mouse clicking works perfectly as a percussion base. It's almost relaxing

18: Saikyou Pare-Parade

More sentence mix. The visuals are quite good, especially that thing of dividing the video in several little parts (LOL Buffy Speak). Also, if I'm not mistaking, I think that in the background is footage of Shimo's original video.

19: sora

This part is really interesting. I read somewhere that at the same time Leopold is speaking German, he also pronounces Japanese words, hence the seemingly unrelated images superimposed.

20: celluloid

More sentence mixing. I like how the keyboard mashing goes with the piano.

21: Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku

I really like this part. The audio editing it's nothing special, just sentence mixing (Gee, I'm saying that like SM requires no effort) but the visuals are awesome. What can I say? I'm a sucker for kynetic typography.

22: Lion

And the video returns to epicness. From this part until the end of the medley the keyboard crash sound is going to be used as percussion, and is done so well you quickly forget about it. The transition to the next song is awesome too. It's really funny how well that JEZGETLAST  * thing fits in every song.

23: Seikan Hikou

If you think AGK's face in Ranka's body it's terrifying, THE WORST IT'S YET TO COME. Those kids who appear while the woman is talking are Leopold's friends,and if one of you japanese-speaking tropers have a translation of what it's being said,it would be of real help.

I think the Madman who made this should be very thankful that AGK made that "Metaler" video, if just because of that gesture.

24: Hihon No Mikata Nevada No Mikata - SPASH CM

LOL Drag. Also, I don't think whoever did this it's very fond on Yajima Beauty Salon , just a wild guess. That strangely artificial sounding sound it's from a video where AGK it's singing, and I also thought it was a MIDI replacement the first time I heard it.

25: promise

OH NO NOT THI GEDDAN *spaz frenetically* Yureru mawaru fureru setsunai kimochiiiiii! Futari de issho ni nemuru WINTERLAND Hanate daka mitsumete! Hatashi wae mitsumete! SOUH OUHOUHOUH OH

26: Tamashii no Rufuran

Well, that was freaky. Anyway, this is another not really special part, okay visuals, okay pitch shifting. The next part, however....

27: World Is Mine

First of all, THAT PICTURE. I feel like the guy in the down left corner. By the way, this images are from a video where KBC eats alive bugs with his friends. Yeah, he is a weird guy.

28: Beloved Tomboyish Girl

Abnormal German Keyboard? Okay, that was pretty funny. Regarding the visuals, I think I saw once a video of a Touhou ROM hack where KBC was an actual boss, so is not such a stupid idea.

-Piano Transition

I'm not sure if there is any audio editing here, I think I can heard the keyboard percussion, but I'm not sure if that is in Shimo's original medley. About the list of videos, I can't say I know what they are or what relevance have to the MAD, so sorry.

29: Town

Good sound. The "Ta-ta-tapioc Pan" in the background is really funny and that "Gangsta" clip was perfectly timed.

30: Vegetable Juice Po Pi Po

PANTSU!!! And phallic imagery, only on Nico Nico.

31: The Solar Tribe

What? Israel? What? And he punches the dog what?? Israel? What? Gay Star??

32: Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

I'm sure a really funny story it's being told here, but it's in japanese, so... Awww poor KBC, he cries when his friend gets hurt in the tummy. 33: Hakatanoshio

Luckily, Whale KBC got a job selling Sea Salt.

34: smooooch・∀・

Gee, Beatmania sure it's a glitching game. Of course, running it in Windows it's not a really good idea. That chibi Leopold it's well animated, and I love that keyboard transition.

35: Double Lariat

Pretty decent sentence mixing. Not really special. Maybe the Madman stopped trying here or something....

36: Tewi! Eientewi!

HOLY SHIT DISREGARD THAT This part it's truly awesome. While the visuals are nothing special, the audio editing it's top notch, this is definitely one of the best partsof the video.

37: Meltdown

It's just me, or this sounds just like a Boink! remix?

38: Ojamajo Carnival

KBC and Crazy Frog Brothers together in the same video? brb mind explodingujidkn........

39: Aoku Moeru Honoo and 40: The Regulars

This is, hands down, the absolute best part of the video. No words can describe it well enough. Just see ( And more importantly, LISTEN) by yourself.

41: Hammer Melody

Lotsa visuals, some of them from Sony Vegas, great audio editing, a countdown, and one of the greatest "3,2,1" you will ever heard lead us to....

42: RED ZONE - Beatmania IIDX 11 IIDXRED

OH YEAH BITCH I LOVE THIS SONG. By the way, there's footage of the original KEYBOARD ZONE video in here.It sounds a lot like that honestly, but with more effort in the audio


So this video was uploaded in December 23rd? Best Christmas present ever.

Anyway, lots of masking ahead. The problem MA Ds normally have with the Heroes part it's normally some of the songs get obscured, but that makesit even more rewatchable. I just recognized Okkusenman two days ago while I was listening to this.

Oh,all those videos in the background are MA Ds featuring KBC.

43: Don't Say Lazy

Great sentence mixing, Keyboard Smashing and stereo sound.This is pretty good when listened with headphones. In the right side is KBC "singing", in the left one sounds from several of his videos put together to form the melody.

44:Nico Nico Douga interrupt message

Siko Siko Douga? Oh my god that it's so wrong.  Explanation

And now, let's all sing along!

Taaaaapioca Douugaaa!!

Just don't smash your keyboard now. It may break.

YAY IM FINISHED. Oh, by the way here's the Nico Nico linkIt includes an intro & outro and better image quality. (When it's not in Economy Mode) (Which is all the time)

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