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Sometimes when you have a look at an author's works in a marathon, you get a feeling of noticing certain patterns, such as a quirky writing style, or a character type, or thematic occurrences and the like. (Roland Emmerich always did have a knack for Everymen and natural disaster.)

We engage in some sort of subjective encoding when we write, whether we're aware of it or not. We consistently express our own emotions, thoughts and beliefs into what we create.

I wonder what themes and motifs commonly occur in your writing? What might have brought you to incorporate these trademarks in your works?

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An accurate depiction

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This is this.
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Stars and other celestial bodies are a recurring motif in my works, it seems. I also used to be obsessed with exploring the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, but I've evolved to the point that I just let each given work fall on whatever point of the scale it needs to instead of relentlessly examining the conflict between the two.

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Because I choose to.
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I have a few things I always seem to reuse in new and exciting ways.

I tend to use a lot of robotic imagery in my work... :

The things I know have tropes:

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Out of sight... out of mind... out of hope, and out of time...
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I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
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I'm guilty of this.

  • Eye Scream and people losing limbs: my biggest fear has always been losing an eye or limb in an extremely painful way
  • Grey Morality and it's offshoots: Most of the time, it makes things more interesting.
  • Jerkasses: They're fun to write.
  • Slackers: Again, I have fun writing them, plus they're a good source of character devlopment
  • Everybody Hates Mathematics: Personal experience.
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I have to have at least one schmoozing, Holden Caulfield type who talks like a stereotypical Italian American Used Car Salesman. I know it isn't a trope in particular, but that Holdenaliamericarsaleschmooze character just seems to weasel his way into my thoughts as I write a character, even if that goes against their planned personality. I just have to work with it because I love writing it so much.
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Slackers and the loss of arms, usually the left ones from the forearm down.

Not sure why.

And eyes. Creepy eyes. To the point where one character I made was an eye-based superhuman, and he had eyes all over his body.
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o hai
Unrealistically large magical swords.
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KSPAM and morgulion are secretly writing the same book!

For me:
  • Arm injuries and losing use of your arms.
  • Everyone wearing combat boots (I just like drawing them!)
  • Married couples, families, and small children: common in real life, rare in fiction.
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Guilty as well. Among the several Tropes and other things I include.

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I have words I use a lot. Like intoxicating.
Almost no character description on the first time through. I know very distinctly what my characters look like, and I have the words to describe them, but they never seem to make it into the actual story naturally.

A lot of water and water imagery, all the time. Characters always end up in coastal cities or a river in the vicinity will be prominintly featured or it will rain constantly.

I'm visually fond of broken glass.

The non-charactor narrator is given to informal tangents and smart-ass remarks.
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When writing to approximate my actual speech patterns, I start a lot of sentences with 'I mean'.

If you mean themes, though, Don't Trust Anybody Implicitly Until They've Earned It and Institutions Give Us Good Things Sometimes But See Above.

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More like giant cherries
  • Protagonist who is secretly the villian.
  • Lots of puzzles.

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- Overt description of historical arms and armor.

- Invention of ahistorical units based on Rule of Cool: Misthophoroi Katanaphoroi are the least awesome in my setting. The more notable include Equites Arcani, Cohors Alba, Pedites Consulares, NorthanUlfr Berserkr, and finally Varangoi Kataphraktoi Somatophylakes and Varangoi Huskarlai Argyraspidai

- Always, complete, utter aversion of I HateYou Vampire Dad because my vampires are just that different.

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  • Grey and Grey Morality
  • Dysfunction Junction
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: antagonist that may not even be that extreme.
  • Downer Ending or Bittersweet Ending: Unintentional. I have no problems with a happy endings, but my stories never develop to have one.
  • It Got Worse: It always does, many times during each story.
  • The Hero is always a good guy. He may be very grey, but still ultimately a good person.
  • There are generaly many more male than female characters, though the female characters are not any less important. This is probably because the default state of my newly thought characters is male, since I am one.

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Nine times out of ten, there's someone with a Nice Hat. Said hat is usually on the head of the resident Boisterous Bruiser, Cloudcuckoolander and/or Mad Hatter.
Long descriptive texts, either without or very excessive punctuation. Thoughts spliced with the narrative. Merging of reality and dreams. Paragraphs written entirely in lower-case. Longing for something which is unattainable. Lots of suicide.

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Most of my works tend to just drift in my head as ideas, but here are some of my trademarks.  *

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Going through this makes me realize that my extremely normal family life has left some sort of impression on me...

I also tend to have a fairly equal amount of women and men, but the women are almost never involved with anyone romantically. Never. I also overuse commas, but I'm trying to break myself of that.
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I do grey-on-grey morality a lot. Factions and nations aren't on balance either evil or good (though one side may be more in the right on a specific issue). Most people are not good or evil either, and most of them rationalize their actions and believe they're doing the right thing, or at least trying to.

I tend towards Everyone Is Bi, but try not to overdo it; I do have a couple of exclusively heterosexual or homosexual characters. Others may be bi but only with one person, of course. This is a case of blatant Author Appeal and Write What You Know.

Gender is a fascination of mine, and thus my stories are likely to have varying gender roles for at least some cultures, with possibly different gender identification rules. Androgyny is not unheard of in my characters; crossdressing likewise, and there have been a few transsexual characters.

I'll think of more.

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