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Ghosts are the ultimate trolls
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Ghosts are the ultimate trolls:

 1 snowbull, Thu, 11th Nov '10 6:16:54 PM from outer layers of The City
IJBM Refugee
What kind of dick would reach beyond the eldritch veil of life and death just to scare some old guy staying up too late? Plus, the way they show up at the locations of murders is Dude, Not Funny!.
Jasper, the Douchebag Ghost, the douchiest ghost possessed- He'll call you names and act real mean until you feel depressed!
 3 Hungry Joe, Fri, 12th Nov '10 5:57:19 PM from Under the Tree
But do they have horns?
Charlie Tunoku is a lover and a fighter.
Her with the hat
[up][up]Okay, I LO Ld.
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