That a gorilla can play a Nintendo DS:

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1 Marioguy12825th Nov 2010 07:02:51 PM from various galaxies
Here. Is this not awesome or what? Though I have to wonder why a kid brought a Nintendo DS to a zoo.
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I wonder if they can be taught to, like, play play a video game.
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4 Pykrete25th Nov 2010 07:40:24 PM from Viridian Forest
What the hell was a kid doing playing his DS at a zoo? D:<

I kind of want to see a gorilla play it for real too...

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5 Marioguy12825th Nov 2010 07:44:14 PM from various galaxies
I'm pretty sure they can play a DS for real if trained properly.
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A DS is probably not suited to the big hands of a gorilla. They would have no problems playing arcade games with a joystick though.

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7 EgregiousEric26th Nov 2010 10:44:36 AM from space (I am from space)
New avatar? I'm thinking yes.
I wonder how much a DS that had been played with by a gorilla would go for on eBay.
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10 EgregiousEric26th Nov 2010 01:17:20 PM from space (I am from space)
[up][up] Either very much or very little.

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