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Coraline is a deconstruction of wish fulfillment :

 1 Mr W, Tue, 23rd Nov '10 12:25:10 PM from some place
Think about it. Coraline is a girl who essentially wants a better life, in no small part related to her workaholic parents and her unfamiliar new surroundings. A few days in however, she finds an alternate world that's seemingly built specifically for her, were everything is practically perfect. Upon further inspection, it's an elaborate trap by the Other Mother that breathes High Octane Nightmare Fuel, and everything quickly goes to Hell as her plans become more obvious. It's quite apparent that the other world was created to trick the children into thinking they'll get anything they wanted, so it actually makes sense that it deconstructs the entire genre of Wish Fulfillment down to it's foundation.

 2 Gvzbgul, Tue, 23rd Nov '10 1:52:57 PM from Middle Earth
I don't really think any plot where wishes come true but there is a twist are deconstructions of wish fullfillment. My opinion is that for it to be a deconstruction the wish has to go perfectly the way it was meant to and yet it still goes wrong or not right. So in my opinion the world would have to be a world that really did give you all you want for no reason. But that's a little harsh and I'm sure you have a different veiw on the matter.

 3 Anthologist, Fri, 26th Nov '10 12:27:43 PM from fram frum frem frim
That's more of a subversion than a deconstruction, let alone the coveted "brutal deconstruction".

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